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4-facing-4 [Mescolanza] dances

Petrozilla by Marty Fager.
. Short-lines, forward and back(8). Swing your Corner(8). _c2_
. (The lady in gent's L-hand)

“All four ladies, chain halfway.” _A2_
. The four ladies do a righthand-star, halfway round(8), courtesy turn.
Hands-8, Petronella: Ring-balance(4), and Petronella spin one place to the right(4). _2B_

Partner bal&swing(4+12) _B2_

(Stand like a square, Heads 1,3, Sides,2,4, CCW: 1,4,3,2.) Sides pass-through and turn alone(4). Heads pass-through and turn alone(4). “Sides pass, heads pass!” _4d_
Hands-8, Petronella(8) d_1
; end (“Look, behind you! ”) facing Dir-Prog.

Dance All Night by Rick Mohr.
Short-lines, F&Back(8). Swing corner(8); end in square formation.
Ladies star-R all-way-round(8) [back to their corner gent]. Allemand-L your corner, [all-way-round] till you face your partner(8).
[Give R-hand to partner, pull-by] Grand-Right-and-Left(10). Partner dosido(6).
Partner bal&swing(4+12), end facing Dir-Prog..
VideoCameraSarah Van Norstrand | Perpetual E-motion.

VideoCameraGaye Fifer | Mean Lids.

Holy Cow Moly by Brian DeMarcus. Coconut Cream Pie by Lynn Ackerson.
[4-FACING-4: (Any number of folk may join a star, even in a different line.)]
Lines-of-four, foward and back(8). Center 4 folk, star-R one time around, back to place(8).
Partner allemand-L 1.5 (8). Now: Other 4 folk, star-R back to place(8).
Partner bal&swing(4+12)
[Hands-8] Circle left halfway(8). Balance-the-ring, California twirl (4+4)
VideoCameraDana Parkinson | Syncopaths.

Major Hey by Erik Hoffman.
[4-FACING-4, Becket. (Take hands4 with couple in front of you, turn it one click to the left.) Before becketizing, identify your “Travel Buddies ” in your short line4. Crooked tune, 16×5=80 beats]
Circle left 3-places(6), Face up and down Pass thru and swing the next to a new set(2), to Swing your new nbr(8). [End in BECKET, facing partner, next to nbr, in two groups-of-four.]
[Four] Long lines, fwd&back(8). Gents allemand-L 1.5 into(8)… a long Wavy line of eight folk, your partner in your R-hand.
Rory O'More [wavy-bal, R-L, slide right catch L-hands, bal L-R, slide left, snag R-hands](4+4+4+4).
Partner Pull-by, Hey! Major [or Half] Hey-for-Eight(16). Keep on going till you see your Partner.
Partner bal&swing(4+12); end in Becket formation. Face that other couple!
VideoCameraCis Hinkle | Band? .

Hey the line by Tom Calwell.
[4-FACING-4: Step forward to the left for a wavy line of 8]
Balance the wave(2+2), Ladies allemand-L halfway(4), pass partner by right to start Hey-for-eight(8).
Continue hey until you meet your partner(8), Partner swing(8); end with center couples facing sides and outside couples facing center. [becket]
[Hands-4] Circle left three-places, nbr swing(8+8).
Balance the ring(4), partner roll away(4), Balance the ring(4), walk forward [i.e, pass through, passing R-shoulders](4) to form wavy line with new nbrs.
VideoCameraJack Mitchell | Party of Three.

WarmUp by Jerry Blum, Patti Gutwein, John Lenarduzz, Kathryn C. Millis, Josh Moses, Dave Notman, Bill Olson, Kate Power, Cary Ravitz.
[4-FACING-4: Has the “Awful Ladies” move.]
In line facing you. The couple on the diagonal has your 1st-nbr. In the couple across from you is your 2nd-nbr. You are facing your “Original Direction”. Gents, you have 3 swings, each ending facing a different direction. Your Partner-swing ends facing your original direction.
Lines-of-four, foward and back(8). Up/down: In little-groups-of-four, ladies start a half-hey(8).
“All four ladies, chain halfway.” The four ladies do a R-hands-across-star, halfway round till they see their first-nbr(8). Swing that nbr(8), ending facing across the set (i.e, like in long lines).
In your new little-groups-of-four, gents allemand-L 1.5(8) to your second-nbr. Swing second-nbr(8), ending facing Reverse Direction. Face your partner, hands-4, circle left.
[Up/down in your new little-groups-of-four] Circle left 3-places(8). Swing partner, end facing Original Direction, in your line-of-four.
Its good if the music has an energy boost either on B1 [best] or A2. Also, kinda funky is good.

Cortland Fancy by David Smukler. [4-FACING-4: ]
Short-lines, F&Back(8). Four-Ladies chain(8) [hands-across star-R]. Power-courtesy-turn to face across.
Ladies chain across the hall(8). Power-turn to face up/down [face partner], Ladies chain to partner..
[You're a couple facing a couple] These four, star-L(8). Come back with a star-R(8).
[Hands-eight] Circle-L halfway(8). Partner swing(8), to face DOProgression.

Devil's Backbone by William Watson.
[4-FACING-4:] The end-lady in each short-line [i.e on the R] is the Leading lady. After the L-hand star, the lead-lady is looking at the back of a Gent in the other flock. His psn is her “Target”. Remember Original Direction. [The Gents end every swing facing this direction.]

Short-line, F&Back(8). Up/down: In little-groups-of-four, ladies chain(8).
Star-L all-way(8).
“Lead Ladies, lead your flock”(8). [Lead-ladies pass R-shoulders, as their stars unroll behind them. She leads her three ducklings to the other side, occupying the four positions of the other flock (she ends at her Target). As they arrive, each flock takes hands-4, ready to circle.]

[Hands-4] Circle-left all-way(8). Nbr swing(8); end facing up/down. [Face your partner.]
Up/down: Gents allemand-L 1.5 (8). Partner swing(8); end facing Original Direction.
VideoCameraSusan Moffett | The Coffee Zombies.
VideoCameraMerri Rudd | The Privy Tippers.
WW says: Flowing or driving 32-bar AABB tunes See: Notes

Fast Living by David Kirchner.
[4-FACING-4: In short-lines, your “buddy” is your same-sex partner-in-crime. Id DIR-PROG.]
Short-lines, Fwd&Back(8). “All four ladies, chain halfway.” The four ladies do a righthand-star, halfway round, courtesy turned by nbr(8). End facing across, facing the couple containing your buddy.
Ladies start a full-hey(16), across.
Nbr bal&swing(4+12), the person from the courtesy-turn.
Gents star-L halfway, to partner(4); swing partner(12); end facing Dir-Prog.

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