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On this page:
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JK contras

(See also Dances/Composers or Tunes/Bands or JK-calling)


Shalom mixer by Jonathan King. (2020Feb.28)
[Circle-mixer: Join hands in large circle.]
Circle Right(8). Ladies to center and back to place(8).
Circle Left(8). Gents to center and back(8).
Partner allemand-R(8), then swing(8).
Promenade(12). Gents advance(4), and take hands in a circle.
Written for a contradance fundraiser for Temple Shir Shalom, Gainesville, FL.
Frederica contra by Jonathan King.
[IMPROPER: Progression: Facing across, Ladies look on R-diagonal for new lady.]
(“New”)Ladies dosido(8). Gents allemand-R 1.5, to change places(8).
partner, [melt into a] swing(4+12).
DTHall line4, ONEs to the right of the TWOs(6), turn as a couple(2) [L2,G2,L1,G1]. Come back UTHall(6), bend the line(2)...
...Circle RIGHT 3-places(8). Nbr swing(8). Ladies look for new gent on R-diagonal.
A role-reversal of Tom Hinds' fine Frederick Contra.


Mad Frederick by Jonathan King. (2017Aug05)
[IMPROPER: “Berkeley twirl”: Gent has L-palm up, with lady's R-hand palm down; mirror image of Cal-twirl.]
[Face across] With (“New”) nbrs, mad-robin, Gents sliding left in front of nbr-lady(8). [As gents come back to place] Gents snag R-hands to allemand-R 1.5 (8),
Partner , [melt into a] swing(4+12) [ladies' home side].
DTHall line4, TWOs left of ONEs(4), center-couple Berkeley-twirl(4) [outsides turn alone to make G2,G1,L2,L1]. Come back UTHall(6), bend the line(2)...
...Circle LEFT 3-places(8). Nbr swing(8).
Ceremonial Mirror by Jonathan King (June 2016).
[Rev-progr-BECKET: Turn foursome 1-click to the RIGHT. This is your home-side.]

[New] Gents Allemand-L 1.5 (8), to swing Nbr(8).
Gents pass L-shoulder to start a full hey (8+8).
Gents cross the set, passing L-shoulders, to partner and melt into swing(4+4+8).
Mad-robin-twirl, Gents sliding-right in front of partner(8). [As lady returns to place, she does a 3/4 twirl, pulling R-shoulder back, to catch her partner's L-hand, then stepping into the circle-to-the-R with current NBRs.]
[Take Hands-4], Circle RIGHT all way, then Slide-right [lady leading] to new NBRs(8).

Homage to Adriane Moser's Three Ceremonies, written for our own Bob Saint Laurent.


Major Hey AyeAye by Erik Hoffman  ( **JK).
[4-FACING-4, Becket. Crooked tune, 16×6=96 beats; AABBCC. ( **This “Major Hey II ” is a modification of Erik Hoffman's Major Hey for a 96-beat tune, e.g Banish Misfortune.) Written in honor of our friend and caller, Eric Harris.     Hands4 with the couple in front of you; turn it one click to the Left.]

Ring-balance and Petro-spin(4+4) [to the right].
Ring-balance and Petro-spin(4+4), into a...

Left-hand-Star 4-places(6), Face up and down Left-hand pull-by nbr(2) to a new set. Swing your new nbr(8). [End in BECKET, facing partner, next to nbr, in two groups-of-four.]

[Four] Long lines, fwd&back(8). Gents allemand-L 1.5 into(8)… a long Wavy line of eight folk, your partner in your R-hand.
Rory O'More [wavy-bal, R-L, slide right catch L-hands, bal L-R, slide left, snag R-hands](4+4+4+4).

Partner Pull-by, Hey! [Half] Hey-for-Eight(16). Keep on going till you see your Partner.
Partner bal&swing(4+12); end in Becket formation. Face that other couple!

Alt-Circle Right 3-places(6), Face up and down Pass thru(2) and swing the next to a new set; Swing your new nbr(8). [End in BECKET, facing partner, next to nbr, in two groups-of-four.]
VideoCameraCis Hinkle | Band? .
Momentum by Jonathan King. (2018October)
[BECKET: Hands-in-long-lines-oval, face partner, look past; there is your shadow. Tune with energetic B1, B2. Wizard's Walk works well.]
End Effect: When you go out on the traveling turn, end reversed with the Lady on the Left. After the shadow-swing, the partner-swing puts the Lady on the Right.

[“Travel-left”: W.partner, traveling 2-hand-Clockwise-turn (or traveling-swing, or just Slide-L) to new nbrs, where...]
Gents start a (L-shoulder) Full-hey(16).

[Halfway-]Gypsy partner(4), swing shadow(12).

Partner swing on the side(8) [where you started].
Circle left halfway(4), roll away NBR [with a half sashay] across the set(4).

Circle left halfway, roll partner away [with a half sashay] along the Side(4+4). Circle left halfway(4), and Travel-left(4) along the set to face new nbrs.

Uses the second half of Orace Johnson's wonderful Du Quoin Races. Below is an Alternate version, where the Ladies start the hey.

Alt-[“Travel”: W.partner, traveling Counter-CW-2-hand-turn (or traveling-reverse-swing, or just Slide-L) to new nbrs, where...]
Ladies start a (usual R-shoulder) Full-hey(16).    [Then, as the gent comes back to place...]

Alt-... Left-shoulder [Halfway-]gypsy partner(4), swing shadow(12).
Not all Earthquakes are Andreas' Fault by Jonathan King. (July 2013)
[BECKET: The Earthquake! shakes you from the-one-you're-swinging to swinging-the-next. (Triple-Swing version, single-progression.)]
[Before becketizing: Id DIR-PROG. Pass through up-down, takes hands4 with the next; these are your current nbrs. Your Previous nbrs are behind you. Now BECKETIZE.]

Star-R 3-places(8). With new couple “your previous nbrs”, star-L all-the-way(8).

[Face orig. Nbr; ONEs down, TWOs up]  Square-Through [Nbr R-hand bal and pull-by(4+2); w.prtnr L-hand pull-by across(2); w.nbr R-hand bal and pull-by(4+2); w.prtnr pull-by across(2)], to face current nbr. In this Square-Through: Gents always turn right, ladies turn left.

Swing curr.nbr(8). “Earthquake! You swing the next!” Face away from the-one-you-swung, and swing the next(8) [in your Dir-Prog.].

Circle-left 3-places(8). Partner swing(8).

Written for my Cocoa Beach friend, Andreas. First called at his dance.
Hey on the fritz by Jonathan King.
[BECKET: [First, memorize DIR-PROG, to find new NBRs, for RH_star. Now Becketize, hands in long lines, join at ends to make a huge Oval. Partner in one hand, Shadow in the other.]

R-star all-the-way-around (8). Ladies look left to find Shadow. Shadow L-allemand(8).
Partner bal&swing(4+12).
Ladies chain(8). Ladies start half-hey(8). [As Gents finish crossing the set, melt into a...]
...Nbr swing(8). Gents “Left-shoulder Hey” [a half-hey](8). Gents pass L-shoulder, then R-shoulder with partner, then looks right, and sticks out R-arm, ready for the star-R with new nbrs. Each Lady passes R-shoulder w.partner, then does a with the other lady, till she sees her partner's back; hook on to him and make a R-hand star with New Nbrs.
A modification of: The Ritz by Gene Hubert.

A video of the dance being developed, to recorded music by Groovemongers:
VideoCamera2nd run (JK calling/dancing); taught as Becket dance, 24Aug2014.
VideoCamera1st run; taught as Improper dance, 27July2014.
Oval-teen by Jonathan King. (July 2013)
[BECKET: At A2, explain the pattern: Gents allemand-L, oval-right; Ladies allemand-R, oval-left. In counting couples, count your own couple, when appropriate.]

[Slide-left to New Nbrs to...] Circle left 3-places(8). Nbr swing(8).
Gents allemand-L(8) [back to place].   Oval-right(8).
[You are across from your Partner, and same-gender Nbr; they are couple #1. Oval-R to past couple #2, #3, #4, and as you get to couple #5... (opposite gender in #5 is your “Distant Shadow”) Gents stop, Ladies get ready to...]

Ladies R-allemand with Lady #5 (8). Oval-left(8) [back to your original four-some, facing your Partner].
Circle left 3-places(8). Partner swing, and Slide-Left to face new Nbrs(8).
Written for my teen, Ruth, when she was 12, while driving to pick her up from Adventure Camp.
Chainsaw Orbit by Jonathan King.
[BECKET: Huge oval.] Identify DIR-PROG, then Becketize. Now identify home-side.

[Same two] Ladies chain(8). W. left-hand, gent leads his nbr-lady into a Mad-Robin [sideways dosido](8). Join hands into a huge…
…Oval right(8) [“Ovaltine”]. Oval left(8) [“Ovaltang”].
[Original foursomes] Circle-left(8) [approx] 3-places. [C'mon back with a] Left-Hands-across star(8); at halfway round, Gents push off [and walk fwd in Dir-Progr] while Ladies keep on allemanding halfway more, to progress.
[Ladies look right and] Allemand-R the new nbr-lady coming toward her; simultaneously, Gents orbit CCW around the ladies(8) [As two gents cross, I suggest passing L-shoulders, interlocking their orbits.]. Partner-swing(8), on your original [home] side.
A modification of D.L's beloved Chainsaw Reel, VideoCameraFootloose, called by JK.
Listed as Intermediate, only because of its intentionally rushed nature.
Hurrpocalypse by Jonathan King. (Written Fri.08Sep2017)
[BECKET: Slide-left to Ladies chain]
[New] Ladies chain(8), into Mad-Robin(8) [around NBR].
[“Whirlwind”] Ladies allemand-L 1.5 (8), meanwhile Gents orbit [clockwise, to the other side of the set] interlocking by passing R-shoulders.
Nbr-swing(8) [on lady's home side].

Gents pass L-shoulders to start a full hey (8+8).
Gents cross one more time, [straight across] to swing partner(3+5). Circle left all way, then Slide-Left to new NBRs(8).
Written on Friday, 08Sep2017 in honor of the category-5 hurricane, Irma, that was about to hit Florida.    The beginning of is intentionally rushed, to evoke the hurried evacuation from parts of southern Florida.

Challenging or atypical

Melrosean Triplet by Jonathan King.
[Triplet, PROPER: abc
Letters are Ladies,  diGits are Gents.]

Circle-6-Right, halfway(8) 321
THREEs star-L [with the couple below] halfway(4) bc1
[and flow into a]
THREEs star-R [with the couple below] halfway(4), to end in handshake with partner across the set ba3

Box-DoSiDo: [“meanwhile-move”: Bottom couple (the THREEs) Balance & Box-the-Gnat(4+4), while top two couples mirror-DoSiDo Ptnr, Gents passing between the ladies. (ONEs DoSi, TWOs see-saw).] bac
Lines fwd-and-back(8).

Middle-couple [ONEs] turn Contra Corners(4+4+4+4).
ONEs swing(8) [drifting down between the THREEs] while THREEs cast-up [“ONEs swing-down, THREEs cast-up”] bca
Everyone, dosido partner(8).

Done to contra music, this dance is challenging. Done to waltz music, each 2 contra-steps becomes a single waltz triple-step; e.g, a parenthetical (8) means four waltz triple-steps.    In waltz timing, for “Lines-fwd-and-back” I recommend going fwd on the R-diagonal (triple-step 1), fwd on L-diagonal (triple-step 2), then reversing for the remaining two triple-steps. With hands-joined, this is very satisfying.
Double Dolphin Hey by Jonathan King. (Aug. 2013)
[IMPROPER:] [A dolphin-hey is a hey-for-3, with the two ONEs acting as a single person. To turn-around, each pivots in place; now #1Lady is in front of #1Gent. When they pivot again, #1Gent will be in front of #1Lady. At all times, the #1Gent is dolphin-side of the #1Lady. (After 16 beats, all four folk are back where they started; the ONEs in the center, facing dolphin-side, Gent-before-Lady.)] Dolphin: Cross-1-2 Pass-3-4 Pivot-5-6 Return-7-8
[This dance also works to waltz music.]

Circle left all-the-way(8). Nbr swing(8). Puts the TWOs above, progressing.

4-places(8). [Gent shake R-hands, Ladies shake L-hands, ladies hands on top. Ladies back up, Gent fwd.] Now TWOs Bal&Push-off back to place, while ONEs swing in the center(8). [ONEs end in the center, Lady behind Gent, facing across, facing the Dolphin-side].

Dolphin-hey, ONEs (as a unit) split the above-TWOs(16).

Dolphin-hey, ONEs split the below-TWOs(16), ending in a hand-4 with them.
If anyone asks: “Dolphin hey —what is it?”, answer “It's what Nebraska dolphins eat.”
Musk of Contra by Jonathan King.
[PROPER, triple minor: 48-beat tune] abc

To Money Musk, this adjoins figures for the TWOs and THREEs, and introduces a swing.

ONEs allemand-R 1.5, while TWOs/THREEs do a mad-robin [#3 Gent slides Left in front of #2 Gent](8). 1bc
ONEs cast down to 2nd place(4) [“ONEs go below”], while TWOs lead up.
Forward six & six fall back(4). b1c
. “Once-and-half-Mad-Robin-now” “One-and-half-Mad-Robin-now” “Three-quarters-round-Mad-Robin now” “Go below one couple and forward 6.”

ONEs R-hand turn 3/4 to lines-of-3 facing up and down(8) b c
1 a
2 3
. Forward six &  back(4). ONEs R-hand turn to home side(4) bac

[The order is TWOs ONEs THREEs]
Top two couples: Square-Through: [Partner R-hand bal and pull-across(4+2); w.nbr L-hand pull-by up/dn(2); w.prtnr R-hand bal and pull-by(4+2); w.nbr L-hand pull-by up/dn(2)]
during which the THREEs swing (across the set). b acb
2 132
Princely Petronella Stars by Jonathan King. (Aug. 2013)
[BECKET: Reverse--single-prog. Before becketizing: (We'll start with one couple out.) Pass through up-down, takes hands4 with next nbrs. (For me: Your Previous nbrs are behind you.) BECKETIZE. In one hand is your Partner, the other is your SHADOW.]

[Everyone: Look on the R-diagonal; after once though the dance, you'll be across from that couple. And in just a moment, you be swinging that person on the R-diagonal.]

A “Petronella-star” is a conventional petronella (ring-balance, twirl-right one place) but ending in a L-hand wristgrip-star. A “petronella-star 5-places-round” is relative to your initial psn. You end up in the same place a “circle-right 5-places ” puts you, but using 16 beats of music.

A “revonella” is a reverse petronella: Ring-balance, then twirl-left one place. A “Revonella-star” is a reverse petronella that ends in a right-hand star. And a “revonella-star 4-places-round” puts you back where you started.

Revonella-star back to place(8+8). Face away from partner, take hands4 with a new couple; you are facing your Shadow.
[Your partner is in a different hands4.] [Out at the end: Turn as a couple to face in.]

Petronella-star back to place, and one place more(8+8). Swing your New-nbr; the person [on your side of the set] in the adjacent star(8). [At the end of the petronella-star, the lady is looking at the back of her New Nbr's head, while the Gent rolls over his R-shoulder to see his new nbr behind him.]

Swing this new-nbr, then [as a couple] slide-left, till you are across from the couple that has your partner(8). Gents snag R-hands and allemand 1.5 (8).

Partner bal&swing(4+12).
I wrote this dance for Stan & Linda Prince, who have been energetic contra dance organizers for many years, making many hundreds of people happy.

Dances in-progress

The Long Hello by Jonathan King. (Aug. 2013)
[(Work-in-progress) BECKET: Reverse-prog. Waltz-contra, or regular-contra]
Rights-&-lefts across(8). On the Left-diagonal, Ladies chain(8).
Slice-right [long-lines going in diagonal-R]; slice-R back, and while backing-up, the Lady in the Gents right-hand, puts herself into wrap(4+4); Nbr wrap. [The slices are so that nbr-Gents are lined-up to star-promenade]
Star-promenade to the other side(4) and ladies unwrap(4), so that #1Gent-and-Lady are facing down, other couple facing up.

[Gents, pull against each other a bit, so that] As a couple, slide-left a little and then: With the couple that is facing you [your partner is in it] Circle-left halfway(4); as you arrive, the Lady in the Gent's Left-hand, his Partner, puts herself into wrap(4) [as she arrives at her home rail]; Partner wrap.
  Star-promenade all-the-way around to the Gent's home side(8).

Lady unwraps into a partner swing(16).
End effect: After the Rights-&-lefts: Do NOT chain, if there is no couple on your left-diagonal. [If there is a couple out, do NOT chain with them.]
You will go out at the start of the circle-L. Turn around individually. Now the Gent's partner is in his L-hand. You will come back on the continuation of the circle-L.
[In honor of the marriage of Sidney & Lainey, and of Donny & Shauna.]
[Takes a move from Tailor Made by Kirston Koths.]
VideoCameraTailor Made, called by Jack Mitchell | Footloose Trio.
Ribbing Adam by Jonathan King. (Aug. 2013)
[(Work-in-progress) BECKET: Rev-single-progression; so have the hands-4 rotate one click to the right. Each Lady is on her Home side.]
Ladies initiate partner-trades, at will.

With partner, promenade across(8). Ladies chain(8), then give a R-hand to partner, across the set.
[Facing partner] Square-Through [Across the set: Prtnr R-hand bal and pull-by(4+2); w.nbr L-hand pull-by(2); w.prtnr bal and pull-by(4+2); w.nbr pull-by(2)], to face new NBR. Gents always turn right, ladies turn left.
[With these new nbrs] Step immediately into a short wavy-line across the set [Ladies in the center], bal-the-wave(4). Everyone spin/slide right, with Gents sliding two places to snag L-hands(4). Gents allemand-L 3/4 into a long wavy-line of Gents in the center(4) [facing Partner], and bal-the-wave(4).
[Each Lady is at her Home, on the side of the set.] Ladies: Bring home either your partner, or a Gent-in-Trade, and swing (4+12) on the side of the set. [Make sure to end that swing across from the couple that has the lady from the short-wave.]

[Gent-in-Trade: Lady “Jane” has: On her L-diagonal is her previous-nbr lady. Across from Jane is current nbr-lady.
  (Using hand-signals, telepathy, carrier pigeons) While the Gents are allemanding and balancing [8 beats of music], Jane agrees to trade partners with one of these 2 ladies. In that case, Jane takes the appropriate gent –who is facing away from her– and brings him home to swing; he is Jane's new partner. (Jane's trading-lady will take Jane's former partner home to swing.)
  Lost-and-found is at the bottom of the set.
  N.B: A trade causes the Gent to switch his direction of progression.]
Those who go to dance-weekends in Florida, know Rona Wiener, role-switching imp. When you see a ball of Joyful Chaos moving down a contra-line, Rona is probably in the center of it. I wrote this dance for her.
Bob's your Uncle In progress by Jonathan King. 19Aug2017: This title is already taken, for a different dance, by John Nance. Apparently I wrote this dance in 2016, Looks like it is based on "Three-Ceremonies"
[BECKET: Slide-left to Ladies chain]
[New] Ladies chain(8), into Mad-Robin(8) [around NBR].
L-hand-star(8), Nbr-swing(8) [on home side]. Gents pass left to start a full hey (8+8).
Gents cross one more time, [L-shoulders] to swing partner(8).
Long-lines(8). Circle left all way, then Slide-Left to new NBRs(8).
My original version of the following was too complex to dance:
Conveyor my Love by Jonathan King.
[BECKET: Has the conveyor-belt move]

Am working on a simplified version, and when it is done, it will appear here.

Contradances written by my daughter

Papa, what's a good name for this dance? by Ruth King (age 5). [IMPROPER: 16May2006: Created by Ruth E. King, with help from her mother.]
Nbr Allemand-R (8). Partner allemand-L [across the set](8).
Nbr swing(8). Ladies chain(8).
Ladies start a full-hey(16).
Star-L 5-places(8). [Slide L-hand to L-hand with current nbr] With L-hand balance, Swat-the-Flea, then spin-R to face new nbr(4+4).
What's good for the Goose is good for the Gander by Ruth King (age 10).
[IMPROPER: Gent roll-away Lady, L roll-away G at right-angles]

On side of set: With nbr, Do-Si-Do 1.5 (8). [Across the set] With Partner, See-saw [or left allemand] 1.5 (8).
On (other) side of set: Swing nbr(8). Ladies chain(8).
Ladies start a full-hey(16).
[From the hey go into] Partner-swing(8). Goose-then-Gander move(4), couple ends facing up/down the set, facing their current nbrs. Then pass-through(4) to a new couple.
Music should be a bit slower than standard.
Goose-then-Gander move: [Along the side, R-to-L] Gent rolls the lady away(2), then Lady rolls the gent away [R-to-L](2), but he ends up across the set, having traveled almost diagonally; then end as-a-couple facing up/down the set, ready to pass through.
King's Gambit by Ruth King.
[BECKET: ] In progress. The second half of the dance is not yet correct.
Allemand-L 1.5 (8). Mad-Robin(8) [Lady slides left, in front of nbr-gent].
Ladies start a full-hey(16).
[?] Give&Take to gent's home side(8). Partner swing(8).
[?] Square-through (orientation?), slide-left to new nbrs.
Written by Ruth and Erin for Jonathan's 60th birthday.

Doomed Dances, destined Never To Be Called

The No-touch Tango.
[Properly-IMPROPER:] One of our GODS (Gainesville Old-Time Dance Society) dancers loves dancing with others, but is none-too-fond of their sweat. For her, I've written this sweat-transferless dance.

Dosido nbr 1.5(8) [to change places with nbr]. With NEXT neighbor, see-saw [left-shoulder dosido](8).
[With original neighbors] March single-file all the way around(8) [as if circling right].
Mad-robin: Lady [facing across] sliding left in front of nbr-Gent(8). As she comes back to place...

[Ladies start a...] Full-Hey(16).
Ladies left-shoulder (8), [flowing into right-shoulder] current nbr(8), to face new nbr.
End effect: When you're an end couple who'll go out next, the see-saw will be with your partner.
The Zero-Progression Dance.
[Extremely IMPROPER:]
Smile at your partner(8). Glare at your Neighbor(8).
Ladies stare(8). Gents stare(8). Now don't progress.
This dance has no part-B, because there is no need.
Great for a last-dance-of-the-evening, when all but one foursome have gone home...
Bumper-car Waltz


An old old video of JK calling
Three Ceremonies by Adriane Moser.
[BECKET: Slide-left to Ladies chain.]
[New] Ladies chain(8), into Mad-Robin(8) [Ladies slide-L in front of NBR].
Ladies pass right to start a full hey (8+8).
Ladies cross the set, passing right shoulders, to swing partner(4+12).
Long-lines(8). Circle left all way, then Slide-Left to new NBRs(8).
VideoCameraJonathan King (no-walk-through) | Montage.
VideoCameraJolaine Jones-Pokorney | Barnstorm.
Posted on the Callers mailing list was: “The published choreography has B1 as pass rt shoulder to gypsy partner, then swing.”
to a mellow mellow tune. This no-walk-through is from Vernals 2012:

An even older video:
Chainsaw Reel by Don Lennartson.
[BECKET: ID-dir-prog, THEN Becketize! Huge oval circle. ]
[Same two] Ladies chain(8). Long lines(8); keep hands, and connect at the ends to make a huge oval.
Oval right(8) [“Ovaltine”]. Oval left(8) [“OvalTang”].
[Original foursomes] Circle-left(8). [C'mon back with a] Left-hand star(8) all the way around [Gent in front of his partner].
[Ladies look right and] Allemand-R the new nbr-lady coming toward you(8). Partner-swing(8), on the side.
VideoCameraJonathan King, Footloose. Called as no-walk-through. VideoCameraCaller? | Band?.
, from Vernals 2011: Dancers twirling.

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