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Jacksonville, 19Oct2018, Fri.

Riverside Avenue Christian Church,  7-10PM, lesson 6:40PM.   Hosts: Nanci Murphree, 904-742-7122. Band: Possum trot: Eleta (pennywhistle), Pete (banjo/guitar), Kai (percussion), Sucsy. Tim Stevens (guitar). Ron Spencer (bass).

The Baby Rose by David Kaynor.
Nbr Bal&Swing(4+12).
Circle-left 3-places(8). Partner DoSiDo(8).
Partner Bal&Swing(4+12).
Ladies chain(8). Left-hand star(8).
VideoCameraJack Mitchell | Big Medicine.

Fidelity Reel by Bill Wellington.
, then Nbr swing(8+8).
Long-lines(8). Gents allemand-L 1.5 (8).
, then swing partner(8+8).
With partner, promenade across(8). Ladies chain(8).
Circle mixer, then grid-square.
Mad Frederick by Jonathan King. (2017Aug05)
[IMPROPER: Practice “Berkeley twirl”; gent has L-palm up, with lady's R-hand palm down; mirror image of Cal-twirl.]
[Face across] With (“New”) nbrs, mad-robin, Gents sliding left in front of nbr-lady(8). [As gents come back to place] Gents snag R-hands to allemand-R 1.5 (8),
Partner , [melt into a] swing(4+12) [ladies' home side].
DTHall line4, TWOs left of ONEs(4), center-couple Berkeley-twirl(4) [outsides turn alone to make G2,G1,L2,L1]. Come back UTHall(6), bend the line(2)...
...Circle LEFT 3-places(8). Nbr swing(8).
A Berkeley-twirl is a California-twirl but with the gent's L-hand and lady's R-hand.
An homage to Tom Hinds' fine Frederick Contra.
Ely Waltz by Colin Hume.
[Pronounced “eel lee”. Circle-mixer waltz, double progression: Couples start in big circle, with Lady on the right. Parenthetical-numbers count triple-steps.]
Circle left(4). Circle right(4).
R-Hand turn partner(3), move on passing R-shoulder(1). L-Hand turn the next(3), move on passing L-shoulder(1).
Give R-Hand to #3, bal. fwd-and-back(2); box the gnat(2).
Bal. fwd-and-back(2); do a wide turn-single, ending gents facing out, ladies facing in(2); flowing into...

Do-si-do this new partner(4). In ballroom position, waltz around(4), opening up w. lady on right, hands joining in a big circle.
Simple Pleasures by Bob Isaacs.
[Grid-Square-Keeper: Go FWD to the center: You're a big dot. Grid-check.]

Fwd & Back(8) [“In to the center, and back”]. Four-Ladies chain [halfway](8) [“with a courtesy turn ”].
Ladies star-R 3-places(8) [pass your partner, swing the next]. Nbr swing(8).
Gents star-L 3-places(8) [“Gents star to your partner”]. Partner swing(8).
[Hands-8] Circle left halfway(8).     [FLIP: “This time” Fwd and Back(8).]
Cal-twirl(4) and pass through to new square(4). [If there is no couple to pass-through with, then Cal-twirl again.]

VideoCameraBrian Hamshar | Eel House.
Oak Hill Quickstep by Bob Nicholson.
[IMPROPER: 4-in-line, turn alone]
Down the hall, 4-in-line [ONEs in the center], turn alone(8); come on back, face nbr(8).
Bal&swing nbr(4+12).
Ladies chain(8), then chain on back(8).
Long lines(8). ONEs swing(8).
As no-walk-through
Small Potatoes by Jim Kitch.
With nbr, Bal&Swing(4+12).
R-hands-across--Star 1x (8). Ladies chain [to partner](8).
Ladies dosido(8). Partner swing(8).
Circle-left 3-places and pass thru(6+2), next nbr dosido(8).

Waltz and Break.
Simplicity Swing by Becky Hill.
[IMPROPER: Identify ONEs/TWOs, and direction of progression.]
Nbr bal&swing(4+12).
Circle left 3-places(8). Partner swing(8).
Long-lines(8). Ladies chain [to nbr](8).
Star-L 4-places(8). Next Nbr dosido(8).
OR: A2: Long-lines and Gents take partner back to Gents side(8). Partner swing(8).
VideoCameraJean Gorrindo | Celtic Spring. VideoCameraLinda Leslie, calling the give&take variant.
A Pirate's Life for Me by Nathaniel Jack.
[IMPROPER: Id DIR-PROG for the ]
Nbr bal&swing(4+12).
Pass through to an ocean wave(4) [“pass the ocean”], bal-the-wave(4). Everyone spin/slide right, with Gents sliding two places to snag L-hands(3); Gents L-allemand to face partner(5).
Partner bal&swing(4+12).
Ladies dosido 1.5(8). current nbr(8), to face new nbr.
VideoCameraNils Fredland | Perpetual e-Motion. VideoCamera Charlie Dyer | Briarpickers.
Du Quoin Races by Orace Johnson.
[BECKET: Tune with distinct A1, contrasting with B2.]

Balance-ring, pass through to an ocean wave(4+4) [partner is in your R-hand]. Balance R-L again, allemand-R 3 places into long waves (Ladies face in).

Balance R-L(4), circulate(4) [Ladies cross, gents pivot into his partner's place] into new long-waves [Gents facing in]. Balance R-L(4), circulate(4) [Gents cross, ladies pivot].

[short] Partner swing on the side(8) [where you started].
Circle left halfway(4), roll away NBR [with a half sashay] across the set(4).

Circle left halfway, roll partner away [with a half sashay] along the Side(4+4). Circle left halfway(4), and slide-left(4) along the set to face new nbrs.
There is extra time for the slide-left. Energetic couples can put in a traveling-2-hand turn, or a traveling-swing.

VideoCameraMartha Edwards | Playing with Fire. VideoCameraRobert Cromartie | Footloose.

Joyride by Erik Weberg.
[IMPROPER: Pousette.]
(8). Mad-Robin [Gent slides-left behind nbr-lady as she slides-right, all back to place](8).
Half-Pousette clockwise, Gents start backing-up(8). Gents start half-hey, passing L-shoulder with other Gent(8). [Ladies will end-up across the set.]
Gents cross one more time, passing L-shoulders (4), to swing partner(12).
Ladies chain to nbr(8). Star-L all the way, to new nbrs(8).
Erik writes: “This is one of the most flowing dances I've written (2007...?) and dancers have expressed appreciation for the connectedness and satisfying feel. After the half pousette with partner, the women should let go and take a step back and to the left in order to leave room in the middle for the men to begin the hey. The timing of this dance has been described as squishy, which is ok. Encourage dancers to stretch out the Mad Robin, the Pousette and the Hey and use all the music provided.”.

VideoCameraRebecca Lay | Magic Foot.

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