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Letter of recommendation LOR Requirements (Prof. JLF King)

[Usually I require that student has taken two classes with me, at least one of which is proof-based. Also, that the student spoke often in class, so that I have some idea of how (s)he thinks on her/his feet.

Exception: I may accept just one class, if it was a Special Topics course (e.g, my Mathematical Cryptography class) or a graduate mathematics course.]

Please email me and ask if I am willing to write you a Letter Of Recommendation for grad-school / employment / grant.     Your e-message should tell me which class(es) you took from me, and which semester(s). If you already know which programs you applying for, include them, and the date by which the LOR is due.

Dear Prof. King This is Ima Mensch. The two classes I took with you were Sets.&.Logic (MHF3202) in Autumn, 2023, and Combinatorics (MAD4203) in Spring, 2024. I am wondering if you'll write me a Letter-of-recommendation for (grad-school admission, job, prize) whose description is at (but with the actual full URL(s). Put it/them on separate line(s), sandwiched by blank lines above and below, so that I can click on them.) The grant that I am applying for is #3, grants for good swimmers. The LOR is due by Feb. 10, 2026. Prof. K, if you agree to write the LOR, then I will give your eddress to the website (and I'll fill in the relevant “recommender” information, to save you time). The website will email you how to submit the LOR electronically. Sincerely, Ima Mensch 06Oct.2025 flourish
N.B: If you are applying to multiple graduate programs, be as specific as you can. E.g:
Masters program in Computer Science at Carnegie-Mellon.
Operations Research at Cornell.
Ph.D in Mathematics at Texas A&M.


When you give my eddress to the LOR-website, fill-in as much of the “Recommender information” as you can. It may request:

Optional: If you wrote an essay for your application and want to give me a copy; great —a rough draft is fine.
And tell me whether you got the grant!

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