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This pages lists some of the students (out of many hundreds) that I have had the pleasure of working with over umpteen years.

Honor theses

Photo of Susan Brink

Susan Brink graduated with Honors (magna cum laude) with thesis ?? [Spring 2003], then went with the Peace Corps to Africa.

Susan earned her M.S. in Civil Engineering from the Univ. of Delaware, and is now in its Doctoral program.

Photo of Amit Ramaiya Amit Ramaiya graduated with Highest Honors (summa cum laude) with Peg Solitaire in many dimensions.

Photo of Lindsay Keegan

Lindsay Keegan graduated with Honors (magna cum laude) with Infinitesimals: From Leibniz to Robinson [Spring 2010].

Lindsay did a second honors thesis with her advisor in the Biology dept..

As of June2010, Lindsay is a doctoral student in Biology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

Robert Long Prize winners (who were my students)

Photo of James Crooks, who took Adv.Calc.Theoretical

James Crooks' RLEssay was Zero-knowledge proofs and Mathematical Cryptography [Spring 2009].

As of June2010, James is a doctoral student in Applied Mathematics at the Univ. of Chicago… in Chicago.

Photo of Lindsay Keegan in Adv.Calc.Theoretical Lindsay Keegan's RLEssay was The Ghosts of Departed Quantities [Spring 2009].

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

Photo of Go Fujita Go Fujita earned an REU at UIUC (Univ. of Illinois), in Geometric Group Theory [summer 2004]. He is studying Civil and Coastal Engineering here at UF.

Photo of Zach Gershkoff Zach Gershkoff earned a Dept. of Homeland Security summer internship and an REU in Combinatorial and Statistical Problems in Molecular Biology at Univ. of West Florida [summer 2008].

Photo of Lindsay Keegan in Adv.Calc.Theoretical Lindsay Keegan was accepted at NC State Univ. to both its REU program and the SAMSI/CRSC Undergraduate Workshop [summer 2009].

Photo of Nick James Nick James earned an REU at Hope College (in Holland, Michigan) [summer 2008]. The project involved generalizing the game Lights Out.

Stephen Hicks ?

Repeat offenders (Grad and Undergrad)

This section has students who took an unusually large number of courses with me, or who were UnUsUaL in some other way…

Photo of Brian Epstein Brian Epstein took 3 of my classes. Computational Linear Algebra [MAS3114, 1998g], Adv. Calculus E&PS [MAA4102, 1999t], Intro. Number Theory [MAS4203, 2000t].

Photo of Daniel Franke Daniel Franke has took 3 of my classes: Abstract Algebra 1 [MAS4301, 2005t], Intro. Number Theory [MAS4203, 2006g,], Number theory 2 [MAT4930 Special Topics 2006t].

Daniel would bring a laptop to class and wirelessly connect to my webpages in order to help me out when I had forgotten a detail (or several) from my own online notes.

Photo of Genesis Harrod Genesis Harrod took 4 of my classes: Linear Algebra [MAS4105, 2005t], Intro. Number Theory [MAS4203, 2006g,], Adv. Calculus E&PS [MAA4102, 2006t], Number theory 2 [MAT4930 Special Topics 2006t].

Photo of Allen Boddie Allen Boddie has taken 6 of my classes. Abstract Algebra 1, [MAS4301, Aut2005,] Intro. Number Theory [MAS4203, Spr2006,] Number theory 2 [MAT4930 Special Topics Aut2006,] Elliptic curve Cryptography [MAT4930 Aut2007,] Ergodic theory and Dynamical Systems [Two-semester grad course, MTG6401/2, 2009t&2010g]

Graduate students


Photo of Paul Zeitz The doctoral dissertation of Paul Zeitz (at Berkeley) was The centralizer of a rank-one flow.

Paul started as my doctoral student while I was at Berkeley on an NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship. The thesis project I gave him generalized to R-actions the Weak-closure theorem for Z-actions.

As my postdoc was to end before Paul finished, he transfered to being Jack Feldman's student, and finished in 1991?

Paul is now a mathematics professor at the Univ. of San Francisco.

Photo of Nick Sharpe Nick Sharpe is currently studying Ergodic Theory with me [at the Univ. of Florida].

At the moment, Nick and I are looking at, for various groups G, constructing non-isomorphic G-actions which nonetheless have isomorphic transformations at each time g in G.

Eclectic grad students

Photo of Ruth Chabot I was the chairman of the M.A.T. committee (Master's) of Ruth Chabot, which judged her teaching talk. [27March2007]

Ruth is now an instructor at Brevard Community College (FL).

Photo of Keith Grizzell Keith Grizzell's doctoral committee comprises Krishna Alladi, Frank Garvan, Jorg Peters (from CISE), me, and Keith's thesis advisor, Alex Berkovich. Keith is working in Number theory.

Photo of Ali Dashti

Ali Dashti (now Dr. Dashti) was a doctoral student of Doug Cenzer, with whom I discussed various computability questions. Doug, Ali and I wrote a paper together before Ali graduated.

Photo of Dan Warren

Dan Warren (now Dr. Warren) was a doctoral student of Miklos Bona. Dan took two Probability courses with me. We discussed combinatorial ideas, particularly Permutation avoidance problems.

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