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Knowledge (partial) Teaching Policy [Prof. J.L.F. King]

Welcome     Our Teaching Page has extensive information for students.
NOTE: In all my classes, the primary way students do homework is by posting solutions to our course's Archive.

MicroQuizz (MQ)

My classes have pop [i.e, unannounced] microquizzes. (Partly for attendance, but mostly to encourage folks to play with the new concept we just learned, or to do the reading. Occasionally, a student has suggested an interesting MQ problem.) A MQ is usually a single, routine question, and students have about 3 minutes to fill-in-the-blank; just an answer, show-no-work.

The lowest MQ score is dropped, and there is no makeup for the first missed MQ. (That is what the dropped quiz is for.)

For a second missed MQ, I may give a make-up, depending on the reason. This is more likely if I know well before class that you will be missing class that day.

I do not give MQs on religious holidays; please let me know of all such by second-day-of-class after Add/Drop has ended.


In order to for students to self-evaluate to see if they perquisite knowledge/skills for the course, I sometimes give a full-period Test of prerequisite knowledge on the 2nd (sometimes 3rd) day of class. It mostly tests High-school knowledge (lines, quadratic formula, ...) and the Math-Greek alphabet –this last is linked from my course-pages and Teaching page.

Although it does not count for a grade, a Prereq-exam helps students discern what they need to review.

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