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Clairvoyant? Then you must perceive next year's Float.

contra dancers on Melrose float Melrose contra dancers
Melrose parade, Sat. 12Dec2015

We met at the Melrose Dream Center, 301 SR 26, Melrose FL 32666, and the parade was along SR 26, 10AM-11:30AM.

Our theme was  Finding Nemo .

The Jellyfish Band: Laura Price (fiddle), Eleta Sucsy (pennywhistle), Pat Stevens (guitar) and Pete Sucsy (Sound).


Carol Lippincott & Steve Chesson,
C.L. & Nina Shubert,
Jill Cocanougher & Mark Stowe,
Sally Breedlove & Jean Epling,
Chaitanya Nolan & Bob Stevens.


Dor Olson [Organizer, candy],
Anne Gilroy [Art-director, videographer],
Joe Rush [Float-meister; on cab, candy],
Deborah Thompson [Good will ambassador],
Ron Boardman [Driving us all...].

The float-judges give four awards: Our float, Dancing Fish, won the Most Original Entry category for 2015.

Anne's video 1 and video 2, and where Anne found Nemo's hideout.

Hey on the fritz by Jonathan King.
[BECKET: [First, memorize DIR-PROG, to find new NBRs, for RH_star. Now Becketize, hands in long lines, join at ends to make a huge Oval. Partner in one hand, Shadow in the other.]

R-star all-the-way-around (8). Ladies look left to find Shadow. Shadow L-allemand(8).
Partner bal&swing(4+12).
Ladies chain(8). Ladies start half-hey(8). [As Gents finish crossing the set, melt into a...]
...Nbr swing(8). Gents “Left-shoulder Hey” [a half-hey](8). Gents pass L-shoulder, then R-shoulder with partner, then looks right, and sticks out R-arm, ready for the star-R with new nbrs. Each Lady passes R-shoulder w.partner, then does a with the other lady, till she sees her partner's back; hook on to him and make a R-hand star with New Nbrs.
A modification of: The Ritz by Gene Hubert.

A video of the dance being developed, to recorded music by Groovemongers:
VideoCamera2nd run (JK calling/dancing); taught as Becket dance, 24Aug2014.
VideoCamera1st run; taught as Improper dance, 27July2014.

contra dancers on Melrose float
From Left-to-Right:
Top row: Nina, Jean, Chaitanya, Laura, Carol, Eleta, Jill, Bob, Joe, Anne and Pat (off-screen right).
Bottom row: Mark, C.L., Steve and Sally.
An unmarked group-photo with Pat.   And finally... The HUG

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