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Spr2019: MAP2302 3731 Elem.Diff.Eqns MWF9 [16:05-16:55] LIT113 (SW)


(Nostalgic? See the 2018t and 2018g, 2017t and 2015t, 2015g, 2014t pages [18 exams], as well as the 2013t, 2004g, 2003g, 1994 page [18 exams].)

Individual Optional (DiffyQ) project Prof.

...will be due slid u n d e r room 402 Little Hall my office door (Little Hall 402, Northeast corner) , by 2PM, Thur., 25Apr2019.

The IOP must be carefully typed, but diagrams may be hand-drawn.

At all times have a paper copy you can hand-in; I do NOT accept electronic versions. Print out a copy each day, so that you always have the latest version to hand-in; this, in case your printer or computer fails. (You are too old for My dog ate my homework.)

Please follow the guidelines on the Checklist Checklist (pdf, 3pages) to earn full credit.

. Our Teaching Page has useful information for students in all of my classes. It has my schedule, LOR guidelines, and Usually Useful Pamphlets. One of them is the ChecklistThe checklist (pdf) which gives pointers on what I consider to be good mathematical writing. Further information is at our class-archive URL (I email this private URL directly to students).

In all of my courses, attendance is absolutely required (excepting illness and religious holidays). In the unfortunate event that you miss a class, you are responsible to get all Notes / Announcements / TheWholeNineYards from a classmate, or several. All my classes have a substantial class-participation grade.

Material to learn

The various DiffyQ czars who help out.

Time Computer Blackboard Memory Phone
Jack Alex B. & Celeste ? ? ?

Textbook: Fundamentals of Differential Eqns with Boundary Value Problems, (7th edition). Author: Nagle, Saff & Snider. [While that is the official textbook, you may use the 6th, 7th,8th, or 9th editions.]
We will also use Wikipedia and perhaps other online sources.

Good engineering practice comes from Experience …




Experience   comes from   Bad engineering practice.

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