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Shir Shalom, Gainesville, 29Feb2020, Sat.

 5:00-7:00PM.   Organizer: Kim Feigenbaum.
Band: Possum trot: Laura Price (fiddle). Eleta (pennywhistle), Pete (banjo/guitar/SOUND); Sucsy. Tim Stevens (guitar).

The evening started with a half-hour concert by Possum trot!    Then...

Shalom mixer by Jonathan King. (2020Feb.28)
[Circle-mixer: Join hands in large circle.]
Circle Right(8). Ladies to center and back to place(8).
Circle Left(8). Gents to center and back(8).
Partner allemand-R(8), then swing(8).
Promenade(12). Gents advance(4), and take hands in a circle.
Written for a contradance fundraiser for Temple Shir Shalom, Gainesville, FL.

[Contra-stretch, room for across-swing]
Family Contra in the Castle by Seth Tepfer.
[IMPROPER: Teaching: Face-up/down, memorize. Swing partner, ending the way you memorized.]
Balance-the ring, twice(8); Circle-RIGHT 4-places(8).
Balance-the ring, twice(8); Circle-LEFT 4-places(8).
[Face nbr] NBR dosido(8), then NBR-swing [on-the-side](8).
Long-lines(8). Partner swing [across-the-set](8).
Exchanged the circling directions, to flow into the R-shoulder nbr-dosido. Use long-lines rather than across-the-set partner-dosido.

Reel Easy by Cary Ravitz.
Nbr dosido(8). Nbr swing(8).
Long-lines(8). Ladies allemand-R 1.5 (8).
Partner bal&swing(4+12).
Circle left 3-places(8). Nbr allemand-R(6), pull-by right(2).
VideoCameraCaller? | Band?.

Mad Scatter by Rick Mohr.
[Scatter mixer: Couples in 4-somes or 6-somes or 8-somes]
Circle left(8). Dosido nbr(8).
Allemand-R partner 1.5 [sending ladies in](8). Ladies star-L, while Gents orbit CW(8).
Bal&swing new partner(4+12).
Promenade anywhere with new partner(16) [Find another group to circle with].
Any number of couples can be in the circle left, ditto the star-L.

Vowel Mixer [AEIO You!] by traditional.
[Circle-mixer contra-music or waltz. Best if  #Couples ≢4 0; maybe use nested circles.]
Circle left(8), circle right(8).
In the middle and back(4+4) [face prtnr]. Partner dosido(8) [then R-hand to prtnr].
Grand R&L; A(2), E(2), I(2), O(2), whom-do-I-swing? You! New-prtnr swing(8).

Banjo's Mistress by David Smukler.
[Circle-mixer waltz: Couples start in circle, Lady-on-the-right]
All fwd (2 measures), all back (2). Circle left(4).
All fwd (2), all back (2). Half sashay to trade places with partner [lady sliding left in front](2). Say farewell and then courtesy turn the next lady(2).
Promenade this new partner(4), end facing partner [Gents facing out]. Back away from partner, Gents backing toward the center(2), balance R&L [yeminite](2).
Come forward, partners do-si-do(4). Waltz with partner(4), end by opening up to face center.
Smukler writes: The half sashay at the end of the A-part is not intended to include a roll away; both people slide. The courtesy turn can be a wide looping movement; it should flow into the promenade.

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