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Knowledge (partial) Teaching Policy [Prof. J.L.F. King]

Welcome     Our Teaching Page has extensive information for students.
NOTE: In all my classes, the way students do homework is by posting solutions to our course's Archive.


Most of my classes have pop [i.e, unannounced] microquizzes. (Often this is to encourage folks play with the new concept we just learned, or to do the reading and post solns in a timely fashion, or to simply show up to class. Or, if there is not enough class-time to reasonably start a new topic, I'll invent a quiz problem on the spur of the moment. Occasionally, a student has suggested a quiz problem.)


As a general rule, you cannot make-up a microquiz. If you email me more than 3 hours before class that you'll be missing class, then I may choose to hold-off giving a microquiz that day, depending on your circumstance.

If I end up giving 8 or more microquizzes then I will drop the lowest score [with 16 microquizzes, I drop the lowest two scores].

[1]  I intend not to give quizzes on days which are religious holidays that are observed by some of my students. Please give me such dates at the beginning of the semester. Should a student miss a quiz because he observed a religious holiday, I will give a make-up or double-count a later quiz.

I generally do not schedule make-up quizzes, with the exception of (1), above; thus the first missed quiz becomes the dropped grade. (I do give make-up exams, given a legitimate reason for missing the exam.)

[2]  Scheduled dentist/medical appointments, job interviews/fairs, theatrical rehearsals, company picnics, etc., are not generally counted as emergencies. You will either need to schedule these not during our class time, or you will need to miss them, or you will need to accept the zero quiz-grade. (NOTE: If you know that you will miss a class, for a reason that is important to you, definitely let me know in advance, and ask me if I will accept your reason.)

If a valid emergency prevents you from taking a quiz then, at my option, I will either have a later quiz count twice or give you an alternate quiz.

Prereq exam:

In order to test whether students have the perquisite knowledge/skills for the course, I usually give a full-period Test of prerequisite knowledge on the 2nd (sometimes 3rd) day of class. It mostly tests High-school knowledge (lines, quadratic formula, ...) and the Math-Greek alphabet –this last is linked from my course-pages and Teaching page.

My intention is to get the graded prereq handed-back during drop/add week, so that students can make an informed decision about whether they should defer taking the course, instead refreshing their knowledge and skills, and then taking the course successfully in a subsequent semester.

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