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Contra-programs,     House contras.

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Another Jig Will Do | The Snowy Path
The Butterfly.
A fig for a kiss.
Medley: A fig for a kiss  |  The Butterfly.
Back of the haggard | Swaggering jig | Ryan's
Rhubarb and Ginger | The Swaggering Jig | Hardiman the Fiddler
Hardiman the Fiddler [33sec 4x] | Tigh Rabhartaigh [@2:07 22sec] | Gort na mora [@3:35 22sec]

“Crooked” tunes

Cherokee Shuffle (72 beat version) by ?. [Played]
Maids of Mt Kisco [AABCC, 80beats, thrice] | (2:02)Torn Jacket [AABB, 64beats, twice] | (3:41)Maple Leafs [AABB, 64beats, twice] [Played]

Elzic's Farewell [AABCC, 80beats] [Starts 0:35, 1:13=73, 1:50=110].
Elzic's Farewell [AABCC, 80beats] [Too fast for dancing, but nice]

Three Thin Dimes [AABCC, 80beats] [Starts 0:04, 0:32, End=1.08=68.]. The first “A” is cut-off; the video has ABCC+AABCC].
Three Thin Dimes [AABCC, 80beats] [Starts 0:00, 0:42, 1:23=83, End=2:04=124.] A lot of instruments..
Three Thin Dimes [AABBCC, 96beats] [Starts 0:05, 0:51, 1:38=99, 2:25=145, End=3:26=206].

Banish Misfortune [AABBCC, 96beats] [Starts 0:07. Dropping the last C gives a nice 80-beat tune.].

Dusty Windowsill Jig [AABBCC, 96beats] [4-piece band].

The Mouth Of The Tobique [AABBCC, 96beats] [solo fiddle].


Jamie Laval explains: Origins of AABB Contra Music (I). Basic phrasing of the A A and B B parts (II).
Using variety to build a full tune (III). Jigs and Reels (IV).
Adjusting a Jig for a Dance (V). Adjusting a Reel for a Dance and Mixing with a Jig (VI).
Using pedals to create tension in a full dance set (VII).

Gothard Sisters: Difference between Irish reel and jig

Below, a tune with no “by” line is presumed to be “by Traditional; its origin lost in Time, or it has been modified by many hands, with details unknown. Tunes with “by ? are perhaps of more recent origin. If you know the composer of an unattributed tune on this page, please email me. The same goes for errors you find; I will fix them posthaste.

Tune repositories

Tunes for Contras/Squares

Growling Old Man and Cackling Old Woman | Devil's Dream Joe Derrane's | Humours of Glendart | Kid on the Mountain played by Svante, Tore & Sébastien.
Scatter The Mud [@0:16 29sec 3x] | Wissahickson Drive [] End:7:10 by Four Men and a Dog, from album “Wallop the Spot”.
Bad Hair by Rodney Miller.
Beaumont Rag [fabulous version].
Batchelder's Reel.
Blue Jig [to Colerain @1:27, returns @2:25].
Castle Kelly  | The Mountain Road  | The Pigeon On The Gate.
Cherokee Shuffle [Contra dance 64 beat version].
Clonnel Jigs Set.
(The) Clumsy Lover by Neil Dickie. [Bagpipes].
Coleman's March.
Colerainel — Irishwasherwoman Jigs [Played]
Cold Frosty Morning [Played] [Played].
Cooley's Reel.
Coral Riff by Pete Sutherland.
Cotton Baggin'.
Cuckoo's Nest.
Dick Gossip's Reel [Fiddle, slow].
Donnybrook Fair  | Old Hag You Have Killed Me [fiddle, bodhrán, pennywhistle, guitar].
Duck River [Played, slow. ?Is Duck River the 2nd song at 2:39] by John Salyer.
The Devil's in the Kitchen. [Played] Devil in the Straw Stack.
Dinky's Reel. [Played]
Father Kelly's Reel [Played slow]. Morrison-Kesh Jigs leading into Father Kelly's Reel [Played fast].
Flowers of Edinburgh. [@1:07 morphs to Spootiskerry].
Gravel Walk [Played fast] Haste to the Wedding [Violin] [Ensemble] [Danced]
Home with girls by ?.
Hunt the Squirrel [Played fast] Irish Washerwoman Jig [Played, with step dancing].
Irish Polkas [Played]. This sounds especially fun.
Jingle Bells by ?.
Katelyn's March by David Massey.
La Bastringue [Music/Danced].
Last Train To Rajasthan [2nd tune of Music/Danced, at 2:53 (1st is Pagosa Hornpipe)] [Played] [Played solo].
Laughing Marj by Jim Mullaney.
Laurel's Reel [Dougie McDonald'sDick Gossip's Reel].
Lord of the Dance [8 piece band: Start @0:56. @1:49 Sally Gardens. @2:54 McClouds Reel.].
Martha Campbell.
Midnight on the Water. [Played, slow & moody].
(The) Moon & Seven Stars [Played] [Danced].
Mountain Canary. [Played]
Moving Cloud [With spoons]. [Starts @0:30. @2:17 The Clumsy Lover].
Old Joe Clark [Played, slow] [Played] [Played, Sung, Lyrics].
On the Danforth by Keith Murphy.
Pagosa Hornpipe by Rob Pine. [1st tune of Music/Danced]
Paddy on the Railway [By the Wolftones].
Petronella  | @2:47 Green Mountain Petronella. Red-haired boy [Played] [Music & Lyrics].
Reel de Joie [Played].
Reel Mattawa [@1:17 Reel de Montebello].
Reel de Montebello by Richard Forest.
Road To Lisdoonvarna [Played] [Played].
(Down by the) Sally Gardens [On dulcimer] [Fiddle: @0:21].
Sarah Armstrong's Tune (Old Reel, Old Tarheel) [Played].
Seneca Square Dance by ?.
Six Feet Under by Becky Tracy.
Shoes & Stockings. [Played] [Played] by Henry Reed.
Shuffle About by ?.
Soldier's Joy [Played, fast] [Played].
Speed the plow by ?.
Snowflake Reel [@2:50. Preceded by Wizard's Walk.] Spootiskerry [@1:11 High Road to Linton. @3:19 Big John McNeil] by Samuel Ian ?.
Swallowtail Jig [Played].
Tam Lin [Played] [Played].
High Road to Linton [Builds up slowly, @0:29].
Turkey in the Straw by ?.
Waiting For The Federals by ?.
Whiskey before Breakfast [Played] by TRAD, Irish.
Wissahicken Drive. [fiddle]

Wizard's Walk. [Folk Godalkanje, Intro=0:15, WW=0:32, followed by Snowflake Reel]
[fiddle&band (Jacie Sites)] [fiddle&piano (crazy fast)] [Playful @4:05.] by Jay Ungar.

[@2:50. Preceded by Wizard's Walk.] Zelda [Played] by ? Philippe Plard.
Yvonne Casey's Reel. [Fiddle] by Yvonne Casey.

48-beat tunes/versions

Money Musk [Danced]
Drowsy Maggie [AAB, 48 beats Slow @0:37. Fast @1:10.]

32-beat tunes/versions

Drowsy Maggie by ?. [AB, 32 beats Step danced] [AB, Played, embellishment in the middle]


Bars de la Prison by Canray Fontenot.
Equinox Waltz by David Massey.
Haapavesi Waltz by Keith Murphy [Played].
Lordags Waltz [Music/Danced 0:06] [Played, accordian].


Chère Bébé Créole [Played].


Ashokan Farewell [Played].

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