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Semester: MHF3202 Sets.&.Logic

Sets and Logic 3-set Venn diagram

Nostalgic?   See 2021t, 2021g, 2020t, 2020g, 2019t, 2018t, 2017g, 2015g, 2014g, 2013t, 2012g, 2011t, 2009t, 2008g and current SeLo.

Our Teaching Page has important information for my students. (It has the Notes, Exams and Links from all of my previous courses.)
The Teaching Page has my schedule, LOR guidelines, and Usually Useful Pamphlets. One of them is the ChecklistThe checklist (pdf) which gives pointers on competant mathematical writing. Further information is at our class-archive URL (I email this private URL directly to students).

In all of my courses, attendance is absolutely required (excepting illness and religious holidays). In the unfortunate event that you miss a class, you are responsible to get all Notes / Announcements / TheWholeNineYards from a classmate, or several. All my classes have a substantial class-participation grade.

Assignment for first week of SeLo: (See below, for the materials referred to.)

Our two, free, online texts (you can freely download the PDFs to your computer) are these:
Main textbook:   The Book of Proof (BoP), by Richard Hammack.

Secondarily, we will use
Transition to Higher Mathematics: Structure and Proof (SaP), by Bob A. Dumas and John E. McCarthy.

SeLo Resources

Web resources

Quantifiers and (“for all”  and  “there exists”) are like nitroglycerin, in that one little mis-step leads to the whole thing blowing up in your face.

There is no partial credit when it comes to Explosives and Quantifiers.

-JLF King

Ending in style

Autumn 2021, SeLo:

The Spring 2021, SeLo, page:

Autumn 2020, SeLo, page, for two online (due to COVID) sections:

The Spring 2020, SeLo, page:

End-of-semester SeLo Individual Project D (IP-D)

[Problems (D2(C)) and (D3) are challenging. Don't delay, said the Wise Person...] Prof.

...was due, emailed to me, squashATuflDOTedu, as a PDF! no later than 5PM, Tuesday, 28Apr2020.

The SeLo Project must be carefully typed, but diagrams may be hand-drawn and scanned into the PDF.

The various SeLo czars who helped:

Time Computer Memory/telepathy Spur-OTM-Probs Phone
Jonathan S. Teegan B. Yasmeen G. Blake W. Chris P.

Autumn 2019, SeLo:

The various Math czars who help out:

Time Computer Memory/telepathy Blackboard Spur-OTM-Probs
Chase Atharva Sienna Nathan Bhaskar

Autumn 2018, SeLo:

Our textbook is How to prove it, (Second Edition).
Author: Daniel J. Velleman ISBN-13: 978-0521675994
Year: 2006 Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Photo of text cover
Here are links to this book at The Publisher's site and at

SeLoidal czars who aided the course:

Time Computer Spur-OTM-Probs Phone-list
Kailey S. Jeremy M. Joey, Mario, Patrick Aerin B.

Part of the Spring 2017 SeLo page:

End-of-Semester Games Party (click for larger)
SeLo 2017Spring, Games Party

Math czars:

Time Computer Blackboard Spur-Probs Phone-list
Leah Leah Christopher P. Nicholas C. Lizzie(Donna)

Voila! some of the Spring 2015, SeLo, page:

Our syllabus gave an overview.
Our exams were:

Useful info from the Spring 2014, SeLo, page:

We had a test of prerequisites as well as four microquizzes during the semester.
The exams were:

A section of the the Autumn 2013 SeLo page:

Helpful Math czars.

Time Computer Chalk ES-Probs Phone-list
Rico Corey Sam-C Alex David

Part of the Spring 2012 SeLo page:

The various Math czars who help out:

Time Computer Chalk Blackboard ES-Probs Phone-list
Annie Sofia Stewart Ian Christopher M. Alejandra

Gregarious 2012Spring SeLo class

Part of the Spring 2011 SeLo page:

Classroom czars who helped out:

ES-Probs Computer Time Chalk Blackboard Phone-list
Mallory Corey David S. Esther Kristen Blanko

Cheerful 2011Autumn SeLo class

(∃ another photo at bottom of page)

Cheerful 2011Autumn SeLo class

Here is part of the Autumn 2009 SeLo page:

The various Math czars who helped out:

Computer Time Phone-list Chalk
Marc Sigrun Cara John

Please take a gander at our Syllabus (txt) and Past courses with notes, exams and links.

Material from the Spring 2008 SeLo page:

Our textbook was Sets, Functions and Logic (Third Edition).
Author: Keith Devlin ISBN: 978-1584884491
Year: 2003 Publisher: Chapman & Hall/CRC
Photo of text cover

The Math czars who helped out.

E-Probs Computer Phone-list Chalk Blackboard Time
Karly & Josh Michael Kyle Vincent Ben Ross

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