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Don't just stand there, -Read Something!

Some of my students have rated me Actually...I don't wear a tie. and the comments, ahem, vary. (At least I rank better than Attila the Hun… -his teaching was terrible   -no wait, that was Ivan …) [Wikipedia discusses this phenomenon.]    Legitimate complaints?

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For UF students there is free tutoring at the UF Teaching Center (see schedule). For a fee, some UFMath grad students tutor.

In all of my courses, attendance is absolutely required (excepting illness and religious holidays). All classes have a substantial class-participation grade.

Actually...I don't wear a tie. Past, Present and Future courses.

Current courses: Autumn 2017

Permutations & combinations Combinatorics II:

Continuing with Graph Theory, proceeding to Generating-Functions, followed by some more advanced material. Depending on student interest, we may cover some Combinatorial Game Theory.

A pendulum, a spring, a diffyQ! Elem. Differential Eqns. Linear, separable, autonomous DEs, intro to differential operators, for the bright, motivated, hard-working student. Time permitting, we'll introduce the Matrix Exponential as a way of solving interconnected linear DEs.

Recent courses: Autumn 2017

Permutations & combinations Combinatorics I: Methods of counting, enumeration, bijective proofs.

The 1st semester (Autumn) will progress up to Graph Theory.

The 2nd semester (Spring 2018) will start with Generating-Functions, continue with Graph Theory, and some more advanced material. Depending on student interest, we may cover some Combinatorial Game Theory.

A pendulum, a spring, a diffyQ! Elem. Differential Eqns. Linear, separable, autonomous DEs, intro to differential operators.

Past courses: Spring 2017

Intro/Elem. Complex variables . How is complex differentiability connected to power-series expansion?

A Venn diagram Sets and Logic . Helps students to read and produce proofs, and learn the basic language of modern Mathematics.
[Sabbatical in Autumn 2016.]
Courses from the Hoary Past All courses, with Notes, Exams and Links.

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Geometry stuff

Calculus-ish stuff

Number theory stuff

Combinatorical stuff

Algebrish stuff


Should you wish a letter of recommendation (LOR) from me, I have certain LOR requirements. Although I prefer that you provide an LOR waiver form (obtained from University/firm/granting-agency that you are applying to), here is a generic LOR waiver (pdf).

Grades Grades

For course-grades I use
    A+  A  A-  . . . D+  D  D-  E+  E.
The Registrar rounds an A+ to an A, and E+ to an E, but I kept track of the higher grade when I write letters of recommendation for students. [NOTE: Although a D- is passing, certain University requirements need a minimum grade of C; students should check with their College or Department.]

Students should read my teaching/quiz policy. [N.B: At the end of each semester, I place graded final projects/exams in a wallbin outside my office door. The Integrated Student Information System (ISIS) gives each student access to his course-grade.]

Timely Quotes

One of the greatest labour-saving inventions of today is tomorrow.
-Vincent T. Foss
Hard work has a future payoff. Laziness pays off NOW.
Warning: Dates in Calendar are closer than they appear.

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Tips on writing proofs


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