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(abstract) Algebra 1 Algebra

In all of my courses, attendance is absolutely required (excepting illness and religious holidays). In the unfortunate event that you miss a class, you are responsible to get all Notes / Announcements / TheWholeNineYards from a classmate, or several. All my classes have a substantial class-participation grade.

As the semester progresses, you will also need to print-out a few pages of handouts that I have prepared for you.

We will cover some material that is not in our text; in particular, applications of group-theory for solving certain games and puzzles.

Our textbook is Contemporary Abstract Algebra (6th edition) .

Author: Joseph A. Gallian ISBN: 978-0-618-51471-7
Year: 2006 Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Photo of text cover
It is available from the publisher as well as from online booksellers.

The various Math czars who help out.

E-Probs Phone-list Chalk Blackboard Time Computer
Jessi & Andrew Sebastian Ali John Phil Steven

Web Algebra on The Web

See also general math references.

Optional end-of-semester project

Available is the optional Home-E (pdf) project, to be done individually. It is due, slid u n d e r room 402 Little Hall my office door (Little Hall 402, Northeast corner) , by 2PM, Friday, 25Apr2008 The project must be carefully typed and carefully proofread.

At all times have a paper copy you can hand-in; I do NOT accept electronic versions. Print out a copy each day, so that you always have the latest version to hand-in; this, in case your printer or computer fails. (You are too old for My dog ate my homework.)

Please follow the guidelines on the Checklist Checklist (pdf, 3pages) to earn full credit.

Previous invocations of this Fine Course

Below is part of Autumn 2005, Algebra.

Our textbook is Contemporary Abstract Algebra (6th edition).

Here is the course syllabus and First Homework Assignment (txt).

Mr. Natan Milgram has been kindly recording the Extra Problems that we occasionally invent in class. (Anyone can invent an EP, not just the Prof.) Folks posting solutions usually earn chocolate, provided by the prof. If chocolate is not your thing, then you can earn gold ingots…

Here is Z-Home (pdf). Voila Z-InClass (pdf).

Here is Y-Home (pdf) Voila Y-InClass (pdf).

Here is X-Home (pdf)

From the Spring 2003, Algebra page.

The text is Contemporary Abstract Algebra (5th edition), by J. Gallian.

You can also study this material from other algebra texts. The Marston Science Library has many good algebra texts that you may check-out.

[Image: Steaming coffee cup] Exams and Projects (Algebra)

There will be some small number of exams as well as a final exam or project. There will also be some number of pop (surprise) quizzes. I may also ask (teams of) you to present homework problems at the board.

When(2003) ExamText
03Feb Here are the joyous A-home (pdf). and A-InClass (pdf), veritable walks-in-the-park.
31Mar For the wonderful B-home (pdf) the class wrote many good essays. Among them were the Dihedral essay and Coconut essay by Robert, Matt and Carmen.
Is everyone prepared for B-InClass (pdf)?
18Apr The poly-fabulous C-home (pdf) now exists. It is due, slid u n d e r room 402 Little Hall my office door (Little Hall 402, Northeast corner) , no later than 2PM on Friday, 25Apr2003.

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Abstract Algebra