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George Marshall's beginners' workshop.

Seth Tepfer's beginners' workshop.

Sharedweight mailing list.

ContraFusion (videos)

Facebook group: Rising Contra dance callers of America.


CDSS Beginner dances.

Links to callers.

Several English Country Dance terms [animation by Judi Rivkin]

Contra Dance Choreography

TSDAV Dance Weekend 2011

Bush & Colonial Dances.

Contra Dances

Some videos below are missing the Caller or Band; if you know these, please email me: squashATuflDOTedu (Jonathan King).

Grid Square

Simple Pleasures by Bob Isaacs.
[Grid-Square-Keeper: Go FWD to the center: You're a big dot. Grid-check.]

Fwd & Back(8) [“In to the center, and back”]. Four-Ladies chain [halfway](8) [“with a courtesy turn ”].
Ladies star-R 3-places(8) [pass your partner, swing the next]. Nbr swing(8).
Gents star-L 3-places(8) [“Gents star to your partner”]. Partner swing(8).
[Hands-8] Circle left halfway(8).     [FLIP: “This time” Fwd and Back(8).]
Cal-twirl(4) and pass through to new square(4). [If there is no couple to pass-through with, then Cal-twirl again.]

VideoCameraBrian Hamshar | Eel House.

Twirl Through by Bob Isaacs.
[Grid-Square-Keeper:] Corner allemand-L(6), Grand right-and-left till you meet your partner(10). [They can catch-up during the swing].     [FLIP: “This time” Dosido corner(8), dosido partner(8). Or: Circle-L halfway(8), circle-R halfway(8).]
Partner swing(16) [catch-up].
Ring-balance, Petronella spin one place to the right(4+4). Ring-balance, Petronella one place (4+4).
Ring-balance, Cal-twirl(4+4). Pass through, and new squares go forward and back(8).
Bob: In each Petronella, all move one person to the R, so B1 results in couples moving one place to his R.

Diamond formation

Fiddleheads by Ted Sannella.
[IMPROPER into a DIAMOND] TEACHING NOTES: Hand-4, then #1-gent and #2-lady swing. I'm going to put you in the diamond formation. Hands-4, to the left, take one step; You've turned your ring 1/8-th. ONEs in the middle, G-facing-up L-facing-down, TWOs facing across. #1-Lady, look behind you, up the hall, to the #1-lady in the previous diamond. That's where you need to be; #1-Ladies, drop hands to walk to her position, and take hands with that diamond.

END EFFECT: The progression is Nbr-swing, in B2. TWOs, who progressed off the top, you are still Twos; when the Ones cross, a #1-Lady will join you to make a diamond, but with no #1-Gent.
Next time through the music, you have become ONES. This newly-minted #1-Gent needs to cross the set and arc left. He will be facing-up in a full diamond.

ONEs pass-across the set [R-shoulders], then arc-left around one person [G-around-G, L-around-L] into the middle of the set, #1-lady facing down, #1-gent facing up, and takes hands-4 (8). [As the ONEs arc, the TWOs can come together and then push back.]
  You form a diamond, #1-gent with his original twos, but #1-lady with the previous TWOs [who were above in the set]. Balance-the-ring, petronella (4+4).

Balance, petronella (4+4), with the ONEs doing an extra half-turn to face partner; swing!(8)

DTHall Line4, ONEs in the center, between the TWOs you started with. ONEs turn as a couple, TWOs turn alone (4+4).. UTHall Line4, ONEs hand-cast to below their TWOs (4+4).

[Hands-4]Circle left halfway [to original places], Nbr-swing on side (4+12). [Give yourself plenty of time to open out.]
VideoCameraTony Parkes | ?.

Goody One Shoe by Rick Mohr.
[BECKET: Double-progr. Diamond formation. Id ONEs/TWOs & home-side.]
Make sure there's a couple across from you.
Ladies walk fwd(4) to make wavy-line in the middle, bal-R-L(2+2).
[Gents stay put] “Rory-O, and (a little bit) More”

Ladies slide/spin to the right and 1/4 more(4) to end with #1 ladies facing up, #2 ladies facing down. [Form a diamond, not with partner; ladies in middle and gents at the sides.] Balance the diamond(4).

“Petronella turn” one place to the right(4). [“Gents to the middle ”, Gents spin 1/4 more to a long wave of Gents.] Gents balance the wave(4). Gents spin to the right (as in Rory O'More) and 1/4 more(4). [Form a diamond, with partner; gents in middle and ladies at the sides]
Balance the diamond (4)

Gents L-allemande 3/4 round(4) into a 3/4 Hey(12) [NBRs pass R-shoulders to start].
partner(8), then swing(8).
VideoCameraGeorge Marshall | ?.

Steal This Dance by Alan Sklar.
Long-lines(8). [New] Gents allemand-L 1.5 (8). [New gent on L-diagonal.]
Partner bal&swing(4+12)
Ladies power-chain to NBR [courtesy turn with 2 extra steps to put ladies facing each other in the middle; forms a diamond; #1-Lady above](8). Balance-the-diamond, petronella (4+4).
Balance-the-diamond, petronella (4+4).
Diamond-balance(4), arch with NBR [“arch-twirl”]; Gents stay put, Ladies twirl(4) [toward him, CCW, under his arm, ending to his right in long lines (gents assist ladies back to lines)].

VideoCameraDiane Silver | Hot Sonata.
I got this from Barbara Groh, Dance title refers to Steal This Book by Abbie Hoffman.

Contras to slip-jig tunes

E.g The Butterfly.
Across the Way by Chris Page.
[IMPROPER: Slip-jig music.]
NBR swing(12).
Gents allemand-L [once around](6). [Gents keep allemanding, Ladies join behind their Ptnr, first time Ptnr passes, to form a] Hands-across star-L 3-places(6).
[Gents pull their R-shoulder back to] Partner swing(12) [on the ladies' home side].

Ladies chain(6). Crosstrails through(6).

Bugaboo by Chris Page.
[IMPROPER: Slip-jig. Teaching: Pass thru one couple; the couple-out stands reversed, with Lady on Left.]
[Current nbr] NBR box-the-Gnat(3), then Pull-by-R(3).
[With] With prev.NBR: Swat-the-flea(3), then Pull-by-L(3).

[Back to curr.nbr] Current NBR swing(12).
Gents cross the set by L-shoulder(3). Partner swing(9).
[Quick] Ladies-chain(6). Crosstrails though(6). [Pass ptr-R across the set, pass nbr-L along the set, to face New nbr. ]

Improper: A-C

#11 by Mike Richardson.
After the Flu by Dean Snipes.
Al's Safeway Produce by Robert Cromartie.
Star-L all-the-way-around(8). Allemand-L nbr 1.5 (8).
Ladies allemand-R 1.5 (8). Partner swing(8).
Circle left 3-places(8). Nbr swing(8).
Long-lines(8). Star-R (merging to a star-L with new couple).
VideoCameraMartha Edwards | Echo Valley String Band.
VideoCameraJoy Greenwolfe | ? .

A Pirate's Life for Me by Nathaniel Jack.
[IMPROPER: Identify DIR-of-PROG(!) for the ]

Nbr bal&swing(4+12).
Pass through to an ocean wave(4) [“pass the ocean”], bal-the-wave(4). Everyone spin/slide right, with Gents sliding past two people to snag L-hands(3); Gents L-allemand to face partner(5).
Partner bal&swing(4+12).
Ladies dosido 1.5(8). current nbr(8), to face new nbr.
VideoCameraNils Fredland | Perpetual e-Motion. VideoCamera Charlie Dyer | Briarpickers.

Aw Shucks by Carol Kopp.
Ben's spin-off #3 by Gene Hubert.
Broken Sixpence by Don Armstrong.
[IMPROPER: 3 dosido's]
[New] Nbr dosido(8). Gents dosido(8).
Ladies dosido(8). ONEs swing, face down the hall(8), step between TWOs.
Line4-DTHall, turn alone(6+2). Line4-UTHall, bend the line(6+2).
Circle left(8) [or Right-hand Star]. [Reverse] Left-hand Star(8).
VideoCameraInisheer Irish Dance | Contra from 15:58 till 21:22, Jonathan King calling | Waltz.
Band: Flying Turtles. At 21:30, Joe tries to steal my waltz partner. Unsuccessfully.

*  NBR balance&swing(4+12) [on the side].
*  Long-lines, roll-away while backing up(8).
ONEs swing, face down the hall(8), step between TWOs.

California Twirlin by Janet Levatin.
[IMPROPER: Teach: Pass-though one couple; Couple-out have lady on right, as usual]
Ring-bal(4). W. partner Cal-twirl, then face back in(4) [same-four].
Ring-bal(4). W. nbr Cal-twirl, then face back in(4) [same-four].

Ring-bal(4). W. partner Cal-twirl to face new nbrs(4). Swing this new nbr(8).
Circle left 3-places(8). Partner swing(8).
Ladies chain(8). Long lines, and on the way back, Nbr roll away with half sashay: lady rolling left.(8).
VideoCameraRick-Mohr | Crowfoot.

Centrifugal Hey by Gene Hubert.
Nbr allemand-R 1.5 (8). Gents allemand-L 1.5 (8).
Full hey, Ladies pass partner by R (8). [Prtnr-R Ladies-L Nbr-R Gents-L]
Partner bal&swing(4+12) [on lady's home side].
Rights-and-lefts across(8). Circle-left 3 places, pass through to new nbr(8).

Polly-Wolly-Amorous by Joey Norton.
[BECKET, std-single-prog: Double-contra, 128 beats. If extra couple, they get on left diagonal. Gent, your Hey-buddy=shadow, is the lady in your L-hand, when you becketized.]

Circle left 3-places(8), Nbr swing(8).
On left-diagonal, Ladies chain(8). [Straight across] Ladies start half-hey(8).
Bal&swing your Hey-buddy(4+12).
Long-lines(8). (Turn to face) Partner swing(8). [Couple out, swing Ptr who is across from you, but THEN Couple get on left-diagonal.]

Circle left 3-places(8), Nbr swing(8).
On Left-Diagonal, Ladies chain(8). [Straight across] Ladies start half-hey(8).
[Face Ptnr] Partner swing(8). Long-lines(8).
On Left-Diagonal, Rights-&-lefts(8). [Straight across] Rights-&-lefts(8).

Chain the Hey by Becky Hill.
Nbr dosido, then swing(8+8).
Gents allemand-L 1.5, partner swing(8+8). [short swing]
With partner, promenade across(8). Rights-and-lefts across(8).
Ladies start half-hey(8), to Ladies chain(8). [Turn to face new nbrs]
VideoCameraDavid Keller | Playing with Fire.

Seth: Good 4th dance.

Chorus Jig by trad.
[PROPER: contra-corners]
ONEs go down the outside and back.
ONEs go down the center and back, then cast one place.
ONEs turn contra-corners(4+4+4+4).
ONEs balance and swing and end facing up [to prepare to walk down the outside].
VideoCameraWill Mentor | Great Bear Trio.

Chuck the Budgie by Rick Mohr.
[IMPROPER: Single progression]
Gents allemand-L(6). Swing nbr(10).
Circle-left 3/4 (6). Swing partner(10).
Long lines(8). Ladies allemand-R 1.5 (8); join L-hands with Nbr to form a wave-of-four.
Bal-the-wave(4). Nbr allemand-L 3/4 to form long wave [Ladies face in](4). Balance the long-wave(4). Allemand-R with next nbr 3/4 (4).
VideoCameraSteve Zakon-Anderson | Perpetual e-Motion.
Mohr: There's a fine fiddle tune called “Pat the Budgie” with sharply punctuated notes in the B2 which cry out for balances.

The Carousel by Tom Hinds.
Long-lines(8). Ladies allemand-L 1.5 (8). [End nose-to-nose with partner, Ladies facing out.]
Full-hey(16), start by passing partner by R-shoulder.
Partner bal&swing(4+12) [on gent's home side].
Circle left 3-places(8). Nbr swing(8).
VideoCameraDavid Keller | Playing with Fire.

Cranky Ingenuity by Bill Olson.
[IMPROPER: Dosido as couples]
Circle-left(8). As couples, dosido nbr-couple(8).
Individually, nbr dosido(8). Swing nbr(8).
Gents allemand-L 1.5 (8). Partner Swing(8).
Circle-left 3/4 (8). Ring-balance(4). California Twirl(4), to face new nbrs.
VideoCameraMyra Hirschberg | Mike Ayles & David Boulanger.
VideoCameraAlice Morris.

CJ's Delight by Amy Kahn.

Improper: D-H

Delphiniums and Daisies by Tanya Rotenberg.
Nbr allemand-L 1.5 (8). Ladies chain(8).
Ladies start a full-hey(16).
Partner Bal&Swing(4+12).
Circle-left 3-places(8). Nbr allemand-R 1.5 (8).
VideoCameraLisa Greenleaf | Great Bear Trio.
VideoCameraDave Harvey. At 2:21 a dancer plays spoons

Double Dolphin Hey by Jonathan King. (Aug. 2013)
[IMPROPER:] [A dolphin-hey is a hey-for-3, with the two ONEs acting as a single person. To turn-around, each pivots in place; now #1Lady is in front of #1Gent. When they pivot again, #1Gent will be in front of #1Lady. At all times, the #1Gent is dolphin-side of the #1Lady. (After 16 beats, all four folk are back where they started; the ONEs in the center, facing dolphin-side, Gent-before-Lady.)] Dolphin: Cross-1-2 Pass-3-4 Pivot-5-6 Return-7-8
[This dance also works to waltz music.]

Circle left all-the-way(8). Nbr swing(8). Puts the TWOs above, progressing.

4-places(8). [Gent shake R-hands, Ladies shake L-hands, ladies hands on top. Ladies back up, Gent fwd.] Now TWOs Bal&Push-off back to place, while ONEs swing in the center(8). [ONEs end in the center, Lady behind Gent, facing across, facing the Dolphin-side].

Dolphin-hey, ONEs (as a unit) split the above-TWOs(16).

Dolphin-hey, ONEs split the below-TWOs(16), ending in a hand-4 with them.
If anyone asks: “Dolphin hey —what is it?”, answer “It's what Nebraska dolphins eat.”

Family Contra in the Castle by Seth Tepfer.
[IMPROPER: Teaching: Face-up/down, memorize. Swing partner, ending the way you memorized.]
Balance-the ring, twice(8); Circle-RIGHT 4-places(8).
Balance-the ring, twice(8); Circle-LEFT 4-places(8).
[Face nbr] NBR dosido(8), then NBR-swing [on-the-side](8).
Long-lines(8). Partner swing [across-the-set](8).
Exchanged the circling directions, to flow into the R-shoulder nbr-dosido. Use long-lines rather than across-the-set partner-dosido.

Fidelity Reel by Bill Wellington.
, then Nbr swing(8+8).
Long-lines(8). Gents allemand-L 1.5 (8).
, then swing partner(8+8).
With partner, promenade across(8). Ladies chain(8).

Folklife Frolic by Lindsey Dono.
Star-R all-way(8). [With curr.nbr] Allemand-R 1.5 (8) to long waves (gents face in).
Balance then circulate(4+4) [gents cross]. Balance, circulate(4+4) [ladies cross].
Balance, circulate(4+4) [gents cross] to swing partner(8).
Ladies chain(8). Star-L all-way(8) to find a new NBR..

Frederica contra by Jonathan King.
[IMPROPER: Progression: Facing across, Ladies look on R-diagonal for new lady.]
(“New”)Ladies dosido(8). Gents allemand-R 1.5, to change places(8).
partner, [melt into a] swing(4+12).
DTHall line4, ONEs to the right of the TWOs(6), turn as a couple(2) [L2,G2,L1,G1]. Come back UTHall(6), bend the line(2)...
...Circle RIGHT 3-places(8). Nbr swing(8). Ladies look for new lady on R-diagonal.
A role-reversal of Tom Hinds' fine Frederick Contra.

Frederick Contra by Tom Hinds.
(“New”)Gents dosido(8). Ladies allemand-L 1.5, to change places(8).
Partner bal&swing(4+12).
DTHall line4, ONEs next to TWOs(6), turn as a couple(2). Come back UTHall(6), bend the line(2)...
...Circle left 3-places(8). Nbr swing(8). Gents look for new gent on L-diagonal.

Friday Night Fever by Tony Parkes.
Nbr Bal&Swing(4+12).
Gents Allemand-left 1.5 (8). Partner swing(8).
With partner, promenade across(8). Ladies chain(8).
[Face partner] Square-Through [Across the set: Prtnr R-hand bal and pull-by(4+2); w.nbr L-hand pull-by(2); w.prtnr bal and pull-by(4+2); w.nbr pull-by(2)], to face new NBR. Gents always turn right, ladies turn left.
VideoCamera Beth Molaro | Appalachian Storm.

Hay in the Barn by Chart Guthrie.
Nbr Bal&Swing(4+12).
Ladies chain(8). Ladies start half-hey(8).
Partner Bal&Swing(4+12).
Ladies chain(8). Ladies start half-hey(8).
VideoCameraSeth Tepfer | Tim&Friends.
See also the “Roll in the Hey” medley.

Happy as a Cold Pig in Warm Mud by Mike Boerschig.
[IMPROPER: Across from you is your partner; sweep eyes right to find your shadow. (If no-one there, then your current nbr is your shadow.) Teaching: Have ptnr-allemand end in short-waves, gents on the outside. Drop hands, walk forward to star-L with shadow and friends.Identify ONEs/TWOs]
Nbr bal&swing(4+12)
Gents allemand-L 1.5, partner allemand-R 1.5 (8+8).
Star-L(8) with shadow, shadow's nbr, and your nbr. Partner swing(8) [on the ladies' orig. rail].
Circle left 3-places(8). Ring-bal, Cal-twirl(4+4) to face new nbrs.
VideoCameraDale Wilson | Band ?.
Dance starts at 3:52.

Happy Trails by Bob Isaacs.
[IMPROPER: Teaching, pass though one couple, to have a previous couple.]
Nbr, then melt into swing (8+8).
Cross-trails-through and swing previous Nbr (8+8).
Gents Allemand-L 1.5 (8), swing partner(8).
Circle left 3-places(8). Ring-balance(4), pass previous Nbr by R-shoulder, current Nbr by L-shoulder to face new Nbr.

Heartbeat Contra by Don Flaherty.
Bal-the-ring then petronella(8). Bal-the-ring, petronella(8).
Bal-the-ring(4). Nbr swing(12) on the side.
Ladies  1.5 in the middle(8), partner swing(8) on the side.
Circle-left 3-places(8). Ring-bal(4), California twirl(4).
VideoCameraHank Morris | Contraversial.

Hey on the fritz by Jonathan King.
[BECKET: [First, memorize DIR-PROG, to find new NBRs, for RH_star. Now Becketize, hands in long lines, join at ends to make a huge Oval. Partner in one hand, Shadow in the other.]

R-star all-the-way-around (8). Ladies look left to find Shadow. Shadow L-allemand(8).
Partner bal&swing(4+12).
Ladies chain(8). Ladies start half-hey(8). [As Gents finish crossing the set, melt into a...]
...Nbr swing(8). Gents “Left-shoulder Hey” [a half-hey](8). Gents pass L-shoulder, then R-shoulder with partner, then looks right, and sticks out R-arm, ready for the star-R with new nbrs. Each Lady passes R-shoulder w.partner, then does a with the other lady, till she sees her partner's back; hook on to him and make a R-hand star with New Nbrs.
A modification of: The Ritz by Gene Hubert.

A video of the dance being developed, to recorded music by Groovemongers:
VideoCamera2nd run (JK calling/dancing); taught as Becket dance, 24Aug2014.
VideoCamera1st run; taught as Improper dance, 27July2014.

Improper: I-P

Jefferson and Lincoln by Seth Tepfer.
[IMPROPER: 1's arch, then backing up]
Circle left(8). Circle right(8).
Star-R(8). Star-L(8).
Long-lines(8). ONEs&swing(8), in the middle.
Line4 DTHall, ONEs in the center(4). ONEs arch(4) [still facing down]. TWOs pop through(4) [facing up the hall]. All go up 2 by 2 [ONEs bkwards](4); ONEs are facing their new NBRs.

Joyride by Erik Weberg.
[IMPROPER: Pousette.]
(8). Mad-Robin [Gent slides-left behind nbr-lady as she slides-right, all back to place](8).
Half-Pousette clockwise, Gents start backing-up(8). Gents start half-hey, passing L-shoulder with other Gent(8). [Ladies will end-up across the set.]
Gents cross one more time, passing L-shoulders (4), to swing partner(12).
Ladies chain to nbr(8). Star-L all the way, to new nbrs(8).
Erik writes: “This is one of the most flowing dances I've written (2007...?) and dancers have expressed appreciation for the connectedness and satisfying feel. After the half pousette with partner, the women should let go and take a step back and to the left in order to leave room in the middle for the men to begin the hey. The timing of this dance has been described as squishy, which is ok. Encourage dancers to stretch out the Mad Robin, the Pousette and the Hey and use all the music provided.”.

VideoCameraRebecca Lay | Magic Foot.

Judah Jig by Charlie Fenton.
[IMPROPER: Circle-into-star]
Bal&swing nbr(4+12).
Circle-left 3 places, swing partner(8+8).
Circle left(8). Hands-across R-hand star(8) [i.e, both in same dir].
Ladies chain to Nbr(8), L-hand star(8) to face new nbrs.

VideoCameraDave Harvey.
See “Roll in the Hey” medley. Bob Isaacs: “Charlie Fenton, of San Francisco, named this dance for the street on which the local contra dance was located.

Labor of Love by Kathy Anderson.
[IMPROPER: Alternating 1s/2s Contra Corners. Note DIR-PROG.]
Nbr bal&swing(4+12).
Long-lines(8). ONEs/TWOs R-hand balance across the set, Box-the-Gnat(4+4). [Gnat puts all the Gents on one rail, Ladies on the other]
ONEs/TWOs turn Contra Corners(4+4+4+4).
ONEs/TWOs bal&swing(4+12); End that swing facing original Dir-Prog. [Push apart to step to opposite rails, to face a new nbr].
VideoCameraAdina Gordon | Crowfoot. In Quebec.
VideoCameraKaren Jackson | Playing with Fire.

Lady of the Lake by Larry Jennings.
Lefty Reel by Tom Hinds.
[IMPROPER: Single-progression.]
Allemand-L nbr 1.5 (8). Ladies allemand-R 1.5 (8), to cross the set.
Partner bal&swing(4+12)
Circle left 3-places(8), pass thru to Star-L with next couple [4-places](8).
Back to Orig.-Nbrs, Star-R [4-places](8). With new nbr, see-saw(8).

Mad Frederick by Jonathan King. (2017Aug05)
[IMPROPER: “Berkeley twirl”: Gent has L-palm up, with lady's R-hand palm down; mirror image of Cal-twirl.]
[Face across] With (“New”) nbrs, mad-robin, Gents sliding left in front of nbr-lady(8). [As gents come back to place] Gents snag R-hands to allemand-R 1.5 (8),
Partner , [melt into a] swing(4+12) [ladies' home side].
DTHall line4, TWOs left of ONEs(4), center-couple Berkeley-twirl(4) [outsides turn alone to make G2,G1,L2,L1]. Come back UTHall(6), bend the line(2)...
...Circle LEFT 3-places(8). Nbr swing(8).

The Nice Combination by Gene Hubert.
Nbr bal&swing(4+12).
DTHall Line4, TWOs in the center(6), turn as a couple(2). Come back UTHall(6), bend the line(2)...
...Circle left 3-places(8). PARTNER swing(8).
Ladies chain(8). Star-L 4-places(8), to progress.

Oak Hill Quickstep by Bob Nicholson.
[IMPROPER: 4-in-line, turn alone]
Down the hall, 4-in-line [ONEs in the center], turn alone(8); come on back, face nbr(8).
Bal&swing nbr(4+12).
Ladies chain(8), then chain on back(8).
Long lines(8). ONEs swing(8).

Pooh Bear's Holiday by Robert Cromartie. [Ladies cross the set] VideoCameraCaller ?.

Papa, what's a good name for this dance? by Ruth King (age 5). [IMPROPER: 16May2006: Created by Ruth E. King, with help from her mother.]
Nbr Allemand-R (8). Partner allemand-L [across the set](8).
Nbr swing(8). Ladies chain(8).
Ladies start a full-hey(16).
Star-L 5-places(8). [Slide L-hand to L-hand with current nbr] With L-hand balance, Swat-the-Flea, then spin-R to face new nbr(4+4).

The Pittsboro Pattycake by Gene Hubert.
[IMPROPER: ] Allemand-R Nbr. Allemand-Left Nbr(8+8).
Nbr bal&swing(4+12)
Circle left 3-places(8). Partner swing(8)
Ladies chain(8). Star-L(8) [look for new Nbrs].
VideoCameraScott Russell | Tomas Valenti, Tim Cape.

Princeton Petronellas by Bob Isaacs.
Nbr bal&swing(4+12).
Ring-balance, petronella twirl(4+4) into partner L-allemand 1/2 into half-hey(8).
Partner bal&swing(4+12).
[On side with partner] Hands-four ring-balance, petronella twirl(4+4) to face [up and down] new couple. With new nbr, L-allemand 1/2 into half-hey(8).
VideoCameraCalled by ?.

Improper: Q-S

Rant and Roar by Russell Owen.
Nbr allemand-R once around(6), ladies cross the set [passing right shoulders](2). Partner swing(8).
Long-lines(8). Ladies chain(8), and “start a full hey”.
[Ladies start] Full hey(8+8); end with gents facing out, ladies facing in, in long wavy lines [actually, a wavy oval].
Rory O'More: Wavy-bal, R-then-L(4), slide right and catch L-hands(4). Wavy-bal, L-then-R(4), slide left and catch R-hands(4).
VideoCameraBeth Molaro | Band ?.

Reel Easy by Cary Ravitz.
Nbr dosido(8). Nbr swing(8).
Long-lines(8). Ladies allemand-R 1.5 (8).
Partner bal&swing(4+12).
Circle left 3-places(8). Nbr allemand-R(6), pull-by right(2).
VideoCameraCaller? | Band?.

Robbin's Favorite by Greg Frock.
[PROPER: Handy-hand]
ONEs step between TWOs [TWOs facing up, ONEs down] and handy-hand allemand 1.5 (8) [Gents R-hand with each other, Ladies L-hand], sending TWOs into the center to swing(8); then end facing down.
[The ONEs are facing up] TWOs step between ONEs and [with NBR] handy-hand allemand 1.5 (8). ONEs swing(8); end facing down.
Line4 DTHall [L-to-R 2Gent-1Gent-1Lady-2Lady] ONEs in the center, turn alone(6+2), UTHall, then bend the line(6+2).
Circle left 1.5 (8+4), TWOs arch, ONEs dive DTHall to next couple(4).
Greg Frock wrote: Was Composition 24 but is now Robbin's Favorite in honor of Robbin Marcus.

Rod's Grits by Bill Olson.
[IMPROPER: Box-the-Gnat into R-hand star]

R-hand-bal w nbr(4), box-the-gnat(4), star-R 4-places(8) [now face across].
Rights-&-lefts across(8). Ladies dosido 1.5 (8).
Partner bal&swing(4+12).
With partner, promenade across(8). Circle left 3-places, then pass thru up-&-down(6+2).
VideoCameraAnne Marie Walter | Rhiannon and Friends.
VideoCameraDean Snipes | Steamshovel.

Roll in the Hey by Roger Diggle.
Circle left(8); swing nbr(8).
Circle left 3 places(8); swing partner(8).
Long lines(8). Ladies chain(8).
Ladies start a full-hey(8+8).
VideoCameraSteve Zakon-Anderson. At 4:17 morphs into a variant of “Judah Jig” by Charlie Fenton. At 7:28 morphs to “Hay in the Barn” by Chart Guthrie.
VideoCameraChris Ricciotti.

Roll over Johannes by Becky Hill.
[IMPROPER: Down the River and Around the Bend]

Ross's Request by Mark Widmer.
[IMPROPER: Cozy line; Cloverleaf; Double-PROG]
Nbr bal&swing(4+12).
Long-lines(8). ONEs swing(8), step between new TWOs.
Down the hall four-in-line [ONEs between TWOs](4). Everyone keeping hands joined, ONEs turn away from partner, and TWOs wrap behind, to make a cozy line(4). Come back up the hall(4). TWOs pass over ONEs, to form a cloverleaf.
Circle-left in cloverleaf formation(8). Star-L [and progress to new nbrs](8).

Sarah's Journey by Gene Hubert.
[IMPROPER: Contra-stretch; Fours far apart. No balance on box-the-gnat.]
Box-the-Gnat with Nbr(4); Gents pull-by L-hand to cross the set(4). Partner swing(8).
Circle left all-the-way(8); Dosido Partner(8).
Box-the-Gnat Partner(4); Ladies pull-by L-hand to cross the set(4). Nbr swing(8).
Rights-&-lefts across(8). Star-L all-the-way(8), to face new Nbrs.
VideoCameraJo Morland | Stringdancer. VideoCameraWilliam Watson | Joyride.

Sharon of the Green Contra by Jane Ewing / Bob Green.
[IMPROPER: (SotG is a ECD by Bob, modified to SotGC by Jane.) Nice flow]
Mad Robin (“New Robin ”): with [new] nbr, the Lady passing-R in front of Gent(8). Circle left(8), all way.
Ladies allemand-R 1.5(8). Partner swing(8).
Ladies start half-hey, Gents ricochet(8). Long-lines(8).
Star-L 4-places(8). With current nbr, Mad Robin, ladies passing-L in front of Gent(8).
VideoCameraCis Hinkle | .

ECD version:  VideoCameraBob Green | Ragged Robin

Simplicity Swing by Becky Hill.
[IMPROPER: Identify ONEs/TWOs, and direction of progression.]
Nbr bal&swing(4+12).
Circle left 3-places(8). Partner swing(8).
Long-lines(8). Ladies chain [to nbr](8).
Star-L 4-places(8). Next Nbr dosido(8).
OR: A2: Long-lines and Gents take partner back to Gents side(8). Partner swing(8).
VideoCameraJean Gorrindo | Celtic Spring. VideoCameraLinda Leslie, calling the give&take variant.

Sleepless at Pinewoods by Bob Isaacs.
[IMPROPER: Identify gent's home side]
[R-L-Grand] Nbr1 pull-by R, nbr2 pull-by L, nbr3 pull-by R (2+2+2). Nbr4 allemande-L, nbr3 pull-by R, nbr2 pull-by L(6+2+2).
[When you go out on the star, immediately face your partner (don't change places), give R-hand to partner, and pull-by in the R-L-Grand. When you return, the nbr1-swing (i.e partner swing) will put the lady on the right].

Nbr1 bal&swing(4+12).
Circle-L 3-places(6). Partner swing(10) [on Gent's home side].
Ladies chain to Nbr1 (8). Star-L [all the way round](8).
VideoCameraGeorge Marshall | Wild Asparagus.
VideoCamera(private home) | Heather and Claire.

Small Potatoes by Jim Kitch.
With nbr, Bal&Swing(4+12).
R-hands-across--Star 1x (8). Ladies chain [to partner](8).
Ladies dosido(8). Partner swing(8).
Circle-left 3-places and pass thru(6+2), next nbr dosido(8).

Snow Dance by Gene Hubert.
[IMPROPER: Shadows. Teaching: Pass-through one-couple so that folks have a couple to look for. (As usual, put lady on right.)]
[New nbrs, hand-4] Ring-balance(4), then ladies trade places passing R-shoulder(4). Ring-bal(4), with nbr California twirl [to face a new couple].
With new couple circle-left(8) [gents, your shadow is in your L-hand]. L-hand star(8). No one there?: Dance with ghost couple. OR, turn alone, wait with Gent on the RIGHT.
With partner bal&swing(4+12).
Rights-and-lefts across(8). Ladies chain(8).
VideoCameraRuth Pershing. VideoCameraDarlene Underwood | Hotpoint.

Song in the Night by Gene Hubert.
[IMPROPER: Flowing. Identify Gent's home side. In each star, the Gent goes about 3 places, the lady almost 4 places.]
Nbr allemand-L twice round, then promenade across(8+8) [Lady goes just 1.5, and Gent steps up behind her].
[Look to the right, make a L-hand-star] On Right Diagonal, L-hand star(8) [note: your partner is in an adjacent star]. Come back to your partner and swing(8) on the gent's home side.
Partner promenade across(8). [Look to the right, make a L-hand-star] On right-diag, L-hand star(8).
Swing nbr(8) on side [each on his/her home side]. Long-lines(8), then face a new nbr.
Alt-With nbr bal&swing(4+12).
At end, use an imaginary couple for the Star-L. When no “new nbr” then rest, or invent imaginary nbrs. Come back in on Long-lines.
VideoCameraGeorge Marshall | Wild Asparagus.

Sweet Music by Amy Kahn.
[IMPROPER: Scoop the Lady]
Gents left allemand(8) once around, and keep going. Scoop your partner [to cross the set] and Butterfly Whirl(8).
Ladies start a full hey(16).
[As gents come back to their partner] Partner bal&swing(4+12).
Rights&Lefts across the set [courtesy turn](8), gent roll-away the Lady, R-hand star(8). [“Gents look left allemand.”]
VideoCameraJonathan King | Barnstorm.
VideoCameraCaveman by Jim Hemphill, is similar.

Spring Fever by Tony Parkes.
Long-lines(8). Nbr swing(8).
Gents allemand-L 1.5 (8). Partner swing(8)
Circle left 4-places(8). Star-L 4-places(8)
With PARTNER, promenade across(8). Ladies chain(8).

Improper: T-Z

Tailor Made by Kirston Koths.
Make slingshot, based on this.

Thanks to the Don by Ed Vincent.
[IMPROPER: Teaching: TWOs stay facing up, ONES step between TWOs, give near hand. Handy-hand allemand, and TWOs flip-around to face DTH in line4.]
Line4 DTHall, ONEs in the middle; turn alone(6+2) and come on back(8) [and stay in a line4, all facing up].
TWOs hand-cast off the ONEs(4) [ONEs fwd, TWOs bkwrd]. ONEs in the center ≈¾ (4). Nbr swing(8).
Circle left 3-places(8). Partner swing(8).
Ring-bal(4), petronella twirl(4) [no time to clap]. TWOs arch, ONEs dive through(2), with new NBRs handy-hand [mirror] allemand(6) to end in line4.
From Alice Milmoe; she says “Ichabad's Last Ride” works well.

The Baby Rose by David Kaynor.
Nbr Bal&Swing(4+12).
Circle-left 3-places(8). Partner DoSiDo(8).
Partner Bal&Swing(4+12).
Ladies chain(8). Left-hand star(8).
VideoCameraJack Mitchell | Big Medicine.

Trip to Lambertville by Steve Zakon-Anderson.
[IMPROPER: Face across]
Ladies walk forward to a wavy-line in the middle(4); bal R-L(4). [Ladies fall back] Gents fwd to wavy-line(4); bal R-L(4).
Gents allemand-L 3-places(6) into a wave-across [nbr in R-hand]; bal R(2). Nbr swing(8).
Gents allemand-L 1.5 (8); swing partner(8).
Rights-and-lefts across(8). Ladies chain(8).
VideoCameraCaller? | Band?.

The Cure for the Claps by Bob Isaacs.
Ring-bal, petronella(4+4), partner swing(8).
Ring-bal, petronella(4+4), nbr swing(8).
DTHall line4 [ONEs in the center], turn alone(6+2), UTHall, bend line(6+2). 4-by-4 go down the floor
Circle left all the way(8). Ring-bal(4), Cal-twirl(4).
VideoCameraBob Isaacs | Crowfoot. See 4:20-4:42.
VideoCameraJonathan King | Flying Turtles. Contra till 2:53, then a waltz.

The Bus Stop by Bill Olson.
Nbr bal by R-hand, Box the Gnat(4+4). Star-R 3-places, into wavy-line across(8), ladies in center. To form the wave, each lady gives R-hand to gent behind her, while reaching L-hand across the star to other lady.
Bal-wave(4). Ladies allemand-L(4) into half-hey, partners pass R-shoulders to start(8).
Partner , then swing(8+8).
Promenade across and courtesy turn(8). Roll away with a half sashay [ladies roll left](2) Left-hand star 3-places(6).
VideoCameraJolaine Jones-Pokorney | Full Circle.

The Ritz by Gene Hubert.
[IMPROPER: Identify shadow!]
Star-R 5-places(8). Allemand-L shadow(8) [Ladies turn over L-shoulder].
Partner bal&swing(4+12).
Long-lines(8). Ladies chain(8).
Ladies start a full-hey(16). [Ladies turn left to enter R-star behind partner, Gents turn right to enter R-star behind new nbr.]

Theory of Mind by David Smukler.
[IMPROPER: Face nbr, step diag.-L to form wavy lines across-the-set.]
Rory O'More(8+8) [Wavy-bal R-L(2+2), slide right catch L-hands(4); bal L-R, slide left, snag R-hands(8)].
Bal&Swing nbr(4+12).
Circle-left 3-places(8). Swing partner(8).
Ladies chain(8). Lefthand star into a wavy line-of-4 with next nbrs [all take RHs with nbr and ladies take LHs with each other](8).
This dance is similar to United We Dance, which was taught at a FL Snow Ball

United We Dance by Bob Isaacs.
[IMPROPER: Start in long-waves]
[In long wavy-lines with Gents facing out, ladies in, looking at their partner's back, across the set]. Rory O'More(8+8).
Bal&Swing nbr(4+12).
Circle-left 3-places(8). Swing partner(8).
Ladies chain(8). Lefthand star into long-wavy-lines between new nbr and prev nbr(8).
VideoCameraKeith Tuxhorn. VideoCameraJack Mitchell | Big Medicine. VideoCameraGaye Fifer | Ashville Cats.

Weave the Line by Kathy Anderson.
[IMPROPER: Double-progression. 3 sets of nbrs]
Lefthand star(8) [sugg.: wrist-grip star]. [Reverse] Circle-left(8).
[Hang on to your partner] Veer left around NBRs#1, veer right around NBRs#2 (4+4). [As individuals] DoSiDo your nbr#3 (8).
[Look behind you] Bal&Swing(4+12) nbr#2.
Long lines(8). Actives swing(8) [“One's swing, Two's frame”.]
VideoCamera[Is this caller Tony Parkes?].

Weave the Line [3P] by Kathy Anderson.
[IMPROPER: 3 sets of nbrs. Triple-progression.]
Lefthand star(8). [Reverse] Circle-left(8).
[Hang on to your partner] Veer left around #1NBRs, veer right around #2NBRs (4+4).
[As individuals] DoSiDo your #3NBR into wave-of-four with ladies in the middle(8).

Balance-the-wave(4). Swing-through [nbr R-allemand-½, gents L-allemand-½] (2+2). Partner swing(8).
Long-lines(8). Roll partner away with a half sashay(2), into a righthand star(6) [going into lefthand-star with new nbrs].

What's good for the Goose is good for the Gander by Ruth King (age 10).
[IMPROPER: Gent roll-away Lady, L roll-away G at right-angles]

On side of set: With nbr, Do-Si-Do 1.5 (8). [Across the set] With Partner, See-saw [or left allemand] 1.5 (8).
On (other) side of set: Swing nbr(8). Ladies chain(8).
Ladies start a full-hey(16).
[From the hey go into] Partner-swing(8). Goose-then-Gander move(4), couple ends facing up/down the set, facing their current nbrs. Then pass-through(4) to a new couple.
Music should be a bit slower than standard.
Goose-then-Gander move: [Along the side, R-to-L] Gent rolls the lady away(2), then Lady rolls the gent away [R-to-L](2), but he ends up across the set, having traveled almost diagonally; then end as-a-couple facing up/down the set, ready to pass through.

Wizard's Walk by Ruth Ungar.
[IMPROPER: Do the Contra Stretch! Hands4, identify ONEs, and DIR-PROG.]
Circle left halfway, ring-balance(4+4). Circle left halfway, ring-balance(4+4).
In your rings-of-four, starting on the side: Square-Through 4 places [R-to-Nbr, L-to-partner, R-to-Nbr, L-to-partner](2+2+2+2) . Nbr 1.5(8) on the side, to progress.
Partner bal&swing(4+12) this swing is across the set, so needs extra room. End facing original-dir [facing away from the couple you have been dancing with].
Wizard's walk: Sliding doors. ONEs separate and go down outside TWOs, meet and continue down to split next TWOs;
Reverse. ONEs now separate and back-up outside those TWOs, meet and back-up through previous TWOs, ready to form the circle to start the dance again [TWOs should oscillate in and out to make room] [Lizard walk variant: the TWOs can move up the set and back to share the work with the ONEs.]

ONEs prog. off the bottom, prtnr-swing across the set, end facing UP, becoming TWOs. There'll be TWOs in front of you. Some ONEs will go around them, then split you.
VideoCameraTed Steele | ?. VideoCameraAt Scout house.

You Can't Get There From Here by Carol Ormand.
[IMPROPER: Starts in short wavy-lines, Ladies in center]
Balance-the-wave(4), Allemand-R 3/4 to form long waves, ladies facing in(4). Balance-the-long-wave(4), Allemand-R 3/4 to form waves across, gents in the middle(4).
Balance-the-wave(4). Nbr swing(12).
Circle left 3-places(8). Partner swing(8).
Circle left 3-places(8). Dosido(8) current nbrs 1.5, to pass them, and form short waves with new nbrs.
VideoCamera? | ?.

Becket dances: A-M

Apogee by Chris Page.
[BECKET: Contra-stretch, for orbit room.]
[J-promenade] Partner-promenade across, face-in, slide right to face a new couple(8). Ladies chain(8).
Ladies allemand-R 1.5, while Gents orbit CCW halfway(8). Nbr swing(8).
GENTS L-hand chain(8) to partner [C.P recommends pull-by L, and allemand-R partner]. Gents allemand-L 1.5, while Ladies orbit CW halfway(8).
Partner (8), and swing(8).
VideoCameraAlex Deis-Lauby | Chimney Swift.

Beneficial Tradition by Dan Pearl.
[BECKET: Double progression.]

(New) Ladies L-allemand(8), and swing partner(8).
Circle left 3-places(8). Nbr swing(8).
Ladies chain(8). Long-lines(8). [All are home now.]
Zig-Zag! [Four pull-bys, double progressing. The lady is paralleling her partner, sort-of looking at his back.]
(across)Pull-by-LEFT with current Nbr (Whoop!).
(R-diag)Pull-by-R with next Same-gender (Whoop!).
Pull-by-Left with next Opp-gender (Whoop!)
Pull-by-R with next Same-gender (Whoop!).
[Now: New-Lady L-allemand, NOT the one she just pulled-by with.] .
[End: If no-one offers you a hand, stay put. Gents, when your partner is free for L-pull-by, then pull-by-L with partner.] [If extra couple at bottom, they line up becket, ready for the pull-by-R.]

The orig. choreography has A1: Allemand 1x(4), a bal-the-wave(4), swing(8). This is too rushed.
VideoCameraRyan Smistopher | Atcher, Beck, and Kahl.

A Different Way Back by Larry Jennings.
[BECKET: Slide-left progression]
[Slide left to new couple and] Circle left 3-places(2+6). Grand-R-&-L in oval; start with nbr #1, R-L-R(8).
Nbr #4 allemand-L 2x to reverse direction(8). Nbr #3 allemand-R 1.5(8).
Nbr #2  1.5(8). Swing nbr #1(8).
Circle left 3-places(8). Partner swing(8). [Slide left to new couple]
VideoCameraSteve Zakon-Anderson | KGB. Taught 2:23, Danced 4:48.

Hurrpocalypse by Jonathan King. (Written Fri.08Sep2017)
[BECKET: Slide-left to Ladies chain]
[New] Ladies chain(8), into Mad-Robin(8) [around NBR].
[“Whirlwind”] Ladies allemand-L 1.5 (8), meanwhile Gents orbit [clockwise, to the other side of the set] interlocking by passing R-shoulders.
Nbr-swing(8) [on lady's home side].

Gents pass L-shoulders to start a full hey (8+8).
Gents cross one more time, [straight across] to swing partner(3+5). Circle left all way, then Slide-Left to new NBRs(8).
Written on Friday, 08Sep2017 in honor of the category-5 hurricane, Irma, that was about to hit Florida.    The beginning of is intentionally rushed, to evoke the hurried evacuation from parts of southern Florida.

Hinge Binge by Bob Isaacs.
[BECKET: Rev-progression. Becketize, then: Take hands in long-lines. All look-R; that is your direction of progression.]
Give-and-take to gent’s side(4). Nbr swing(12).
Circle-L 3-places(8). Dosido partner to wavy line across, Ladies in center(8). [Note 1]
Balance-the-wave(4), hinge-circulate to long waves(4). [Nbr is in R-hand.]
Balance-the-wave(4), hinge-Progress to new waves-across(4). [Note 3]

Balance-the-wave(4), hinge-circulate into your partner's arms.(4). [Note 4]
Partner swing(8).

1: Partner is in R-hand, in wave-across. A hinge is an allemande-R ¼ to Gents face across, Ladies face out. Circulate, Gents cross, stay facing out, Ladies had a Gent in their R-hand; Ladies flip into that gents' place.
3: Progress: Nbr1 allemande-R ¼, all walk FWD with new ladies taking L-hands in the center, Gents with new Lady in R-hand.
4: With this new-Nbr allemande-R ¼, now gents cross, and ladies flip into their nbr's spot, awaiting their partner to swing.

A Different Way Forward or Friday at the Fool or Hi there!  by Seth Tepfer.
[BECKET: Double-progression]
[Nbr #1 is across from you. Look diagonal left for nbr #2. Further diagonal left is #3, then #4. (At end, nbr #2 is on your same rail, to your right.)]
Long-lines(8). Ladies allemand-R 1.5, diagonally(8).
Next nbr, #2, allemand-L 1.5 (8). Next next nbr, #3, by right shoulder 1.5 (8).
Next next next nbr, #4, Bal&Swing(4+12).
Circle left 3-places(8), then partner swing(8).
You are never out; on the circle-left, the couple “out” at the end simply start their partner-swing 8 beats early.
VideoCameraSeth Tepfer; the two allemandes are switched L from R..

Becket Reel by Herbie Gaudreau.
[BECKET: Your partner is on one side of you, your shadow on the other.]
Allemand-L your shadow(8). Partner swing(8).
Ladies chain across and back(8+8).
On left diagonal: Right&left through(8). Straight across: Right&left through(8).
Star left(8). Star right(8). [...until you see your shadow...]
VideoCameraLinda Leslie | Band ?.

Chainsaw Orbit by Jonathan King.
[BECKET: Huge oval.] Identify DIR-PROG, then Becketize. Now identify home-side.

[Same two] Ladies chain(8). W. left-hand, gent leads his nbr-lady into a Mad-Robin [sideways dosido](8). Join hands into a huge…
…Oval right(8) [“Ovaltine”]. Oval left(8) [“Ovaltang”].
[Original foursomes] Circle-left(8) [approx] 3-places. [C'mon back with a] Left-Hands-across star(8); at halfway round, Gents push off [and walk fwd in Dir-Progr] while Ladies keep on allemanding halfway more, to progress.
[Ladies look right and] Allemand-R the new nbr-lady coming toward her; simultaneously, Gents orbit CCW around the ladies(8) [As two gents cross, I suggest passing L-shoulders, interlocking their orbits.]. Partner-swing(8), on your original [home] side.
A modification of D.L's beloved Chainsaw Reel, VideoCameraFootloose, called by JK.

Dancers twirling
Chainsaw Reel by Don Lennartson.
[BECKET: ID-dir-prog, THEN Becketize! Huge oval circle. ]
[Same two] Ladies chain(8). Long lines(8); keep hands, and connect at the ends to make a huge oval.
Oval right(8) [“Ovaltine”]. Oval left(8) [“OvalTang”].
[Original foursomes] Circle-left(8). [C'mon back with a] Left-hand star(8) all the way around [Gent in front of his partner].
[Ladies look right and] Allemand-R the new nbr-lady coming toward you(8). Partner-swing(8), on the side.
VideoCameraJonathan King, Footloose. Called as no-walk-through. VideoCameraCaller? | Band?.

Conveyor my Love by Jonathan King.
[BECKET: Has the conveyor-belt move]

Cows are Watching by Bill Pope.
[BECKET: (Rev-progression dance.) Id DIR-PROG. Hands4, then rotate Right one click]
Long lines(8). Ladies R-allemand 1.5 (8).
Nbr Bal&swing(4+12).
Bal-the-ring(4). Gent rolls away his Partner, across the set [from L-to-R](4), as he sashays R-to-L. [He travels further than she, so as to start the weave.] As a couple, weave left(4), weave right(4) [so you've gone around just one couple].
Gents snag L-hands then L-allemand 1x(8). Swing partner(8).
VideoCameraChattahoochee Country Dancers (CCD, Atlanta).
VideoCameraSue Rosen | The Figments. VideoCameraCis Hinkle | Troublesome Creek.

Du Quoin Races by Orace Johnson.
[BECKET: Tune with distinct A1, contrasting with B2.]

Balance-ring, pass through to an ocean wave(4+4) [partner is in your R-hand]. Balance R-L again, allemand-R 3 places into long waves (Ladies face in).

Balance R-L(4), circulate(4) [Ladies cross, gents pivot into his partner's place] into new long-waves [Gents facing in]. Balance R-L(4), circulate(4) [Gents cross, ladies pivot].

[short] Partner swing on the side(8) [where you started].
Circle left halfway(4), roll away NBR [with a half sashay] across the set(4).

Circle left halfway, roll partner away [with a half sashay] along the Side(4+4). Circle left halfway(4), and slide-left(4) along the set to face new nbrs.
There is extra time for the slide-left. Energetic couples can put in a traveling-2-hand turn, or a traveling-swing.

VideoCameraMartha Edwards | Playing with Fire. VideoCameraRobert Cromartie | Footloose.

Dr. Bluhm's Delight by Rick Mohr. [BECKET:]
[Shift left to meet next couple], Circle left 3-places(2+6). Nbr swing(8).
Long lines(8).
L-Handshake-star [Left-hands-across] 1/2 Gents drop out(4), Ladies keep Allemanding-L 3-places more(4), to Join R-hands with NBR to form wave-of-four across the set. [Ladies have done a full-allemand and a little bit more.]

Bal-the-wave(4). Allemand-R with NBR 5/8 (4). Turn by the RIGHT (to) diagonal wave, Gents in the center
Gents join L-hand with next gent to form diagonal wave; Bal-the-wave(4). Gents allemand-L 3/4 Gents turn by the LEFT (to) diagonal wave to join R-hand with partner in other-diagonal wave(4).

Bal-the-wave(4) [you have partner in R-Hand]. Swing partner(12).
VideoCameraJK | Avant Gardeners (recorded music). ???. VideoCameraSeth Tepher at Snowball 2011. VideoCameraGeorge Marshall | Swallowtail. VideoCameraLisa Greenleaf | Great Bear Trio.

Jenny hits a tree by Jessica Ritts & Tom Wimmer.
[BECKET: Challenging]
Circle-left 3-places and pass thru(6+2). New ladies Allemand-L 1.5 (8).
[Full-hey ricochet] Pass partner by R-shoulder and Gents immediately ricochet, Ladies hey across; Gents hey across, Ladies ricochet (16).
Ring-bal, petronella(4+4). Ring-bal, petronella(4+4).
Partner bal&swing(4+12).
Carol James gave me this, in Sep.2017.

Maliza's Magical Mystery Motion by Cary Ravitz.
[BECKET: Reverse proression]
[These] Gents allemand-Left 1.5 (8). Nbr swing(8).
[Hang on to that NBR and] Promenade across(8). Ladies chain(8).
Ring-balance, spin one place to the right, as in Petronella, and turn alone to face a new nbr(8). Form ring with new couple, balance, and spin one place to the right(8).
Partner bal&swing(4+12).
VideoCameraLEAF Festival Spring 2011 #1 VideoCameraand #2.

March of the Coffee Zombies by Cary Ravitz.
Long-lines; backing, gents roll-away partner(8). March single-file 3-places round(8) (as if circling right) to meet new nbrs.
W.these Nbrs, march 3-places round(8) (as if circling left). Gents turn over R-shoulder and all form a wavy-line, Gents in center, (#1 Gent facing Down) with partner in R-hand(8). Bal-the-wave(4), Gents slide right one place and spin to face-in, while Ladies slide right Two places and spin to face Nbr(4).
Nbrs and swing(8+8).
Gents allemand-L 1.5 to cross the set(8). Partner swing(8).

VideoCameraDana Pakinson | Category 5.
VideoCameraFrank Buschelmann @ Pigtown Fling . And: Animation
Tune: March of the Coffee Zombies. by Tom Cunningham
Cary Ravitz: You can substitute a circle right 3/4 for the first half of the march (A1.9) and a circle left 3/4 for the second half of the march (A2). You can substitute the slide to swing figure with swing through - allemande right 1/2, in the middle allemande left 1/2.

Momentum by Jonathan King. (2018October)
[BECKET: Hands-in-long-lines-oval, face partner, look past; there is your shadow. Tune with energetic B1, B2. Wizard's Walk works well.]
End Effect: When you go out on the traveling turn, end reversed with the Lady on the Left. After the shadow-swing, the partner-swing puts the Lady on the Right.

[“Travel-left”: W.partner, traveling 2-hand-Clockwise-turn (or traveling-swing, or just Slide-L) to new nbrs, where...]
Gents start a (L-shoulder) Full-hey(16).

[Halfway-] partner(4), swing shadow(12).

Partner swing on the side(8) [where you started].
Circle left halfway(4), roll away NBR [with a half sashay] across the set(4).

Circle left halfway, roll partner away [with a half sashay] along the Side(4+4). Circle left halfway(4), and Travel-left(4) along the set to face new nbrs.

Uses the second half of Orace Johnson's wonderful Du Quoin Races. Below is an Alternate version, where the Ladies start the hey.

Alt-[“Travel”: W.partner, traveling Counter-CW-2-hand-turn (or traveling-reverse-swing, or just Slide-L) to new nbrs, where...]
Ladies start a (usual R-shoulder) Full-hey(16).    [Then, as the gent comes back to place...]

Alt-... Left-shoulder [Halfway-] partner(4), swing shadow(12).

My Right Hand Man by Roger Auman.
[BECKET: In becket, hands in oval, Gent finds shadow by looking-right, past partner and past next gent, to next lady. Method: In becket, temporarily do a roll-away. Partner in one hand, shadow in the other.]
Ladies allemand-R 1.5 (8). Ladies lead half-a-hey(8).
Nbr bal&swing(4+12).
On Left-diagonal, Ladies chain to shadow(8). Rights-and-lefts across(8).
Long-lines(8). Partner swing(8) [she's in gent's L-hand].
VideoCameraDan Black | Frontline Fiddles.
VideoCameraDonna Hunt | Nor'easter.
Auman: The gent in the lady's R-hand is her partner, which explains the title.

My Uncle Fred's Contra by Dean Snipes.
[BECKET: slightly altered in B2.]
[Your previous nbr is your “flame”.]
Circle left 3-places(8). [On side of set] Dosido nbr 1x and a bit more, into short wavy lines across-the-set(8).
Balance-the-wave R-L, slide right catch L-hands(8). [With nbr] Allemand-L 3/4 (4), gents walk to next short-wavy-line to allemand-R your “flame”(4).
With [current] nbr, Bal&Swing(4+12).
Star-right orig. dance has circle-L, here 3-places(6), melt in to a partner-swing(8), and slide-left to face a new couple(2).
Music should be a bit slower than standard contra tempo.

Becket dances: N-Z

Not all Earthquakes are Andreas' Fault by Jonathan King. (July 2013)
[BECKET: The Earthquake! shakes you from the-one-you're-swinging to swinging-the-next. (Triple-Swing version, single-progression.)]
[Before becketizing: Id DIR-PROG. Pass through up-down, takes hands4 with the next; these are your current nbrs. Your Previous nbrs are behind you. Now BECKETIZE.]

Star-R 3-places(8). With new couple “your previous nbrs”, star-L all-the-way(8).

[Face orig. Nbr; ONEs down, TWOs up]  Square-Through [Nbr R-hand bal and pull-by(4+2); w.prtnr L-hand pull-by across(2); w.nbr R-hand bal and pull-by(4+2); w.prtnr pull-by across(2)], to face current nbr. In this Square-Through: Gents always turn right, ladies turn left.

Swing curr.nbr(8). “Earthquake! You swing the next!” Face away from the-one-you-swung, and swing the next(8) [in your Dir-Prog.].

Circle-left 3-places(8). Partner swing(8).

Written for my Cocoa Beach friend, Andreas. First called at his dance.

Ceremonial Mirror by Jonathan King (June 2016).
[Rev-progr-BECKET: Turn foursome 1-click to the RIGHT. This is your home-side.]

[New] Gents Allemand-L 1.5 (8), to swing Nbr(8).
Gents pass L-shoulder to start a full hey (8+8).
Gents cross the set, passing L-shoulders, to partner and melt into swing(4+4+8).
Mad-robin-twirl, Gents sliding-right in front of partner(8). [As lady returns to place, she does a 3/4 twirl, pulling R-shoulder back, to catch her partner's L-hand, then stepping into the circle-to-the-R with current NBRs.]
[Take Hands-4], Circle RIGHT all way, then Slide-right [lady leading] to new NBRs(8).

Homage to Adriane Moser's Three Ceremonies, written for our own Bob Saint Laurent.

Oval-teen by Jonathan King. (July 2013)
[BECKET: At A2, explain the pattern: Gents allemand-L, oval-right; Ladies allemand-R, oval-left. In counting couples, count your own couple, when appropriate.]

[Slide-left to New Nbrs to...] Circle left 3-places(8). Nbr swing(8).
Gents allemand-L(8) [back to place].   Oval-right(8).
[You are across from your Partner, and same-gender Nbr; they are couple #1. Oval-R to past couple #2, #3, #4, and as you get to couple #5... (opposite gender in #5 is your “Distant Shadow”) Gents stop, Ladies get ready to...]

Ladies R-allemand with Lady #5 (8). Oval-left(8) [back to your original four-some, facing your Partner].
Circle left 3-places(8). Partner swing, and Slide-Left to face new Nbrs(8).
Written for my teen, Ruth, when she was 12, while driving to pick her up from Adventure Camp.

Princely Petronella Stars by Jonathan King. (Aug. 2013)
[BECKET: Reverse--single-prog. Before becketizing: (We'll start with one couple out.) Pass through up-down, takes hands4 with next nbrs. (For me: Your Previous nbrs are behind you.) BECKETIZE. In one hand is your Partner, the other is your SHADOW.]

[Everyone: Look on the R-diagonal; after once though the dance, you'll be across from that couple. And in just a moment, you be swinging that person on the R-diagonal.]

A “Petronella-star” is a conventional petronella (ring-balance, twirl-right one place) but ending in a L-hand wristgrip-star. A “petronella-star 5-places-round” is relative to your initial psn. You end up in the same place a “circle-right 5-places ” puts you, but using 16 beats of music.

A “revonella” is a reverse petronella: Ring-balance, then twirl-left one place. A “Revonella-star” is a reverse petronella that ends in a right-hand star. And a “revonella-star 4-places-round” puts you back where you started.

Revonella-star back to place(8+8). Face away from partner, take hands4 with a new couple; you are facing your Shadow.
[Your partner is in a different hands4.] [Out at the end: Turn as a couple to face in.]

Petronella-star back to place, and one place more(8+8). Swing your New-nbr; the person [on your side of the set] in the adjacent star(8). [At the end of the petronella-star, the lady is looking at the back of her New Nbr's head, while the Gent rolls over his R-shoulder to see his new nbr behind him.]

Swing this new-nbr, then [as a couple] slide-left, till you are across from the couple that has your partner(8). Gents snag R-hands and allemand 1.5 (8).

Partner bal&swing(4+12).
I wrote this dance for Stan & Linda Prince, who have been energetic contra dance organizers for many years, making many hundreds of people happy.

Ribbing Adam by Jonathan King. (Aug. 2013)
[(Work-in-progress) BECKET: Rev-single-progression; so have the hands-4 rotate one click to the right. Each Lady is on her Home side.]
Ladies initiate partner-trades, at will.

With partner, promenade across(8). Ladies chain(8), then give a R-hand to partner, across the set.
[Facing partner] Square-Through [Across the set: Prtnr R-hand bal and pull-by(4+2); w.nbr L-hand pull-by(2); w.prtnr bal and pull-by(4+2); w.nbr pull-by(2)], to face new NBR. Gents always turn right, ladies turn left.
[With these new nbrs] Step immediately into a short wavy-line across the set [Ladies in the center], bal-the-wave(4). Everyone spin/slide right, with Gents sliding two places to snag L-hands(4). Gents allemand-L 3/4 into a long wavy-line of Gents in the center(4) [facing Partner], and bal-the-wave(4).
[Each Lady is at her Home, on the side of the set.] Ladies: Bring home either your partner, or a Gent-in-Trade, and swing (4+12) on the side of the set. [Make sure to end that swing across from the couple that has the lady from the short-wave.]

[Gent-in-Trade: Lady “Jane” has: On her L-diagonal is her previous-nbr lady. Across from Jane is current nbr-lady.
  (Using hand-signals, telepathy, carrier pigeons) While the Gents are allemanding and balancing [8 beats of music], Jane agrees to trade partners with one of these 2 ladies. In that case, Jane takes the appropriate gent –who is facing away from her– and brings him home to swing; he is Jane's new partner. (Jane's trading-lady will take Jane's former partner home to swing.)
  Lost-and-found is at the bottom of the set.
  N.B: A trade causes the Gent to switch his direction of progression.]
Those who go to dance-weekends in Florida, know Rona Wiener, role-switching imp. When you see a ball of Joyful Chaos moving down a contra-line, Rona is probably in the center of it. I wrote this dance for her.

Sealed with a Keith by Cary Ravitz.
[BECKET: Face partner, look past, there's your shadow.]
R&L-thru, across(8). On Left-Diagonal, ladies chain(8).
Circle left 3-places and pass through up and down(8). partner 1.5 (8).
Look away from your partner for your shadow to allemand-L 1.5 (8). Ladies pass right to start a 1/2 hey (8).
Turn to face partner, Bal&Swing (4+12).
Music should be a bit slower than standard.
VideoCameraEric Harris | Hot Potatoes. VideoCameraBarbara Ramlow | Crowfoot.

Snowball Shimmy by Seth Tepfer.
Circle-L 1x (8). Gents allemand-R 1.5 (8).
With nbr, Bal&Swing(4+12).
Join hand in ring, Bal-the-ring then petronella twirl(8). Bal-the-ring, then petronella-nella [twirl two places around the ring](8).
With partner, Bal&Swing(4+8). Slide left to face Next Couple(4).
The “petronella-nella” first appeared in Wasatch Wiggle, by Erik Weberg.

So Near and So Far by Bob Isaacs.
[BECKET:] Across from you are your old NbrS. On left-diag. are new NbrS.
Ladies pull by right [like ladies chain], then w. old Nbr allemand-L 3/4 (2+6). Swing [new] Nbr (8). [Gent is on home side.]
Circle left halfway, roll-away partner-lady across the set [L-to-R] (8). [Gent has gone 3 clicks around circle.] Circle left halfway, roll-away nbr-lady along the set [L-to-R] (8). [Gent has gone another 3 clicks around circle.]
Mad-Robin [sideways dosido](8) [Gent slides right, in front of nbr-lady]. Gents L-allemand 1.5 (8).
Partner swing (16) [no balance].
VideoCameraTed Hodapp | Contratopia. At Glen Echo

Square Deal by Chris Page.
[BECKET: Look past partner to see your shadow. “One Two Square Through”]
Circle left 3-places(8). Nbr swing(8) [Gents home].
Right-diagonal Ladies chain(8), to Shadow. Star-L all-the-way-round(8); “look for your partner ”.
[Face partner; ONEs down, TWOs up]  Square-Through [Partner R-hand bal and pull-by(4+2); New-Nbr L-hand pull-by across(2); partner R-hand bal and pull-by(4+2); same-nbr pull-by across(2)]. In this Square-Through: Gents always turn right, ladies turn left.
Partner bal&swing(4+12).
VideoCameraSarah VanNorstrand | Rafter Ringers. VideoCameraRob Harper | . VideoCameraCaller? | ?.

Take a Right on the Sunny Side by Dean Snipes.
[BECKET: Wavy oval]

[Slide left] Circle left 3-places(8).
With Nbr, allemand-R 1.5 (8), into long-waves, Gents facing in.[oval].

Rory O'More [wavy-bal, R-L, slide-right snag L-hands, bal L-R, slide left, snag R-hands](4+4+4+4).
Nbr bal&swing(4+12)
Circle left 3-places(8). Partner swing(8), slide-L.
VideoCameraCis Hinkle | Free Association.

The Long Hello by Jonathan King. (Aug. 2013)
[(Work-in-progress) BECKET: Reverse-prog. Waltz-contra, or regular-contra]
Rights-&-lefts across(8). On the Left-diagonal, Ladies chain(8).
Slice-right [long-lines going in diagonal-R]; slice-R back, and while backing-up, the Lady in the Gents right-hand, puts herself into wrap(4+4); Nbr wrap. [The slices are so that nbr-Gents are lined-up to star-promenade]
Star-promenade to the other side(4) and ladies unwrap(4), so that #1Gent-and-Lady are facing down, other couple facing up.

[Gents, pull against each other a bit, so that] As a couple, slide-left a little and then: With the couple that is facing you [your partner is in it] Circle-left halfway(4); as you arrive, the Lady in the Gent's Left-hand, his Partner, puts herself into wrap(4) [as she arrives at her home rail]; Partner wrap.
  Star-promenade all-the-way around to the Gent's home side(8).

Lady unwraps into a partner swing(16).
End effect: After the Rights-&-lefts: Do NOT chain, if there is no couple on your left-diagonal. [If there is a couple out, do NOT chain with them.]
You will go out at the start of the circle-L. Turn around individually. Now the Gent's partner is in his L-hand. You will come back on the continuation of the circle-L.
[In honor of the marriage of Sidney & Lainey, and of Donny & Shauna.]
[Takes a move from Tailor Made by Kirston Koths.]
VideoCameraTailor Made, called by Jack Mitchell | Footloose Trio.

Three Ceremonies by Adriane Moser.
[BECKET: Slide-left to Ladies chain.]
[New] Ladies chain(8), into Mad-Robin(8) [Ladies slide-L in front of NBR].
Ladies pass right to start a full hey (8+8).
Ladies cross the set, passing right shoulders, to swing partner(4+12).
Long-lines(8). Circle left all way, then Slide-Left to new NBRs(8).
VideoCameraJonathan King (no-walk-through) | Montage.
VideoCameraJolaine Jones-Pokorney | Barnstorm.
Posted on the Callers mailing list was: “The published choreography has B1 as pass rt shoulder to gypsy partner, then swing.”

Wingnut Whirl by Allan Brozek.
Line4 DTHall, ONEs on the left, turn as a couple(6+2). Line4-UTHall, bend the line(6+2).
Circle left 3-places, pass-thru(6+2) [ONEs pass down, TWOs up], and swing the next(8).
Gents allemand-L 1.5 (8), scoop up partner in star-promenade to other side of set(4), and butterfly whirl(4).
Ladies dosido(8), swing partner(8); end facing DTHall.
VideoCameraGaye Fifer.

Winter in Summerland by Jeff Spero and James Hutson.
Gents allemand-L 1.5 (8). Nbr swing(8).
Long-lines(8). Pass through to an ocean wave(4) and balance(4).
Walk forward to the next nbr, new nbr half-way into a 3/4 hey, gents leading, passing L-shoulders in center [Gents go over and back, ladies cross the set].
Partner bal&swing(4+12). [Start again with these same nbrs]
VideoCameraCalled by ?. VideoCameraGeorge Marshall. VideoCameraGaye Fifer (techno). VideoCameraWoody Lane | The Nettles.

Woven Waves by Cary Ravitz.
[IMPROPER: Gypsy-star]
Nbr balance&swing(4+12).
Ladies walk forward to a wavy-line in the middle(4); bal R-L(4). Ladies stay in place while Gents walk fwd to a wavy-line in middle(4) [There are now two interlinked but separate wavy-lines, with Gents hands joined below the ladies hands.] Everyone balance R-L(4).
Gents drop L-hands and ladies drop R-hands to form a .
Gents walk fwd and ladies bwd, to turn the star 3/4 (8). Partner swing(8) on the gent's home side.

Circle-left 3/4 and pass through up and down(8). New NBR dosido(8).
Look deeply into partner's eyes during interlinked wavy-balance. (Ravitz: “In A2, gents taking R-hands below the ladies' hands makes the eventual transition to a swing easier”)
VideoCameraDanced to moody music.

24th of October by Don Lennartson.
[BECKET: Circulate]
Long-lines(8). Ladies chain [to nbr](8).
Left-hand star [4-places](8) [this is the progression]. New nbr allemand-R 1.5 into a wavy-oval around the set(8), Gents facing in.
Balance the wave(4). Circulate(4) into a new oval [Gents cross to Prtnr's place; Ladies arc right into Nbr's place].
Balance(4). Circulate(4) [Ladies cross, Gents arc].

Balance(4). Circulate(4) [Gents cross, Ladies arc]. Partner swing(8).
VideoCameraDiane Silver.

Four-facing-four [mescolanza]

Cortland Fancy by David Smukler. [4-FACING-4: ]
Short-lines, F&Back(8). Four-Ladies chain(8) [hands-across star-R]. Power-courtesy-turn to face across.
Ladies chain across the hall(8). Power-turn to face up/down [face partner], Ladies chain to partner..
[You're a couple facing a couple] These four, star-L(8). Come back with a star-R(8).
[Hands-eight] Circle-L halfway(8). Partner swing(8), to face DOProgression.

Dance All Night by Rick Mohr.
Short-lines, F&Back(8). Swing corner(8); end in square formation.
Ladies star-R all-way-round(8) [back to their corner gent]. Allemand-L your corner, [all-way-round] till you face your partner(8).
[Give R-hand to partner, pull-by] Grand-Right-and-Left(10). Partner dosido(6).
Partner bal&swing(4+12), end facing Dir-Prog..
VideoCameraSarah Van Norstrand | Perpetual E-motion.

VideoCameraGaye Fifer | Mean Lids.

Devil's Backbone by William Watson.
[4-FACING-4:] The end-lady in each short-line [i.e on the R] is the Leading lady. After the L-hand star, the lead-lady is looking at the back of a Gent in the other flock. His psn is her “Target”. Remember Original Direction. [The Gents end every swing facing this direction.]

Short-line, F&Back(8). Up/down: In little-groups-of-four, ladies chain(8).
Star-L all-way(8).
“Lead Ladies, lead your flock”(8). [Lead-ladies pass R-shoulders, as their stars unroll behind them. She leads her three ducklings to the other side, occupying the four positions of the other flock (she ends at her Target). As they arrive, each flock takes hands-4, ready to circle.]

[Hands-4] Circle-left all-way(8). Nbr swing(8); end facing up/down. [Face your partner.]
Up/down: Gents allemand-L 1.5 (8). Partner swing(8); end facing Original Direction.
VideoCameraSusan Moffett | The Coffee Zombies.
VideoCameraMerri Rudd | The Privy Tippers.
WW says: Flowing or driving 32-bar AABB tunes See: Notes

Hey the line by Tom Calwell.
[4-FACING-4: Step forward to the left for a wavy line of 8]
Balance the wave(2+2), Ladies allemand-L halfway(4), pass partner by right to start Hey-for-eight(8).
Continue hey until you meet your partner(8), Partner swing(8); end with center couples facing sides and outside couples facing center. [becket]
[Hands-4] Circle left three-places, nbr swing(8+8).
Balance the ring(4), partner roll away(4), Balance the ring(4), walk forward [i.e, pass through, passing R-shoulders](4) to form wavy line with new nbrs.
VideoCameraJack Mitchell | Party of Three.

Holy Cow Moly by Brian DeMarcus. Coconut Cream Pie by Lynn Ackerson.
[4-FACING-4: (Any number of folk may join a star, even in a different line.)]
Lines-of-four, foward and back(8). Center 4 folk, star-R one time around, back to place(8).
Partner allemand-L 1.5 (8). Now: Other 4 folk, star-R back to place(8).
Partner bal&swing(4+12)
[Hands-8] Circle left halfway(8). Balance-the-ring, California twirl (4+4)
VideoCameraDana Parkinson | Syncopaths.

Fast Living by David Kirchner.
[4-FACING-4: In short-lines, your “buddy” is your same-sex partner-in-crime. Id DIR-PROG.]
Short-lines, Fwd&Back(8). “All four ladies, chain halfway.” The four ladies do a righthand-star, halfway round, courtesy turned by nbr(8). End facing across, facing the couple containing your buddy.
Ladies start a full-hey(16), across.
Nbr bal&swing(4+12), the person from the courtesy-turn.
Gents star-L halfway, to partner(4); swing partner(12); end facing Dir-Prog.

Major Hey by Erik Hoffman.
[4-FACING-4, Becket. (Take hands4 with couple in front of you, turn it one click to the left.) Before becketizing, identify your “Travel Buddies ” in your short line4. Crooked tune, 16×5=80 beats]
Circle left 3-places(6), Face up and down Pass thru and swing the next to a new set(2), to Swing your new nbr(8). [End in BECKET, facing partner, next to nbr, in two groups-of-four.]
[Four] Long lines, fwd&back(8). Gents allemand-L 1.5 into(8)… a long Wavy line of eight folk, your partner in your R-hand.
Rory O'More [wavy-bal, R-L, slide right catch L-hands, bal L-R, slide left, snag R-hands](4+4+4+4).
Partner Pull-by, Hey! Major [or Half] Hey-for-Eight(16). Keep on going till you see your Partner.
Partner bal&swing(4+12); end in Becket formation. Face that other couple!
VideoCameraCis Hinkle | Band? .

Petrozilla by Marty Fager.
. Short-lines, forward and back(8). Swing your Corner(8). _c2_
. (The lady in gent's L-hand)

“All four ladies, chain halfway.” _A2_
. The four ladies do a righthand-star, halfway round(8), courtesy turn.
Hands-8, Petronella: Ring-balance(4), and Petronella spin one place to the right(4). _2B_

Partner bal&swing(4+12) _B2_

(Stand like a square, Heads 1,3, Sides,2,4, CCW: 1,4,3,2.) Sides pass-through and turn alone(4). Heads pass-through and turn alone(4). “Sides pass, heads pass!” _4d_
Hands-8, Petronella(8) d_1
; end (“Look, behind you! ”) facing Dir-Prog.

WarmUp by Jerry Blum, Patti Gutwein, John Lenarduzz, Kathryn C. Millis, Josh Moses, Dave Notman, Bill Olson, Kate Power, Cary Ravitz.
[4-FACING-4: Has the “Awful Ladies” move.]
In line facing you. The couple on the diagonal has your 1st-nbr. In the couple across from you is your 2nd-nbr. You are facing your “Original Direction”. Gents, you have 3 swings, each ending facing a different direction. Your Partner-swing ends facing your original direction.
Lines-of-four, foward and back(8). Up/down: In little-groups-of-four, ladies start a half-hey(8).
“All four ladies, chain halfway.” The four ladies do a R-hands-across-star, halfway round till they see their first-nbr(8). Swing that nbr(8), ending facing across the set (i.e, like in long lines).
In your new little-groups-of-four, gents allemand-L 1.5(8) to your second-nbr. Swing second-nbr(8), ending facing Reverse Direction. Face your partner, hands-4, circle left.
[Up/down in your new little-groups-of-four] Circle left 3-places(8). Swing partner, end facing Original Direction, in your line-of-four.
Its good if the music has an energy boost either on B1 [best] or A2. Also, kinda funky is good.

Triple minors

Money Musk by Trad.
[PROPER, triple minor: 48-beat tune Money Musk, but Drowsy Maggie is possible, with rehearsal.] abc

ONEs allemand-R 1.5 (8), cast to 2nd place(4) [“ONEs go below”]. Forward six & six fall back(4). b1c
ONEs R-hand turn 3/4 to lines-of-3 facing up and down(8). b c
1 a
2 3
. Forward six &  back(4). ONEs R-hand turn to home side(4).
[The order is TWOs ONEs THREEs] Top two couples: Right and left over and back.(8+8)
nhcaller: “The tune for Money Musk originated in Scotland in 1776 and the first dance instructions appeared in 1785…”   In Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House in the Big Woods, Money Musk is one of the tunes Laura's Pa (Charles Ingalls) plays on his fiddle while Mr. Edwards dances in the firelight.

Musk of Contra by Jonathan King.
[PROPER, triple minor: 48-beat tune] abc

To Money Musk, this adjoins figures for the TWOs and THREEs, and introduces a swing.

ONEs allemand-R 1.5, while TWOs/THREEs do a mad-robin [#3 Gent slides Left in front of #2 Gent](8). 1bc
ONEs cast down to 2nd place(4) [“ONEs go below”], while TWOs lead up.
Forward six & six fall back(4). b1c
. “Once-and-half-Mad-Robin-now” “One-and-half-Mad-Robin-now” “Three-quarters-round-Mad-Robin now” “Go below one couple and forward 6.”

ONEs R-hand turn 3/4 to lines-of-3 facing up and down(8) b c
1 a
2 3
. Forward six &  back(4). ONEs R-hand turn to home side(4) bac

[The order is TWOs ONEs THREEs]
Top two couples: Square-Through: [Partner R-hand bal and pull-across(4+2); w.nbr L-hand pull-by up/dn(2); w.prtnr R-hand bal and pull-by(4+2); w.nbr L-hand pull-by up/dn(2)]
during which the THREEs swing (across the set). b acb
2 132


Melrosean Triplet by Jonathan King.
[Triplet, PROPER: abc
Letters are Ladies,  diGits are Gents.]

Circle-6-Right, halfway(8) 321
THREEs star-L [with the couple below] halfway(4) bc1
[and flow into a]
THREEs star-R [with the couple below] halfway(4), to end in handshake with partner across the set ba3

Box-DoSiDo: [“meanwhile-move”: Bottom couple (the THREEs) Balance & Box-the-Gnat(4+4), while top two couples mirror-DoSiDo Ptnr, Gents passing between the ladies. (ONEs DoSi, TWOs see-saw).] bac
Lines fwd-and-back(8).

Middle-couple [ONEs] turn Contra Corners(4+4+4+4).
ONEs swing(8) [drifting down between the THREEs] while THREEs cast-up [“ONEs swing-down, THREEs cast-up”] bca
Everyone, dosido partner(8).

Done to contra music, this dance is challenging. Done to waltz music, each 2 contra-steps becomes a single waltz triple-step; e.g, a parenthetical (8) means four waltz triple-steps.    In waltz timing, for “Lines-fwd-and-back” I recommend going fwd on the R-diagonal (triple-step 1), fwd on L-diagonal (triple-step 2), then reversing for the remaining two triple-steps. With hands-joined, this is very satisfying.

David's Triplet #4 by David Smukler.
[Triplet, ONEs Improper:] 1bc

ONEs down the center to the bottom, separate, then up the outside to the middle place(8). All forward and back(8) b1c

All R-allemand partner once around and fall back to line(8).
All L-allemand partner 1.5(8) 2a3

CCW promenade single file [Indian file], half-way round(8) c1b
. Face partner and dosido(8).

All bal&swing partner(4+12), Top-couple end facing down, others up 3ab

Ted's Triplet #7 by Ted Sannella.
[Triplet, PROPER: Couples #1 (also called Active couple) #2#3]    abc

Top two couples turn partner by-the-R 1.5(8) 12c
. Top two couples rights-and-lefts across(8) bac

Active-couple [in middle place] turn contra-corners(4+4+4+4).

Active-couple bal&swing(4+12), end facing up, in middle bac

Original active-couple lead up to the top and cast [around the outside] to the bottom(8). [Other couples scootch up a bit] All dosido partner(8) bca

VideoCameraDave Bateman. Seq. can be clearly viewed a 1:15.

Ted's Triplet #14 by Ted Sannella.
[Triplet, PROPER:] abc

Top couple cross [from a swing] and go down the outside to the bottom(8), then dosido(8) bc1

Bottom two couples rights-and-lefts across(8) ba3
Top two couples [G-G L-L rights&lefts] pull-by-R across, then barn-door into place(8) 123

Top couple lead down the center, then back, and cast to middle place(8+8) 213

Circle-six half way cab
. New top-couple swing 3ab


Intro:  [Pause](8). Bow to your partner, and bow to your corner too(8). Join hands in a great big ring, circle to the left is what-you-do.
Circle-to-the-left to-the-left to-the-left(8), and back to the right you go(8). When you get back home …
…Swing your own(16).
Promenade, you go two-by-two. Promenade promenade that's what you do.(16)
Intro 2:  [Pause](8). Bow to your partner, and bow to your corner too(8). Wave to one across the across the way, and Gents Go Swing Her!(16).
[Gents swing their opposite.] Now go back home, and…
…Swing your own(16).
ONEs Arch, All promenade(16).
Break-that-Ring:  Circle-to-the-left to-the-left to-the-left(8), and you break that ring with a corner swing(8). [New corner]. (Done 4 times. 4×16=64.)
Break:  Four-ladies chain [R-Hands-Across Star] and the gentlemen change [with a] courtesy turn(4+4). (Done 4 times. 4×8=32; Gents pull-by with Right-hand.)
Corner L-allemand(4), Partner do-si-do(8), Corner L-allemand(4), Partner Pull-by!, Grand-R-and-L(16), [When you get home] Swing your own!
Ladies-to-Center:  [4x32=128 beats to return to partner]

[Having just swung partner] “Ladies to center, back to back”(8). Ladies step to center, and face out. “Gents go round, the railroad track”(8); gents walk CCW around the ladies.
“L-Elbow-round the one you swung”(8). “Swing the next one on the run”(8)
GS Intro/End:  Sides-Face! Grand-Square!: 1-2-3-turn 1-2-3-turn 1-2-3-turn 1-2-3-Reverse (4+4+4+4) 1-2-3-turn 1-2-3-turn 1-2-3-turn 1-2-3-Reverse (4+4+4+4). (Total: 16+16=32)
Partner-swing(16), [Circle-L, Circle-R   OR  Into-the-center twice]
[Thank your partner, thank the set.]
Synchro-Break:  [Enter the break by promenading home, Gents face out, ladies in.] [Better with a non-mixer square. Teach just the Heads, then just the Sides, then combine. To walk across, (veer) Left, Fwd, Fwd, Right.]
In wavy circle, Gents-facing-out, Ladies-in, with partner in R-hand.

Balance-the-wave(4), circulate(4). [Folks who-face-across, walk across, passing R-shoulders, synchromesh. Folks facing-out, pivot to psn of person who was in R-hand.] (Done 4 times. 4×8=32.)

Partner swing(8). Corner do-si-do(8), face-your-partner, Pull-by!, Grand-right-and-left(8)
End1:  Corner, L-allemand(8). Partner, R-allemand(8).
Corner, you swing(8). Partner, do-si-do(8); [fact prtnr] right-hand to your partner…
…pull-by!, Grand Right-and-Left(6); when you see your partner, Box-The-Gnat(2), and come on back…
pull-by!, Grand Right-and-Wrong(8), till you get back home.

Swing your partner(8). And in to the center with a great big shout(8)!
[Thank your partner, thank the set.]

Ends Turn In by Ed Gilmore.
[Square-Keeper: Identify-corner. Nice tunes Barracuda or Batchelder's Reel]

Head-couples with the music...
HEADs/SIDEs fwd&back(8).
HEADs/SIDEs Fwd again, pass thru [separate], go around two(8) to the ends of the line. [Head gent has his corner in his L-hand].

Lines at the sides/heads fwd&back(8).
[Everybody, drop hands, you] Pass through(8), Arch-in-the-middle and the Ends-Turn-In. [Others cal-twirl to face back in.]

Circle[-left] in the middle with a great big grin [all way](8) Middles pass thru [the other middles], split split two the sides/heads, [separate] go around one(8).

Lines at the sides/heads fwd&back(8). Fwd again, pass through(8), Arch-in-the-middle and the Ends dive through.

Circle[-left] in the middle(8). [Others cal-twirl to face back in.] Middles pass thru, [“Allem-L in front of you”] allemand-L your corner(8).

Do-si-do your partner too(8). Swing your ptner(8).
Keep swinging(8). Join-hands into the middle great big shout(8).
And do it again(8). Sides/Heads swing and whirl(8) Swing that gent, swing that girl.

VideoCameraSusan Kevra | Becky Tracy (fiddle) Keith Murphy (piano).

VideoCameraDavid Kirchner | Roger Netherton (fiddle), Dave Landreth (banjo), Roy Farwell (guitar).

Kimmswick Express by Gene Hubert.
HEADs/SIDEs go forward and back(8). HEADs/SIDEs Right-and-Left through(8).
HEADs/SIDEs circle left 3-places and pass through(6+2).
Dosido the one you meet 1+¼ to wavy-lines [ladies in the center] at the SIDES/HEADS.

Bal-the-wave(2+2). [Swing through] All R-allemand(2), Gents only L-allemand(2), swing partner(8).
Promenade home(16).
VideoCameraTeach 1:04. Dance 3:07. Nils Fredland | Ethan Hazzard-Watkins, Owen Morrison.

The Perfect Square by Robert Cromartie.
[Square-Keeper: Identify corner-person]
HEADs/SIDEs Pass-the-ocean(4), balance the wave(4). Walk fwd(2) and swing the one you meet(6), to make lines at the SIDES/HEADS.
Lines fwd-and-back(8). Center four walk-fwd and swing partner(8) to face up-down/across.
[Center four] Pass-the-ocean, balance the wave(4+4). Allemand-R 1.5 (8) to face corner.
Allemand-L your corner, swing partner(8+8).
Works well with Ladies-to-Center break.

Star at the sides by Tony Parkes.
[Square: Mixer.]
HEADs/SIDEs go forward and back(8). HEADs/SIDEs dosido your opposite(8).
Face the SIDEs/HEADs, hands-4, circle-L(8). [Same-4] Star-R all the way round(8).
Center-4 Lefthand-Star all the way round(8). Swing your corner(8); this is your new partner.
Promenade the the Gent's home(16).

Synchromesh Square by Tony Parkes.
[Square: Mixer. Gents, your current corner will be your new partner.]
All Four-ladies chain, courtesy turn(8), couple promenade half-way round(8). _c1_

HEADs pass through, turn alone(8). _3A_

Hands-8, circle-L halfway(8). _1c_

Diagonally, Gents cross, passing right shoulders(4), face right and promenade two clicks [CW] around the circle(4) [to where the two ladies were]. __3_

Meanwhile, Ladies wait 4-beats, then cross diagonally with the other ladies(4), to arrive in the gents' arms. [Gents cross, Synchromesh!]
Swing your New Partner(8). _B3_

Promenade to Gent's home(16).

Uptown Downtown by TRAD.
[Square-keeper: Good for ONEs arch, All promenade]
Couple-#1 Go Uptown [move to couple-#3 and join hands-four] bring'em on down(4+4).
[Still in hands-four] Send'em back [move back to #3's place]. #1's split the #3 couple(4+4); separate.

Go around the Town [Go outside around back to place](8). Meet at home, R-elbow swing, twice around(8).
Corner allemand-Left ya'go(4), Partner swing(12)
[Everyone] Promenade till ya get back home(8+8).

Alt-HEADs/SIDEs fwd & back(8). HEADs/SIDEs [go fwd] pull-by and separate(4+4)…
Alt-HEADs/SIDEs Go around the Town(8). Meet at home, R-elbow swing, twice around(8).

VideoCamera(Dance: 3:31) Nils Fredland | .
VideoCameraJonathan King | (recorded) The Great Bear Trio.

[Do you know the title?] by ??. Video cameraCalled by ?. New Years's Eve dance, nice flowing square.

Gluten Free Square by Tom Hinds. Video cameraSeth Tepfer | Syncopaths. Fast.

Video cameraSeth calls a peppy square.

English Country Dances, ECD

Geud Man of Ballangigh.
[PROPER: ] Tune: Hunt the Squirrel, 8/8 time.
Ones [inside-hand] lead down through the Twos, cast back to place(8). Gents lead across, between the Ladies, cast back to place(8).
Twos lead up through the Ones, cast back to place(8). Ladies lead across, cast back to place(8).
First-corners set(4), Turn-single back to place(4). Second-corners set(4), Turn-single back to place(4).
Circle-left halfway(4), fall back(4) [ladies inside-hands, on gents side, etc.], rev-proper. Partners set going fwd(4), pass across R-shoulders then face back in(4), progressed.
VideoCameraPhilippe Callens | Hold the Mustard.

Yellow Stockings, 1726. Reconstruction by George Fogg & Rich Jackson, 1990.
[PROPER: Slip; 4-changes, a.k.a circular hey, a.k.a square-through.]
Tune: Yellow Stockings, 6/8 time.
[New] First-corners turn twice(6+6) with crossed-hands, R-over-L, [buzz step or running step, Left, clockwise], back to place.
Second-corners turn twice (6+6).
Ones join both hands. slip down the set and back (3+3). Ones cast to 2nd place, Twos move up (3+3).
4-changes (3+3+3+3) of rights-and-lefts, starting acoss, with partner. “Circular hey ”..
VideoCameraJeremy Suermann | .
VideoCameraJeremy Suermann | ?.

Circle mixers

Banjo's Mistress by David Smukler.
[Circle-mixer waltz: Couples start in circle, Lady-on-the-right]
All fwd (2 measures), all back (2). Circle left(4).
All fwd (2), all back (2). Half sashay to trade places with partner [lady sliding left in front](2). Say farewell and then courtesy turn the next lady(2).
Promenade this new partner(4), end facing partner [Gents facing out]. Back away from partner, Gents backing toward the center(2), balance R&L [yeminite](2).
Come forward, partners do-si-do(4). Waltz with partner(4), end by opening up to face center.
Smukler writes: The half sashay at the end of the A-part is not intended to include a roll away; both people slide. The courtesy turn can be a wide looping movement; it should flow into the promenade.

Circassian circle.
[Circle; optionally a mixer:] In-to-Center, back-out(4+4). In-to-Center, back-out(4+4).
[As gents clap] Ladies to-Center, back-out(4+4). [As ladies clap] Gents to-Center, gents turn, come-out(4+4).
Partner swing(16).
Promenade(16). [If mixer desired: At end of B2, Gents can progress]
VideoCameraDanced. VideoCameraDanced at 1:18, to Zelda.

Ely Waltz by Colin Hume.
[Pronounced “eel lee”. Circle-mixer waltz, double progression: Couples start in big circle, with Lady on the right. Parenthetical-numbers count triple-steps.]
Circle left(4). Circle right(4).
R-Hand turn partner(3), move on passing R-shoulder(1). L-Hand turn the next(3), move on passing L-shoulder(1).
Give R-Hand to #3, bal. fwd-and-back(2); box the gnat(2).
Bal. fwd-and-back(2); do a wide turn-single, ending gents facing out, ladies facing in(2); flowing into...

Do-si-do this new partner(4). In ballroom position, waltz around(4), opening up w. lady on right, hands joining in a big circle.

Fischle's circle-mixer by Heiner Fischle.
[Circle mixer:] Cir-Left(8). In-to-Center, back(4+4).
Cir-Right(8). In-to-Center, back(4+4).
Allemand-L your corner 1x(8). Partner dosido(8).
Grand right-and-lefts, four pull-bys (2+2+2+2). Swing #5 (8).

La Bastringue
[Circle mixer:] In-to-Center, back(8). Again(8). Cir-L(8), Cir-R(8). Gent turns LH lady to him, swing(4+12). Promenade(16) with swing-hands-out/in.
VideoCamera2008 California State Fair.
Of French-Canadian origin, La Bastringue is a fine warm-up dance.

Lucky Seven.
[Circle mixer: Lost&found is in the center]
All circle left(16).
In-to-Center, back(4+4). In-to-Center, back(4+4); end facing partner, along the circle..
[Give R-hand to partner] Grand chain until you meet 7th person. (2+2+2+2+2+2+2), twirl this 7th-lady(2).
Swing your new partner(16); end with hands in circle.
VideoCameraTune segs nicely from Zelda to The Moon & Seven Stars.

Haste to the Wedding [Sicilian circle] [JK:modified]. [Danced/Played]

Lordags Waltz.
[Circle-mixer waltz: Couples start in Varsouvienne psn, in a circle of couples, with the gents on the inside.]
F:=Fwd. Pattern: FBFF×4.
VideoCameraDanced 0:06.

Pensacola Rollaway by Rick Mohr.
[Circle-mixer contra-music; waltz works too.]
Gents face CCW around the circle, Ladies CW. Partner is #1, look past to see #2, then #3.
Partner dosido(8). Allemand-R partner 1.5 (8).
Pass #2 by L-shoulder (2).  #3 [end between #2 and #3](6). [All] Circle-left(8).
Gents roll lady #2, from L-to-R; she continues, rolling into her partner's arms(4). Partner swing(12).
Partner-Promenade (15). Ladies loop-back (1) [to meet new partner; former #2].

Rotary Waltz Mixer.
[Circle-mixer, facing your partner along the circle.] [Music: Straight waltz.]
Pull-by-right, pull-by-L, pull-by-R, pull-by-L; grand R&L. [Use joined L-hands to end in Varsouvienne psn.]
Varsouvienne promenade. [On last 3-count, Gent uses L-hand to CW-twirl Lady into ballroom psn.]
Ballroom-psn waltz, couples advancing CCW around the circle.
Continue waltz; on last, Gent twirls lady to place her R-hand in his R-hand.

Silly threes.
[Circle mixer: Lost&found is in the center]
Make lines of three [holding hands] facing CCW around the circle like spokes on a wheel. If you are between two people then you are a MIDDLE; else you are one of the two SIDEs; you retain this name through one cycle of the dance.
Promenade in lines-of-three CCW(16).
Circle-of-three: Circle Left, Circle right(8+8).
MIDDLEs swing the one who [is] ___(8) [tallest, curliest hair, youngest, who can stick the stomach out the farthest, who can jump the highest, thinking of the color purple etc…] [the cute one... the cuter one] MIDDLEs swing the other one!(8)
SIDEs make a Both-Arms arch and all the MIDDLEs run through all the arches around the circle until the music stops.(16) SIDEs capture the closest MIDDLE to make a new line. [Decide who’s going to be the new MIDDLE.]
I renamed “middles” and “sides” from innies and outties.

Spanish Waltz [Sicilian circle]. [Danced/Music] to tune: Haapavesi Waltz.
Sunny side mixer by Heiner Fischle.
[Circle mixer:] In-to-Center, back(4+4). Cal-twirl(2), cir-Left sunnyside out(6).
Backwards in-to-Center, out(4+4). Cal-twirl(2), then face partner(6) along the set.
Weave the ring (2+2+2+2). Swing #5 (8).
[As couples, CCW] Promenade around the ring(16).

Family dances

Bottom's Up by traditional?.
[Family-dance. Line of N-ladies facing N-gents; N=3,4,5. Take hands in large circle.]
[Bottom lady leads] Ladies, thread-the-needle(16).
[Bottom gent leads] Gents, thread-the-needle(16).
(All)Circle-L(8). Circle-R(8); [end in a line of Ladies facing a line of Gents].
Top couple sashay down(8) [like Virginia Reel]. Bottom couple hooks on, and the four sashay back up(4), top-couple becoming couple #2.
VideoCameraCaller? | Band?.

Other formations

The Flying Scotsman by .
[Triplet or quadruplet, PROPER] abc
or abcd

[Top three] Gents join hands, weave around L1, between L1 and L2, between L2 and L3 (8), and back to place(8).
[Top three] Ladies join hands, weave around G1, between G1 and G2, between G2 and G3 (8), and back to place(8).
ONEs sashay way down the hall(8); [on beats 5,6,7,8 the other couples join hands on the side, take four steps to move up, making a new top couple]. ONEs sashay back (little steps) to the bottom of their set.(8).
Join hands in short-lines facing across. Sashay down(8); sashay up(8).
VideoCameraTFS, YouTube and VideoCamera Slightly more complicated version.

The Barn Mixer by Rick Mohr.
[Scattered-fours, couple-with-couple. Contra-music.]
Circle left(8). R-star, wrist-grip star(8).
Slide hands to Rights-&-lefts with Nbr(8). Dosido Nbr(8).
Nbr bal&swing(4+12); this is your new partner.
Promenade anywhere with new partner(16), to find another couple to circle with.

Borrowdale Exchange
[Scatter mixer: 3-couple groups, Lady on right]
Circle left(8), circle right(8).
Dance to center and back(4+4). Partner dosido(8).
Right hands-across star [3 couples](8). All lift joined-hands; lowest-hand gent pull [new]partner under the arch, then next lowest-hand gent, then last; you have three new couples.
As couples, scatter promenade to make new sets. [Cèilidh (“kay-lee”) version: Skip as couples].
VideoCameraDanced in Seattle.

Dive for the oyster, dig for the clam.
[2-couples in hands-4, anywhere on the floor.]
[Hands-4] “Dive for the oyster ”(8). A couple makes an arch, others dive/peek under; all hands stay joined. “Dig for the clam”;(8); the other couple makes an arch, and the others peek through.
[All hands stay joined] “Shoot through the hole in the old tin can”(16). First couple arches, 2nd pops through, rolls-over-outside shoulder, brings the other couple through, and they roll over.
Circle-L, circle-R(8+8).
Promenade about the hall(16), to find a new couple.
VideoCamera[This is a different version].

Double Chocolate by Jim Kitch.
[INDECENT: Needs an even number of couples. ONEs stay ONEs, TWOs stay TWOs, the whole dance. You travel with your group-of-four. Now take hands-8, As, Bs, Cs, Ds. The A&B couples travel together DTHall. The C&D couples travel together UTHall. When C&D get to the top of the line, they're out for 1 cycle, then come back in as A&B.]

Corner, bal & swing: Ends with partner, middles with nbr, Bal&swing(4+12). (End in square formation; the ends are the heads.)
In-to-the-center-and-back(8). Head-Ladies chain(8).
Four ladies chain [R-hands-across star, halfway].  Side-Ladies chain(8+8).
HEADS cross-trail-through, and go around one [each A goes around one B; the As end up above the Bs](8). Long-lines(8).
VideoCameraGaye Fifer | Scarlet Runner String Band.

The New Parliament House Jig or The Prime Minister by John Colville.
[3×3 GRID OF DANCERS, ALL FACING UP: Center-person is the Prime Minister. Often given a symbolic hat (will be passed on to the next PM). Term Limits: You only get to be PM once! “Rows” horiz., “files” vertical.]
[Music: 64-bar reels or jigs, 3 times through. E.g The New Parliament House Jig. Reels: Rickett's Hornpipe / Lamplighter's Hornpipe.]
Right-wing; caucus: The Right 2 files take skater's hold, promenades CCW around the “far left”; the leftmost file.(16)
Left-wing; caucus: Left 2 files take skater's hold, promenades CW around the “far right”.(16)

“Moderates” (the four in the middle of an edge) “run rings” around the PM; circle-left(8) then right(8).
“Extremists” (the four corner dancers) run rings around the Prime Minister. [Left, then right.]

Lobbying: The PM makes a Right-Hand star in the front-right [NE] corner(8); then a Left-Hand star with [NW] front-left.(8) Frontbenchers, right wing, then left.
PM makes a RH-star with the back-left [SW] corner(8); then a LH-star with the [SE] back-right.(8) Backbenchers, right wing, then left.

Descend into usual Parliamentary chaos: Hey-for-3 in each file: The head dancer faces DTHall, the other two in his file face up. He starts the weave passing R-shoulders with the middle person, weaving down and back(8+8). [Each dancer ends up where he started.] Orig. has Heys along rows, rather than files. Files seem easier for the PM to get in to.
Change of Government: Front-row faces right, and puts R-hand on shoulder of person in front, in his row. Front person arcs right, around and behind the middle row [which steps fwd to become the new front] then arcs left around the back row [which becomes the new middle]. There isn't much time for this bit, so move smartly. Ok to permute psns, doing this, so everyone can be PM.
VideoCameraCarol Ormand | Atlanta 2011. Notes A, Notes B. Notes C and History.

The dance represents the system of Government in Australia.

Mad Scatter by Rick Mohr.
[Scatter mixer: Couples in 4-somes or 6-somes or 8-somes]
Circle left(8). Dosido nbr(8).
Allemand-R partner 1.5 [sending ladies in](8). Ladies star-L, while Gents orbit CW(8).
Bal&swing new partner(4+12).
Promenade anywhere with new partner(16) [Find another group to circle with].
Any number of couples can be in the circle left, ditto the star-L.

Virginia Reel by Trad.
[PROPER: Couple sashay, zipper down the center]
Long-lines. R-elbow swing. L-elbow swing. Two-hand swing.
Dosido. SeeSaw. Head couple sashay down(8) and back(8), ending Proper.
R-elbow swing 1.5 (8) into Zipper: L-elbow w next person [opposite gender](4), R-elbow w partner(4). [Continue down the line](∞). Head couple sashay back up(8), ending Proper.
Head-couple splits, goes down the outside. Everyone else march up the hall, gents turn left to follow head gent down the outside, ladies turn right to follow head lady down the outside.
  Head-couple forms an arch with their arms, all couples pass through UTHall. Now there is a new head-couple.

VideoCameraDanced at 2:10.


3-Medley: Potatoes, Ceremonies, Chainsaw Reel. Arranger: JK.
Error processing SSI file

Transition This time... Star-L. Circle-L, then Slide-Left to new NBRs(8).

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Flat-foot, Buck Dance, Paul Anderegg dances to Wild Asparagus.
Glen Echo contra promo.
Dudley Laufman's website
Hey Joe, Ron Buchanon's shtick.
Boston Intergenerational Dance Advocates (BIDA)
Contra Dance Designer
Dr. Bob's Random Contra Dances
Benny Goodman's Sing Sing Sing

Seth Tepfer, Hay in the Barn Glenside, PA. George Marshall and Swallowtail
Steve Zakon-Anderson with Perpetual e-Motion.
Cis Hinkle.
Chattahoochee Country Dancers
Steve Zakon-Anderson call at the Scout House

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