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[A 2-dimensional Prof. King on unicycle] Contact Info (for Prof. JLF King)

You can email me at squashATuflDOTedu,   which is the best way of contacting me. It is unlikely that I will get messages left at my office telephone-extension; please email instead. If you send postal mail to my math dept address, please also email to let me know. Thank you.     (Aside: The Teaching Page is the page I that use most. It links to my my schedule.)

In the address below, the PO Box is necessary.

Prof. Jonathan KING
Dept. of Mathematics
358 Little Hall
PO Box 118105
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-8105  (USA)

UFMathFax: 352-392-8357
UFMathDept: 352-294-2350
JK Office: 352-294-2314 (Little Hall, room 402)

UF Campus map, northeast corner
North is up. Prof. King's office is in NE corner of Little Hall, top floor
Campus map

Photo looks south-west at L.H.     Prof. King's office is in upper-left, behind the tree (March 1999)
Little Hall photo

General UF Campus Info

The UF Calendar can take parameters, and produce a calendar which lists information in the categories that you specify. The Searchable UF CampusMap (in Java) has building names, and has a limited ability to zoom in. Some building photos are available.

Math Dept. Info

Old: Midwest Dynamical Systems Meeting

(Dates: 9-12 March 2000) The Spring 2000 Midwest Dynamical Systems Conference (MWDS) was held at The University of Florida, Gainesville.

Local Organizing Committee: Lou Block, Phil Boyland, Beverly Brechner, Irene Hueter, Jed Keesling, and Jonathan King.

Old: AMS Meeting #940

This conference has already taken place. Here is a list of open questions from the Special Session in Ergodic Theory & Dynamical Systems, as well as the archival webpage.


See: car rental for State-of-Florida employees. Avis A113400, and, apparently, Enterprise.

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