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Boltin Center, 01Jul2018, Sunday

Dance Manager: Cyd Robbins. After-Party: Carol James 352-359-8253 [5820 NW 84th St., 32653].
Band: Wind That Shakes the Barley:   Bill Dudley (guitar). Kathie Aagaard (fiddle). Sarah Mitchell (flute, hammered dulcimer, penny whistle, percussion).
Sound: Jarel Wanton. Scheduler: Steve Chesson.

Judah Jig by Charlie Fenton.
[IMPROPER: Circle-into-star]
Bal&swing nbr(4+12).
Circle-left 3 places, swing partner(8+8).
Circle left(8). Hands-across R-hand star(8) [i.e, both in same dir].
Ladies chain to Nbr(8), L-hand star(8) to face new nbrs.

VideoCameraDave Harvey.
See “Roll in the Hey” medley. Bob Isaacs: “Charlie Fenton, of San Francisco, named this dance for the street on which the local contra dance was located.

Trip to Lambertville by Steve Zakon-Anderson.
Ladies walk forward to a wavy-line in the middle(4); bal R-L(4). [Ladies fall back] Gents fwd to wavy-line(4); bal R-L(4).
Gents allemand-L 3-places, to form a wave-across [nbr in R-hand](8). Nbr swing(8).
Gents allemand-L 1.5 (8); swing partner(8).
Rights-and-lefts across(8). Ladies chain(8).
VideoCameraCaller? | Band?.

Ely Waltz by Colin Hume.
[Pronounced “eel lee”. Circle-mixer waltz, double progression: Couples start in big circle, with Lady on the right. Parenthetical-numbers count triple-steps.]
Circle left(4). Circle right(4).
R-Hand turn partner(3), move on passing R-shoulder(1). L-Hand turn the next(3), move on passing L-shoulder(1).
Give R-Hand to #3, bal. fwd-and-back(2); box the gnat(2).
Bal. fwd-and-back(2); do a wide turn-single, ending gents facing out, ladies facing in(2); flowing into...

Do-si-do this new partner(4). In ballroom position, waltz around(4), opening up w. lady on right, hands joining in a big circle.
Rod's Grits by Bill Olson.
[IMPROPER: Box-the-Gnat into R-hand star]
R-hand-bal w nbr(4), box-the-gnat(4), star-R 4-places(8) [now face across].
Rights-&-lefts across(8). Ladies dosido 1.5 (8).
Partner bal&swing(4+12).
With partner, promenade across(8). Circle left 3-places, then pass thru up-&-down(6+2).
VideoCameraAnne Marie Walter | Rhiannon and Friends.
VideoCameraDean Snipes | Steamshovel.

Tell Cyd about announcements.
Devil's Backbone by William Watson.
[4-FACING-4:] The end-lady in each short-line [i.e on the R] is the Leading lady. After the L-hand star, the lead-lady is looking at the back of a Gent in the other flock. His psn is her “Target”. Remember Original Direction. [The Gents end every swing facing this direction.]

Short-line, F&Back(8). Up/down: In little-groups-of-four, ladies chain(8).
Star-L all-way(8).
“Lead Ladies, lead your flock”(8). [Lead-ladies pass R-shoulders, as their stars unroll behind them. She leads her three ducklings to the other side, occupying the four positions of the other flock (she ends at her Target). As they arrive, each flock takes hands-4, ready to circle.]

[Hands-4] Circle-left all-way(8). Nbr swing(8); end facing up/down. [Face your partner.]
Up/down: Gents allemand-L 1.5 (8). Partner swing(8); end facing Original Direction.
VideoCameraSusan Moffett | The Coffee Zombies.
VideoCameraMerri Rudd | The Privy Tippers.
WW says: Flowing or driving 32-bar AABB tunes See: Notes

Mad Frederick by Jonathan King. (2017Aug05)
[IMPROPER: Practice “Berkeley twirl”; gent has L-palm up, with lady's R-hand palm down; mirror image of Cal-twirl.]
[Face across] With (“New”) nbrs, mad-robin, Gents sliding left in front of nbr-lady(8). [As gents come back to place] Gents snag R-hands to allemand-R 1.5 (8),
Partner , [melt into a] swing(4+12) [ladies' home side].
DTHall line4, TWOs left of ONEs(4), center-couple Berkeley-twirl(4) [outsides turn alone to make G2,G1,L2,L1]. Come back UTHall(6), bend the line(2)...
...Circle LEFT 3-places(8). Nbr swing(8).
An homage to Tom Hinds' fine Frederick Contra.

Waltz and Break.
Centrifugal Hey by Gene Hubert.
Nbr allemand-R 1.5 (8). Gents allemand-L 1.5 (8).
Full hey, Ladies pass partner by R (8). [Prtnr-R Ladies-L Nbr-R Gents-L]
Partner bal&swing(4+12) [on gents home side].
Rights-and-lefts across(8). Circle-left 3 places, pass through to new nbr(8).

Chainsaw Orbit by Jonathan King.
[BECKET: Huge oval.] Identify DIR-PROG, then Becketize. Now identify home-side.

[Same two] Ladies chain(8). W. left-hand, gent leads his nbr-lady into a Mad-Robin [sideways dosido](8). Join hands into a huge…
…Oval right(8) [“Ovaltine”]. Oval left(8) [“Ovaltang”].
[Original foursomes] Circle-left(8) [approx] 3-places. [C'mon back with a] Left-Hands-across star(8); at halfway round, Gents push off [and walk fwd in Dir-Progr] while Ladies keep on allemanding halfway more, to progress.
[Ladies look right and] Allemand-R the new nbr-lady coming toward her; simultaneously, Gents orbit CCW around the ladies(8) [As two gents cross, I suggest passing L-shoulders, interlocking their orbits.]. Partner-swing(8), on your original [home] side.
A modification of D.L's beloved Chainsaw Reel, VideoCameraFootloose, called by JK.

Jenny hits a tree by Jessica Ritts & Tom Wimmer.
[BECKET: Challenging]
Circle-left 3-places and pass thru(6+2). New ladies Allemand-L 1.5 (8).
[Full-hey ricochet] Pass partner by R-shoulder and Gents immediately ricochet, Ladies hey across; Gents hey across, Ladies ricochet (16).
Ring-bal, petronella(4+4). Ring-bal, petronella(4+4).
Partner bal&swing(4+12).
Carol James gave me this, in Sep.2017.

Hurrpocalypse by Jonathan King. (Written Fri.08Sep2017)
[BECKET: Slide-left to Ladies chain]
[New] Ladies chain(8), into Mad-Robin(8) [around NBR].
[“Whirlwind”] Ladies allemand-L 1.5 (8), meanwhile Gents orbit [clockwise, to the other side of the set] interlocking by passing R-shoulders.
Nbr-swing(8) [on lady's home side].

Gents pass L-shoulders to start a full hey (8+8).
Gents cross one more time, [straight across] to swing partner(3+5). Circle left all way, then Slide-Left to new NBRs(8).
Written on Friday, 08Sep2017 in “honor ” of the category-5 hurricane, Irma, that was about to hit Florida. The beginning of is intentionally rushed, to evoke the hurried evacuation from some parts of southern Florida.

United We Dance by Bob Isaacs.
[IMPROPER: Start in long-waves]
[In long wavy-lines with Gents facing out, ladies in, looking at their partner's back, across the set]. Rory O'More(8+8).
Bal&Swing nbr(4+12).
Circle-left 3-places(8). Swing partner(8).
Ladies chain(8). Lefthand star into long-wavy-lines between new nbr and prev nbr(8).
VideoCameraKeith Tuxhorn. VideoCameraJack Mitchell | Big Medicine. VideoCameraGaye Fifer | Ashville Cats.

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