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Contra-programs,     House contras.

Square dances

Ends Turn In by Ed Gilmore.
[Square-Keeper: Identify-corner. Nice tunes Barracuda or Batchelder's Reel]

Head-couples with the music...
HEADs/SIDEs fwd&back(8).
HEADs/SIDEs Fwd again, pass thru [separate], go around two(8) to the ends of the line. [Head gent has his corner in his L-hand].

Lines at the sides/heads fwd&back(8).
[Everybody, drop hands, you] Pass through(8), Arch-in-the-middle and the Ends-Turn-In. [Others cal-twirl to face back in.]

Circle[-left] in the middle with a great big grin [all way](8) Middles pass thru [the other middles], split split two the sides/heads, [separate] go around one(8).

Lines at the sides/heads fwd&back(8). Fwd again, pass through(8), Arch-in-the-middle and the Ends dive through.

Circle[-left] in the middle(8). [Others cal-twirl to face back in.] Middles pass thru, [“Allem-L in front of you”] allemand-L your corner(8).

Do-si-do your partner too(8). Swing your ptner(8).
Keep swinging(8). Join-hands into the middle great big shout(8).
And do it again(8). Sides/Heads swing and whirl(8) Swing that gent, swing that girl.

VideoCameraSusan Kevra | Becky Tracy (fiddle) Keith Murphy (piano).

VideoCameraDavid Kirchner | Roger Netherton (fiddle), Dave Landreth (banjo), Roy Farwell (guitar).
The Perfect Square by Robert Cromartie.
[Square-Keeper: Identify corner-person]
HEADs/SIDEs Pass-the-ocean(4), balance the wave(4). Walk fwd(2) and swing the one you meet(6), to make lines at the SIDES/HEADS.
Lines fwd-and-back(8). Center four walk-fwd and swing partner(8) to face up-down/across.
[Center four] Pass-the-ocean, balance the wave(4+4). Allemand-R 1.5 (8) to face corner.
Allemand-L your corner, swing partner(8+8).
Works well with Ladies-to-Center break.
Kimmswick Express by Gene Hubert.
HEADs/SIDEs go forward and back(8). HEADs/SIDEs Right-and-Left through(8).
HEADs/SIDEs circle left 3-places and pass through(6+2).
Dosido the one you meet 1+ΒΌ to wavy-lines [ladies in the center] at the SIDES/HEADS.

Bal-the-wave(2+2). [Swing through] All R-allemand(2), Gents only L-allemand(2), swing partner(8).
Promenade home(16).
VideoCameraTeach 1:04. Dance 3:07. Nils Fredland | Ethan Hazzard-Watkins, Owen Morrison.
Uptown Downtown by TRAD.
[Square-keeper: Good for ONEs arch, All promenade]
Couple-#1 Go Uptown [move to couple-#3 and join hands-four] bring'em on down(4+4).
[Still in hands-four] Send'em back [move back to #3's place]. #1's split the #3 couple(4+4); separate.

Go around the Town [Go outside around back to place](8). Meet at home, R-elbow swing, twice around(8).
Corner allemand-Left ya'go(4), Partner swing(12)
[Everyone] Promenade till ya get back home(8+8).

Alt-HEADs/SIDEs fwd & back(8). HEADs/SIDEs [go fwd] pull-by and separate(4+4)…
Alt-HEADs/SIDEs Go around the Town(8). Meet at home, R-elbow swing, twice around(8).

VideoCamera(Dance: 3:31) Nils Fredland | .
VideoCameraJonathan King | (recorded) The Great Bear Trio.
Star at the sides by Tony Parkes.
[Square: Mixer.]
HEADs/SIDEs go forward and back(8). HEADs/SIDEs dosido your opposite(8).
Face the SIDEs/HEADs, hands-4, circle-L(8). [Same-4] Star-R all the way round(8).
Center-4 Lefthand-Star all the way round(8). Swing your corner(8); this is your new partner.
Promenade the the Gent's home(16).
Synchromesh Square by Tony Parkes.
[Square: Mixer. Gents, your current corner will be your new partner.]
All Four-ladies chain, courtesy turn(8), couple promenade half-way round(8). _c1_

HEADs pass through, turn alone(8). _3A_

Hands-8, circle-L halfway(8). _1c_

Diagonally, Gents cross, passing right shoulders(4), face right and promenade two clicks [CW] around the circle(4) [to where the two ladies were]. __3_

Meanwhile, Ladies wait 4-beats, then cross diagonally with the other ladies(4), to arrive in the gents' arms. [Gents cross, Synchromesh!]
Swing your New Partner(8). _B3_

Promenade to Gent's home(16).
Intro:  [Pause](8). Bow to your partner, and bow to your corner too(8). Join hands in a great big ring, circle to the left is what-you-do.
Circle-to-the-left to-the-left to-the-left(8), and back to the right you go(8). When you get back home …
…Swing your own(16).
Promenade, you go two-by-two. Promenade promenade that's what you do.(16)
Intro 1:  Bow to your partner, and your corner too. With your corner ready with the left-hand…(8+8).
Allemand-left all the way around; pull-by your partner, Grand chain(8+8). When you meet your partner…
Box-the-gnat…and swing. [Swing swing](8). Promenade home [around the ring](8)
[When you get home]Swing your own(16).
Intro 2:  [Pause](8). Bow to your partner, and bow to your corner too(8). Wave to one across the across the way, and Gents Go Swing Her!(16).
[Gents swing their opposite.] Now go back home, and…
…Swing your own(16).
ONEs Arch, All promenade(16).
Ladies-to-Center:  [4x32=128 beats to return to partner]

[Having just swung partner] “Ladies to center, back to back”(8). Ladies step to center, and face out. “Gents go round, the railroad track”(8); gents walk CCW around the ladies.
“L-Elbow-round the one you swung”(8). “Swing the next one on the run”(8)
GS Intro/End:  Sides-Face! Grand-Square!: 1-2-3-turn 1-2-3-turn 1-2-3-turn 1-2-3-Reverse (4+4+4+4) 1-2-3-turn 1-2-3-turn 1-2-3-turn 1-2-3-Reverse (4+4+4+4). (Total: 16+16=32)
Partner-swing(16), [Circle-L, Circle-R   OR  Into-the-center twice]
[Thank your partner, thank the set.]

Break-that-Ring:  Circle-to-the-left to-the-left to-the-left(8), and you break that ring with a corner swing(8). [New corner]. (Done 4 times. 4×16=64.)
Break:  Four-ladies chain [R-Hands-Across Star] and the gentlemen change [with a] courtesy turn(4+4). (Done 4 times. 4×8=32; Gents pull-by with Right-hand.)
Corner L-allemand(4), Partner do-si-do(8), Corner L-allemand(4), Partner Pull-by!, Grand-R-and-L(16), [When you get home] Swing your own!

End1:  Corner, L-allemand(8). Partner, R-allemand(8).
Corner, you swing(8). Partner, do-si-do(8); [fact prtnr] right-hand to your partner…
…pull-by!, Grand Right-and-Left(6); when you see your partner, Box-The-Gnat(2), and come on back…
pull-by!, Grand Right-and-Wrong(8), till you get back home.

Swing your partner(8). And in to the center with a great big shout(8)!
[Thank your partner, thank the set.]

Synchro-Break:  [Enter the break by promenading home, Gents face out, ladies in.] [Better with a non-mixer square. Teach just the Heads, then just the Sides, then combine. To walk across, (veer) Left, Fwd, Fwd, Right.]
In wavy circle, Gents-facing-out, Ladies-in, with partner in R-hand.

Balance-the-wave(4), circulate(4). [Folks who-face-across, walk across, passing R-shoulders, synchromesh. Folks facing-out, pivot to psn of person who was in R-hand.] (Done 4 times. 4×8=32.)

Partner swing(8). Corner do-si-do(8), face-your-partner, Pull-by!, Grand-right-and-left(8)

Simple Pleasures by Bob Isaacs.
[Grid-Square-Keeper: Go FWD to the center: You're a big dot. Grid-check.]

Fwd & Back(8) [“In to the center, and back”]. Four-Ladies chain [halfway](8) [“with a courtesy turn ”].
Ladies star-R 3-places(8) [pass your partner, swing the next]. Nbr swing(8).
Gents star-L 3-places(8) [“Gents star to your partner”]. Partner swing(8).
[Hands-8] Circle left halfway(8).     [FLIP: “This time” Fwd and Back(8).]
Cal-twirl(4) and pass through to new square(4). [If there is no couple to pass-through with, then Cal-twirl again.]

VideoCameraBrian Hamshar | Eel House.

Twirl Through by Bob Isaacs.
[Grid-Square-Keeper:] Corner allemand-L(6), Grand right-and-left till you meet your partner(10). [They can catch-up during the swing].     [FLIP: “This time” Dosido corner(8), dosido partner(8). Or: Circle-L halfway(8), circle-R halfway(8).]
Partner swing(16) [catch-up].
Ring-balance, Petronella spin one place to the right(4+4). Ring-balance, Petronella one place (4+4).
Ring-balance, Cal-twirl(4+4). Pass through, and new squares go forward and back(8).
Bob: In each Petronella, all move one person to the R, so B1 results in couples moving one place to his R.


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