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Aut2012: MAC2313 5581 Analyt.Geom.&.Calc.3 5th period, MWF Lit223, Tue Lit205

Calculus III Calc3

Quantifiers and (“for all”  and  “there exists”) are like nitroglycerin, in that one little mis-step leads to the whole thing blowing up in your face.

There is no partial credit when it comes to Explosives and Quantifiers.

-JLF King

Our Teaching Page has useful information for students in all of my classes. It has my schedule, LOR guidelines, and Usually Useful Pamphlets. One of them is the ChecklistThe checklist (pdf) which gives pointers on what I consider to be good mathematical writing. Further information is at our class-archive URL (I email this private URL directly to students).

The various Calculoidinal czars who help out.

Computer Chalk Blackboard Time Phone-list
Alexandra Jessica (Everybody) Christian Ben
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2012Autumn Calc3 class   And Two More!

Optional end-of-semester project

There will be not be a final exam .   Here is the thought-provoking optional end-of-semester Project-X (pdf), to be done individually. The project is due, slid u n d e r room 402 Little Hall my office door (Little Hall 402, Northeast corner) , no later than noon, Friday, 07Dec2012.

The final project must be carefully typed. I recommend learning the free mathematics-typesetting language LaTeX. (It is the archive language of the American Mathematical Society.) It can be learned in a week. It is very good for typesetting homework.

At all times have a paper copy you can hand-in; I do NOT accept electronic versions. Print out a copy each day, so that you always have the latest version to hand-in; this, in case your printer or computer fails. (You are too old for My dog ate my homework.)

Please follow the guidelines on the Checklist Checklist (pdf, 3pages) to earn full credit.

In all of my courses, attendance is absolutely required (excepting illness and religious holidays). In the unfortunate event that you miss a class, you are responsible to get all Notes / Announcements / TheWholeNineYards from a classmate, or several. All my classes have a substantial class-participation grade.
  NOTE: This is a new text.
Our main textbook is Concepts in Calculus, III : Multivariable Calculus.
Author: Sergei Shabanov ISBN: 978-1-61610-162-6
Year: 2012 Publisher: University Press of Florida

Available is its table of contents.

NOTE: I will include some extra topics (not necessarily in the text) such as Geosynchronous orbits and Escape velocity.

There was a test of prerequisite knowledge on Mon., 27Aug.2012.

The mini-test selected some topics from your Calc knowledge (Integration by parts, Intermediate-Value Thm and Mean-VT. Chain rule, etc.), High-school knowledge (formula for a line between two points, the Quadratic Formula, intersecting a line with a parabola, etc.).


It also asked you to know the Math-Greek alphabet (pdf), which we will use in class frequently.

A snapshot of the Autumn 2003 Calc 3 page:

Adam and friends are arranging an in-class party for the Last day of class.

Part of the Autumn 2002 Calc 3 page:

Adam and friends are arranging an in-class party for the Last day of class.

Some of the Spring 2002 Calc 3 page:

Here is part of the Spring 1999 Calc 3 page:

Ben Tyner and Jordan Wiens are maintaining the Extra Problem list.
StudyGuides ExamText When(1999) Hm-A (ps) Jan25Mon-Feb02Tue Extra Class, Feb02Tue, periods 10-11, in LIT 125. 11.1-12.4 Cl-A (ps) Feb05Fri GeoSync & EscapeSpeed Hm-B (ps) Feb24Wed-Mar05Fri Class CANCELED, Mar15Mon. Extra Class, Mar16Tue, periods 10-11, in LIT 125. Lagrange Cl-B (ps) Mar19Fri Cylinders multipliers. Extreme & saddle pts. Hessian matrix. Gradient. Tangent plane. Curvature. Hm-C (ps) Apr12Mon-Apr20Tue(by 10AM) 19Apr1999: Exam Cl-C is canceled. (The grade on Hm-C will be normalized to provide the grade for Ex-C.)

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