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Clock Schedule

Welcome. My office is LIT402. in on the North side of the East wing of Little Hall. To find my office in Little Hall, just remember this: Maximize x, y and z. (Go as East as you can, go as North as you can, go as Up as you can. Voila! -you are in my office.) By the way, the Teaching Page lists my current and past courses.

My office hours are in the table, below. A common way to see me is by appointment. The easiest way to make an appointment is to come speak with me at the-end-of-class, or email to: squashATuflDOTedu (Prof. Jonathan King) Email is more reliable than (and preferred to) telephoning. NOTE: The below Class prep. times are not a good time to drop in.

Important: I do have one requirement: If we discuss, today, an appt. for a future day, I ask that you email me saying, e.g, Prof. King, we have a tentative appt., in your office (or Resource room) at 9th period on Monday, Sept.06. I will then confirm/request-to-move this appointment by email.

Here is a list of math dept. research groups. On Tuesdays (primarily) there are mathematics seminars & Events seminar that may interest you. A few are shown on the schedule below.

West Center East LIT368 LIT339 = Atrium LIT305
Seminar rooms are on the 3rd floor, the Resource Room (RR = LIT423) is on the 4th, whereas the classrooms inhabit the 1st floor and 2nd floor of Little Hall.
Office hours To Be Determined. The various seminars are not yet all scheduled.
(Schedule of Prof. JLF King, for Spring 2020.)
HOUR Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
3 09:35- 10:25 Research ...
4 10:40- 11:30
5 11:45- 12:35  Sets & Logic
Topo Sem. LIT423  Sets & Logic
MHF3202 3E07
BioMath Sem. LIT368

6 12:50- 13:40 Comb. Sem. LIT368
7 13:55- 14:45 OfficeHrs LIT402 (NE) OfficeHrs by appointment, (usually available).
8 15:00- 15:50  DiffyQ LIT207 (CE)  DiffyQ
MAP2302 0220
9 16:05- 16:55 Colloquium LIT339 [Atrium] OfficeHrs by appointment, when no GMA.
GMA Colloq. (some Wedns) LIT339 [Atrium]
... researcH
10 17:10-18:00 Contract Bridge ?? IDH 2930 14912 LIT225 (CW)
(Taught by Laura Sjoberg / Pol.Sci.UF and Dimitri Bourilkov / Physics). Bridge canvas.
(Just the Time Table.)

UF Class-periods
1: 07:25-08:15 6: 12:50-13:40 11: 18:15-19:05 2: 08:30-09:20 7: 13:55-14:45 E1: 19:20-20:10 3: 09:35-10:25 8: 15:00-15:50 E2: 20:20-21:10 4: 10:40-11:30 9: 16:05-16:55 E3: 21:20-22:10 5: 11:45-12:35 10: 17:10-18:00

Unlisted constraints

Irregularly, various committee meetings are scheduled; these are not shown in the table above.

In January and February there are irregularly scheduled job colloquia, which are listed with the regular Colloquium talks. (See link on Monday, 9th period.)

Previous Schedules

He can't imagine why you would want them, but Prof. King's schedules from previous semesters are available.

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