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Contra-programs,     House contras.

Advancedish contra dances

Momentum by Jonathan King. (2018October)
[BECKET: Hands-in-long-lines-oval, face partner, look past; there is your shadow. Tune with energetic B1, B2. Wizard's Walk works well.]
End Effect: When you go out on the traveling turn, end reversed with the Lady on the Left. After the shadow-swing, the partner-swing puts the Lady on the Right.

[“Travel-left”: W.partner, traveling 2-hand-Clockwise-turn (or traveling-swing, or just Slide-L) to new nbrs, where...]
Gents start a (L-shoulder) Full-hey(16).

[Halfway-] partner(4), swing shadow(12).

Partner swing on the side(8) [where you started].
Circle left halfway(4), roll away NBR [with a half sashay] across the set(4).

Circle left halfway, roll partner away [with a half sashay] along the Side(4+4). Circle left halfway(4), and Travel-left(4) along the set to face new nbrs.

Uses the second half of Orace Johnson's wonderful Du Quoin Races. Below is an Alternate version, where the Ladies start the hey.

Alt-[“Travel”: W.partner, traveling Counter-CW-2-hand-turn (or traveling-reverse-swing, or just Slide-L) to new nbrs, where...]
Ladies start a (usual R-shoulder) Full-hey(16).    [Then, as the gent comes back to place...]

Alt-... Left-shoulder [Halfway-] partner(4), swing shadow(12).

Not all Earthquakes are Andreas' Fault by Jonathan King. (July 2013)
[BECKET: The Earthquake! shakes you from the-one-you're-swinging to swinging-the-next. (Triple-Swing version, single-progression.)]
[Before becketizing: Id DIR-PROG. Pass through up-down, takes hands4 with the next; these are your current nbrs. Your Previous nbrs are behind you. Now BECKETIZE.]

Star-R 3-places(8). With new couple “your previous nbrs”, star-L all-the-way(8).

[Face orig. Nbr; ONEs down, TWOs up]  Square-Through [Nbr R-hand bal and pull-by(4+2); w.prtnr L-hand pull-by across(2); w.nbr R-hand bal and pull-by(4+2); w.prtnr pull-by across(2)], to face current nbr. In this Square-Through: Gents always turn right, ladies turn left.

Swing curr.nbr(8). “Earthquake! You swing the next!” Face away from the-one-you-swung, and swing the next(8) [in your Dir-Prog.].

Circle-left 3-places(8). Partner swing(8).

Written for my Cocoa Beach friend, Andreas. First called at his dance.

Apogee by Chris Page.
[BECKET: Contra-stretch, for orbit room.]
[J-promenade] Partner-promenade across, face-in, slide right to face a new couple(8). Ladies chain(8).
Ladies allemand-R 1.5, while Gents orbit CCW halfway(8). Nbr swing(8).
GENTS L-hand chain(8) to partner [C.P recommends pull-by L, and allemand-R partner]. Gents allemand-L 1.5, while Ladies orbit CW halfway(8).
Partner (8), and swing(8).
VideoCameraAlex Deis-Lauby | Chimney Swift.

Labor of Love by Kathy Anderson.
[IMPROPER: Alternating 1s/2s Contra Corners. Note DIR-PROG.]
Nbr bal&swing(4+12).
Long-lines(8). ONEs/TWOs R-hand balance across the set, Box-the-Gnat(4+4). [Gnat puts all the Gents on one rail, Ladies on the other]
ONEs/TWOs turn Contra Corners(4+4+4+4).
ONEs/TWOs bal&swing(4+12); End that swing facing original Dir-Prog. [Push apart to step to opposite rails, to face a new nbr].
VideoCameraAdina Gordon | Crowfoot. In Quebec.
VideoCameraKaren Jackson | Playing with Fire.

Joyride by Erik Weberg.
[IMPROPER: Pousette.]
(8). Mad-Robin [Gent slides-left behind nbr-lady as she slides-right, all back to place](8).
Half-Pousette clockwise, Gents start backing-up(8). Gents start half-hey, passing L-shoulder with other Gent(8). [Ladies will end-up across the set.]
Gents cross one more time, passing L-shoulders (4), to swing partner(12).
Ladies chain to nbr(8). Star-L all the way, to new nbrs(8).
Erik writes: “This is one of the most flowing dances I've written (2007...?) and dancers have expressed appreciation for the connectedness and satisfying feel. After the half pousette with partner, the women should let go and take a step back and to the left in order to leave room in the middle for the men to begin the hey. The timing of this dance has been described as squishy, which is ok. Encourage dancers to stretch out the Mad Robin, the Pousette and the Hey and use all the music provided.”.

VideoCameraRebecca Lay | Magic Foot.

Jenny hits a tree by Jessica Ritts & Tom Wimmer.
[BECKET: Challenging]
Circle-left 3-places and pass thru(6+2). New ladies Allemand-L 1.5 (8).
[Full-hey ricochet] Pass partner by R-shoulder and Gents immediately ricochet, Ladies hey across; Gents hey across, Ladies ricochet (16).
Ring-bal, petronella(4+4). Ring-bal, petronella(4+4).
Partner bal&swing(4+12).
Carol James gave me this, in Sep.2017.


Du Quoin Races by Orace Johnson.
[BECKET: Tune with distinct A1, contrasting with B2.]

Balance-ring, pass through to an ocean wave(4+4) [partner is in your R-hand]. Balance R-L again, allemand-R 3 places into long waves (Ladies face in).

Balance R-L(4), circulate(4) [Ladies cross, gents pivot into his partner's place] into new long-waves [Gents facing in]. Balance R-L(4), circulate(4) [Gents cross, ladies pivot].

[short] Partner swing on the side(8) [where you started].
Circle left halfway(4), roll away NBR [with a half sashay] across the set(4).

Circle left halfway, roll partner away [with a half sashay] along the Side(4+4). Circle left halfway(4), and slide-left(4) along the set to face new nbrs.
There is extra time for the slide-left. Energetic couples can put in a traveling-2-hand turn, or a traveling-swing.

VideoCameraMartha Edwards | Playing with Fire. VideoCameraRobert Cromartie | Footloose.


Polly-Wolly-Amorous by Joey Norton.
[BECKET, std-single-prog: Double-contra, 128 beats. If extra couple, they get on left diagonal. Gent, your Hey-buddy=shadow, is the lady in your L-hand, when you becketized.]

Circle left 3-places(8), Nbr swing(8).
On left-diagonal, Ladies chain(8). [Straight across] Ladies start half-hey(8).
Bal&swing your Hey-buddy(4+12).
Long-lines(8). (Turn to face) Partner swing(8). [Couple out, swing Ptr who is across from you, but THEN Couple get on left-diagonal.]

Circle left 3-places(8), Nbr swing(8).
On Left-Diagonal, Ladies chain(8). [Straight across] Ladies start half-hey(8).
[Face Ptnr] Partner swing(8). Long-lines(8).
On Left-Diagonal, Rights-&-lefts(8). [Straight across] Rights-&-lefts(8).

Double Chocolate by Jim Kitch.
[INDECENT: Needs an even number of couples. ONEs stay ONEs, TWOs stay TWOs, the whole dance. You travel with your group-of-four. Now take hands-8, As, Bs, Cs, Ds. The A&B couples travel together DTHall. The C&D couples travel together UTHall. When C&D get to the top of the line, they're out for 1 cycle, then come back in as A&B.]

Corner, bal & swing: Ends with partner, middles with nbr, Bal&swing(4+12). (End in square formation; the ends are the heads.)
In-to-the-center-and-back(8). Head-Ladies chain(8).
Four ladies chain [R-hands-across star, halfway].  Side-Ladies chain(8+8).
HEADS cross-trail-through, and go around one [each A goes around one B; the As end up above the Bs](8). Long-lines(8).
VideoCameraGaye Fifer | Scarlet Runner String Band.

Across the Way by Chris Page.
[IMPROPER: Slip-jig music.]
NBR swing(12).
Gents allemand-L [once around](6). [Gents keep allemanding, Ladies join behind their Ptnr, first time Ptnr passes, to form a] Hands-across star-L 3-places(6).
[Gents pull their R-shoulder back to] Partner swing(12) [on the ladies' home side].

Ladies chain(6). Crosstrails through(6).

Bugaboo by Chris Page.
[IMPROPER: Slip-jig. Teaching: Pass thru one couple; the couple-out stands reversed, with Lady on Left.]
[Current nbr] NBR box-the-Gnat(3), then Pull-by-R(3).
[With] With prev.NBR: Swat-the-flea(3), then Pull-by-L(3).

[Back to curr.nbr] Current NBR swing(12).
Gents cross the set by L-shoulder(3). Partner swing(9).
[Quick] Ladies-chain(6). Crosstrails though(6). [Pass ptr-R across the set, pass nbr-L along the set, to face New nbr. ]

Diamond dances

Steal This Dance by Alan Sklar.
Long-lines(8). [New] Gents allemand-L 1.5 (8). [New gent on L-diagonal.]
Partner bal&swing(4+12)
Ladies power-chain to NBR [courtesy turn with 2 extra steps to put ladies facing each other in the middle; forms a diamond; #1-Lady above](8). Balance-the-diamond, petronella (4+4).
Balance-the-diamond, petronella (4+4).
Diamond-balance(4), arch with NBR [“arch-twirl”]; Gents stay put, Ladies twirl(4) [toward him, CCW, under his arm, ending to his right in long lines (gents assist ladies back to lines)].

VideoCameraDiane Silver | Hot Sonata.
I got this from Barbara Groh, Dance title refers to Steal This Book by Abbie Hoffman.

Fiddleheads by Ted Sannella.
[IMPROPER into a DIAMOND] TEACHING NOTES: Hand-4, then #1-gent and #2-lady swing. I'm going to put you in the diamond formation. Hands-4, to the left, take one step; You've turned your ring 1/8-th. ONEs in the middle, G-facing-up L-facing-down, TWOs facing across. #1-Lady, look behind you, up the hall, to the #1-lady in the previous diamond. That's where you need to be; #1-Ladies, drop hands to walk to her position, and take hands with that diamond.

END EFFECT: The progression is Nbr-swing, in B2. TWOs, who progressed off the top, you are still Twos; when the Ones cross, a #1-Lady will join you to make a diamond, but with no #1-Gent.
Next time through the music, you have become ONES. This newly-minted #1-Gent needs to cross the set and arc left. He will be facing-up in a full diamond.

ONEs pass-across the set [R-shoulders], then arc-left around one person [G-around-G, L-around-L] into the middle of the set, #1-lady facing down, #1-gent facing up, and takes hands-4 (8). [As the ONEs arc, the TWOs can come together and then push back.]
  You form a diamond, #1-gent with his original twos, but #1-lady with the previous TWOs [who were above in the set]. Balance-the-ring, petronella (4+4).

Balance, petronella (4+4), with the ONEs doing an extra half-turn to face partner; swing!(8)

DTHall Line4, ONEs in the center, between the TWOs you started with. ONEs turn as a couple, TWOs turn alone (4+4).. UTHall Line4, ONEs hand-cast to below their TWOs (4+4).

[Hands-4]Circle left halfway [to original places], Nbr-swing on side (4+12). [Give yourself plenty of time to open out.]
VideoCameraTony Parkes | ?.

Goody One Shoe by Rick Mohr.
[BECKET: Double-progr. Diamond formation. Id ONEs/TWOs & home-side.]
Make sure there's a couple across from you.
Ladies walk fwd(4) to make wavy-line in the middle, bal-R-L(2+2).
[Gents stay put] “Rory-O, and (a little bit) More”

Ladies slide/spin to the right and 1/4 more(4) to end with #1 ladies facing up, #2 ladies facing down. [Form a diamond, not with partner; ladies in middle and gents at the sides.] Balance the diamond(4).

“Petronella turn” one place to the right(4). [“Gents to the middle ”, Gents spin 1/4 more to a long wave of Gents.] Gents balance the wave(4). Gents spin to the right (as in Rory O'More) and 1/4 more(4). [Form a diamond, with partner; gents in middle and ladies at the sides]
Balance the diamond (4)

Gents L-allemande 3/4 round(4) into a 3/4 Hey(12) [NBRs pass R-shoulders to start].
partner(8), then swing(8).
VideoCameraGeorge Marshall | ?.


Melrosean Triplet by Jonathan King.
[Triplet, PROPER: abc
Letters are Ladies,  diGits are Gents.]

Circle-6-Right, halfway(8) 321
THREEs star-L [with the couple below] halfway(4) bc1
[and flow into a]
THREEs star-R [with the couple below] halfway(4), to end in handshake with partner across the set ba3

Box-DoSiDo: [“meanwhile-move”: Bottom couple (the THREEs) Balance & Box-the-Gnat(4+4), while top two couples mirror-DoSiDo Ptnr, Gents passing between the ladies. (ONEs DoSi, TWOs see-saw).] bac
Lines fwd-and-back(8).

Middle-couple [ONEs] turn Contra Corners(4+4+4+4).
ONEs swing(8) [drifting down between the THREEs] while THREEs cast-up [“ONEs swing-down, THREEs cast-up”] bca
Everyone, dosido partner(8).

Done to contra music, this dance is challenging. Done to waltz music, each 2 contra-steps becomes a single waltz triple-step; e.g, a parenthetical (8) means four waltz triple-steps.    In waltz timing, for “Lines-fwd-and-back” I recommend going fwd on the R-diagonal (triple-step 1), fwd on L-diagonal (triple-step 2), then reversing for the remaining two triple-steps. With hands-joined, this is very satisfying.

Ted's Triplet #7 by Ted Sannella.
[Triplet, PROPER: Couples #1 (also called Active couple) #2#3]    abc

Top two couples turn partner by-the-R 1.5(8) 12c
. Top two couples rights-and-lefts across(8) bac

Active-couple [in middle place] turn contra-corners(4+4+4+4).

Active-couple bal&swing(4+12), end facing up, in middle bac

Original active-couple lead up to the top and cast [around the outside] to the bottom(8). [Other couples scootch up a bit] All dosido partner(8) bca

VideoCameraDave Bateman. Seq. can be clearly viewed a 1:15.

David's Triplet #4 by David Smukler.
[Triplet, ONEs Improper:] 1bc

ONEs down the center to the bottom, separate, then up the outside to the middle place(8). All forward and back(8) b1c

All R-allemand partner once around and fall back to line(8).
All L-allemand partner 1.5(8) 2a3

CCW promenade single file [Indian file], half-way round(8) c1b
. Face partner and dosido(8).

All bal&swing partner(4+12), Top-couple end facing down, others up 3ab