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Aut2000: MTG6401 3963..ERGODIC.THEO/DYN.SY.1..MWF6..LIT235

Ergodic Theory & Dyn. Sys. Ergodic thy

Our textbook is Ergodic Theory.

Author: Karl Petersen ISBN: 0-521-38997-6
Year: 1990 Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Photo of text cover

[Image: Steaming coffee cup] Homework and similar fun

My students have informed me that due-dates are approximate….

Mr. (now Dr.) Eric Zenk kindly agreed to maintain the H-problems from Ergodic class.

When(2000) What
None Homework 2 (pdf):
10Nov Homework 5 (pdf): Various joinings definitions, together with a few problems. These are due 17Nov2000.

[Image: Coffee cup] Some Ergodic Resources of JLF King

To my Students: Please print out my paper below Three Measures as this gives an introduction to measure-preserving systems.

[Image: Coffee cup] Ergodic Resources on the Web


This list is always incomplete.

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This list is in no particular order. Of necessity, at all times it is incomplete.

 Some UF faculty and visitors working in Dynamical Systems

If you find an omission in this list, please email me.

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