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Aut2022: MHF3202 139A (16397) Sets.&.Logic MWF5[11:45-12:35] FAB105
Fine Arts Building 105

Sets and Logic 3-set Venn diagram

A bout of Nostalgia?  See past SeLo courses.

The various Math czars who help out.

Computer&Projector CP-Probs Time Memory/Telepathy Whiteboard
Brandon D. Diego P. everyone ? everyone

In all of my courses, attendance is absolutely required (excepting illness and religious holidays). In the unfortunate event that you miss a class, you are responsible to get all Notes / Announcements / TheWholeNineYards from a classmate, or several. All my classes have a substantial class-participation grade.

Quantifiers and (“for all”  and  “there exists”) are like nitroglycerin, in that one little mis-step leads to the whole thing blowing up in your face.

There is no partial credit when it comes to Explosives and Quantifiers.

-JLF King
SeLo Resources

Our two, free, online texts (you can freely download the PDFs to your computer) are these:
Main textbook:   The Book of Proof (BoP), by Richard Hammack.

Secondarily, we will use
Transition to Higher Mathematics: Structure and Proof (SaP), by Bob A. Dumas and John E. McCarthy.

Our Teaching Page has important information for my students. (It has the Notes, Exams and Links from all of my previous courses.)
The Teaching Page has my schedule, LOR guidelines, and Usually Useful Pamphlets. One of them is the ChecklistThe checklist (pdf) which gives pointers on competant mathematical writing. Further information is at our class-archive URL (I email this private URL directly to students).

Web resources

Ending in style

Assignment for first week of SeLo: (See below, for the materials refered to.)

Nobody reads to the bottom of the page. An Introduction to Isomorphism, via Gambling. It asks: Why 2, when 76 seems correct?

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