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Numbers and Polys Jigsaw puzzle

C'mon in! On my Teaching Page you will find useful information for students in all of my classes, as well as what to do in case of difficulties browsing/printing my webpages.

Question V4, in the below exam, asks for particular bijections H, beta, gamma, delta and epsilon. The Set theory Miscellany (pdf) pamphlet defines them, but does not prove that they ARE bijections.
The thrilling V-Home (pdf), is available for your thinking and writing pleasure. Remember that your WU must be carefully typed. The exam was due, slid u n d e r room 402 Little Hall my office door (Little Hall 402, Northeast corner) , no later than 10AM on Friday, 28Apr2006.

The astonishing U-Class (pdf) has been instantiated. Accept no substitutes! Get your copy today!

The fabulous T-Class (pdf) exists.

The wonderful S-Class (pdf) is available.

See also general math references and Tips on writing proofs.

Our text is Numbers and Polynomials, Notes for a course, third edition, by Prof. Kermit Sigmon. The bottom of the first page should have "corrections November 2005".
You can purchase it the University Copy Center, 1620 West University Avenue. (Tel. 372-7436). It costs about $7. Alternatively, you can print-out copies of Sigmon's text (pdf) if you wish.

You will need two copies (it is absolutely ok to make photocopies) since you will need one pristine copy for exams, and one copy that you will write on for extensions of theorems.

Here is part of Numbers & Polys from Autumn 2002:

[Image: Steaming coffee cup] Exams and Projects (NaPo)

When(2002) ExamText StudyGuides
Fri20Sep A-class (pdf) Chapter 1, binary operators and relations.
NOTE: Because I didn't ask what I meant to on the bonus question, everyone will earn a full 10 points on it.
Mon14Oct B-class (pdf) Chapter 2, Induction arguments.
26Nov2002 C-class (pdf) Chapters 3,4 (but skipping the material on decimal expansions). The exam will include material we covered in-class on algebraic numbers, integral domains, etc.
08Dec2002 D-home (pdf) This is the final project/exam, done in teams. Your solutions to the essay questions must be carefully typed, triple-spaced. (But if you need to handwrite a last-minute addition, that is fine.)
The exam is due, slid u n d e r room 402 Little Hall my office door (Little Hall 402, Northeast corner) , by Sunday, 15Dec2002 no later than 2PM.

Part of the Autumn 2001 page:


When StudyGuides
(2001) (Description)
01Oct. Mon Exam A (pdf). Chapter A, theorems and definitions. Here are purported solutions to Exam A.
26Oct. Fri Exam B (pdf). Chapters B and parts of 3. Here are alleged answers to B2, to B4.
12Dec. Wed Exam C (pdf). from 7:30AM to 9:30AM in our classroom. Please bring blank paper and full brain   —and a pristine copy of Prof. Sigmon's notes.

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