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The Right Stuff Melrose parade, Sat. 10Dec2016
The Right Stuff

Astrodancers assembled at the Mossman Hall. The parade was along SR 26, 10AM-11:30AM.

As the title of the 2016 Merry Melrose Christmas Parade was Cosmic Christmas, we settled on a Moon/Astronaut theme...

Here we are, attaching --as Anne colorfully put it-- Astronaut Bling.

Shortly before liftoff...

Various techical problems were handled expeditiously. Helmets tended to rotate --and bling to fall-off-- when the dancers moved, so we invisibly taped them in place. [The bling, not the dancers.] Switched from a headset to a corded mic. Run-throughs of the dance showed that the shortness of the contra line magnified end-effects, so Top/bottom couple is out became part of the calls. Everyone was in fine spirits and fine fettle. Here is our launch-vehicle at pre-flight inspection:

The Band: (Moon) Lunacy (Moon): Karan Newman (mandolin), Laura Price (fiddle), Eleta Sucsy (pennywhistle), Pat Stevens (guitar), Pete Sucsy (Sound).

Tunes: Ginger Sling and Elzic's Farewell and a bit of Moondance [Van Morrison].

Dance couples

Carol Lippincott & David Hastings,
Anne Gilroy [Art-director, Organizer] & Dwight Jenkins,
Amanda Denahan, & Patrick Harrigan [Intrepid Photographer],
Jill Cocanougher, & Jeff Shapiro,
Christin & Nina Shubert,
Partner switch: Christin & Joe Rush [Float-meister, Organizer].


Ron Boardman [Astro-Pilot].    Deborah Thompson [Good will ambassador].
Dor Olson [Organizer].    Jonathan King [Caller, Webpage designer].

     Joe.    Jill & Dwight.    David & Carol.    Nina & Dwight.    Carol, David, Jill, Jeff.    Debbie.

The final Helmetless run-through.

L-to-R: Dwight, Anne, Jeff, Eleta, Carol, David, Christin, Jonathan.

Liftoff! The finished video filmed by Laurel Semmes, edited by Patrick Harrigan.

The Dance

Chainsaw Reel by Don Lennartson.
[BECKET: ID-dir-prog, THEN Becketize! Huge oval circle. ]
[Same two] Ladies chain(8). Long lines(8); keep hands, and connect at the ends to make a huge oval.
Oval right(8) [“Ovaltine”]. Oval left(8) [“OvalTang”].
[Original foursomes] Circle-left(8). [C'mon back with a] Left-hand star(8) all the way around [Gent in front of his partner].
[Ladies look right and] Allemand-R the new nbr-lady coming toward you(8). Partner-swing(8), on the side.
VideoCameraJonathan King, Footloose. Called as no-walk-through. VideoCameraCaller? | Band?.

Fearless dancers donned astronaut helmets [a big hit with the crowd!], cheerfully allemanding with obstructed vision --and CO2 buildup. Happy/relieved Organizer and Caller high-fived, after passing the Judges Stand, as everything had worked.   A brief swing-dance spontaneously occurred.

[Clicking on the righthand image gives another swing photo.]

The float-judges give one award in each of four categories: Our float, Dancing Fish of Lake Santa Fe, was Best Entry Overall for 2016.

Gathered around the Float-meister.   And -Finally- Pete gets into a photo..

We've  come full orbit   --the float is back at Mossman Hall for Unblingification,  in preparation for...

... next year's Floating Contra.
Namaste, y'all...

[From Left-to-Right] Standing: Patrick, Amanda, Jill, Laura, David, Carol, Eleta, Dwight, Nina, Jeff, Anne.
Seated: Pat, Karan, Joe, Christin.

Moonlight over lake