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Communicating with Prof. King

This page is intended primarily for my students, and it discusses how we will communicate with each other electronically. Because I receive email from students, former students, book publishers, conference organizers, as well as all the math-dept correspondence —and a vast amount of spam, it is imperative that I can communicate effectively by email. This means that my students should follow the below guidelines, unless there is a good reason not to.

Email Information (from Prof. JLF King)

  1. What is a Mailer?
  2. Meaningful Subject: headings, in the header, not the body.
  3. Put Separate subjects in separate messages.
  4. Answer questions specifically.
  5. Acknowledge stuff that you can't answer right away.
  6. Sign your message.
  7. Be careful about CCing and Replying to a message which has a CC.

Our Archive

Each of my classes has a LISTSERV archive (a message board) to which students can post (by email) mathematical messages. Students will post solutions to problems, critique/improve other students' solns and my solns, discuss definitions of mathematical objects, and statements of theorems, et cetera.

Each student will receive, as email, every posted message. Nonetheless, you should browse the archive-URL once a week; —to see if your email-system missed (or a SPAM-filter blocked) a message. The archive-URL has a search button (very useful) so you can search for messages by content.

Your postings to the archive count for a substantial portion of your class participation grade. Moreover, in addition to being responsible for every announcement made in class, you are also responsible for every announcement made via the archive. E.g, if I have to move an exam at the last minute, then I will announce it via the archive.

The list name for your class's list might be MATH-L or it might be FALL-9999-L or SPRING-0000-L, but it any case it will end with "-L" to indicate that it is a List (of messages posted to it). I will henceforth refer to the list as your class's "archive". The following discussion will pretend that MATH-L is your archive.

You post someon posting to our archive by simply emailing to eddress
(but you substitute your archive's name for MATH-L). The LISTSERV will only accept postings from your eddress. If your Gatorlink username is kilroywashere, then you must email from (otherwise, LISTSERV will think that you're a spammer).

This eddress is for mathematical posting of long term interest. (I cannot delete messages from the Archive).

You read eyes the archive by pointing a browser at URL
(I will email you the correct archive-URL; its list name, the math-l part, must be in lower-case. For email-addresses, however, you may write the listname in either upper- or lower-case.).


There are three (types of) eddresses that you'll need:

  1. squashATuflDOTedu (Prof. JLF King)
    My eddress where you'll contact me.
  2. (Math class mailing list)
    (But you substitute your archive's name for "MATH-L".) You post by emailing to the above address. Your message will be archived. Think of this as a Wikipedia, a little math-encyclopedia that we jointly build-up through the semester. It is NOT a chat-room, nor a blog! Use the next eddress for that purpose.
    The comma-separated list of eddress of your classmates, which I'll email out to the class. You'll email to this list when you want to contact everyone BUT you don't want your message archived.

    This is the eddress to use for chatting, or for (possibly very important) information of short-term interest, e.g, organizing for study-sessions

Put these three eddresses in your addressbook (or abbrev file, or whatever it is called on your system) so that you can access them quickly. Do NOT use the REPLY key to send them, since this is often wrong.

There are several URLs you will want to access.

WHAT to post?

The Dreaded SCNRR

The Space-Cadet non-reply reply.


The LISTSERV is run by UF's CNS (Computer & Network Services); it used to be called NERDC (Northeast Regional Data Center).

What I call a mailer, above, is called a MUA or Mail User Agent.

Students registered for one of my classes are automatically subscribed to the corresponding archive. Because LISTSERV checks for spammers, you can only post to the archive from your account. You can't use a friend's account unless he happens to be a student in the class. If you do post from a fellow-student's account, make sure to identify yourself at the beginning of your posting.

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