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The clinking suspended metal-balls Credits

Some of the images on my pages, I created using several tools. The Online fav-icon creator was what I used to create the Hollow cube favicon that identify my pages. My favicon is meant to suggest looking down a tube with rectangular cross-section.

The images (ditto sounds) that I did not create were copied, with permission, from various pages —mostly public icon-archives which placed no restrictions (other than a request for acknowledgment). However, I have no way of knowing if an image was taken from another source against the desires of that source. If an image here is your creation or your property and you do not wish it displayed, email me, squashATuflDOTedu, and I will remove it.

The links below are as of the date when I obtained the image. I keep the links for archival reasons; some may be defunct.

Thank you

I thank the people, at the following URLs, who provided some of the images in my page structure.



The two drawings of bears are from Bears on Wheels, by Stan & Jan Berenstain. and came from a no-longer-extant link to `jfrinier': bear.gif two.gif

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