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Boltin Center, 05Aug2018, Sunday

Dance Manager: Vicki Morrison. Scheduler: Steve Chesson. Sound: Jarel Wanton.
Band:  Category 5: David Massey (keyboard). Kathie Aagaard (fiddle). Sarah Mitchell (flute,percussion). Marietta Massey (banjo, percussion).

The Baby Rose by David Kaynor.
Nbr Bal&Swing(4+12).
Circle-left 3-places(8). Partner DoSiDo(8).
Partner Bal&Swing(4+12).
Ladies chain(8). Left-hand star(8).
VideoCameraJack Mitchell | Big Medicine.

Rod's Grits by Bill Olson.
[IMPROPER: Box-the-Gnat into R-hand star]

R-hand-bal w nbr(4), box-the-gnat(4), star-R 4-places(8) [now face across].
Rights-&-lefts across(8). Ladies dosido 1.5 (8).
Partner bal&swing(4+12).
With partner, promenade across(8). Circle left 3-places, then pass thru up-&-down(6+2).
VideoCameraAnne Marie Walter | Rhiannon and Friends.
VideoCameraDean Snipes | Steamshovel.

Delphiniums and Daisies by Tanya Rotenberg.
Nbr allemand-L 1.5 (8). Ladies chain(8).
Ladies start a full-hey(16).
Partner Bal&Swing(4+12).
Circle-left 3-places(8). Nbr allemand-R 1.5 (8).
VideoCameraLisa Greenleaf | Great Bear Trio.
VideoCameraDave Harvey. At 2:21 a dancer plays spoons

Mad Frederick by Jonathan King. (2017Aug05)
[IMPROPER: Practice “Berkeley twirl”; gent has L-palm up, with lady's R-hand palm down; mirror image of Cal-twirl.]
[Face across] With (“New”) nbrs, mad-robin, Gents sliding left in front of nbr-lady(8). [As gents come back to place] Gents snag R-hands to allemand-R 1.5 (8),
Partner , [melt into a] swing(4+12) [ladies' home side].
DTHall line4, TWOs left of ONEs(4), center-couple Berkeley-twirl(4) [outsides turn alone to make G2,G1,L2,L1]. Come back UTHall(6), bend the line(2)...
...Circle LEFT 3-places(8). Nbr swing(8).
A Berkeley-twirl is a California-twirl but with the gent's L-hand and lady's R-hand.
An homage to Tom Hinds' fine Frederick Contra.

The Perfect Square by Robert Cromartie.
[Square-Keeper: Identify corner-person.]
HEADs/SIDEs Pass-the-ocean(4), balance the wave(4). Walk fwd(2) and swing the one you meet(6), to make lines at the SIDES/HEADS.
Lines fwd-and-back(8). Center four walk-fwd and swing partner(8) to face up-down/across.
[Center four] Pass-the-ocean, balance the wave(4+4). Allemand-R 1.5 (8) to face corner.
Allemand-L your corner, swing partner(8+8).

Chuck the Budgie by Rick Mohr.
[IMPROPER: Single progression]
Gents allemand-L(6). Swing nbr(10).
Circle-left 3/4 (6). Swing partner(10).
Long lines(8). Ladies allemand-R 1.5 (8); join L-hands with Nbr to form a wave-of-four.
Bal-the-wave(4). Nbr allemand-L 3/4 to form long wave [Ladies face in](4). Balance the long-wave(4). Allemand-R with next nbr 3/4 (4).
VideoCameraSteve Zakon-Anderson | Perpetual e-Motion.
Mohr: There's a fine fiddle tune called “Pat the Budgie” with sharply punctuated notes in the B2 which cry out for balances.

As no-walk-through
Small Potatoes by Jim Kitch.
With nbr, Bal&Swing(4+12).
R-hands-across--Star 1x (8). Ladies chain [to partner](8).
Ladies dosido(8). Partner swing(8).
Circle-left 3-places and pass thru(6+2), next nbr dosido(8).

Waltz and Break.
Du Quoin Races by Orace Johnson.
[BECKET: Tune with distinct A1, contrasting with B2.]

Balance-ring, pass through to an ocean wave(4+4) [partner is in your R-hand]. Balance R-L again, allemand-R 3 places into long waves (Ladies face in).

Balance R-L(4), circulate(4) [Ladies cross, gents pivot into his partner's place] into new long-waves [Gents facing in]. Balance R-L(4), circulate(4) [Gents cross, ladies pivot].

[short] Partner swing on the side(8) [where you started].
Circle left halfway(4), roll away NBR [with a half sashay] across the set(4).

Circle left halfway, roll partner away [with a half sashay] along the Side(4+4). Circle left halfway(4), and slide-left(4) along the set to face new nbrs.
There is extra time for the slide-left. Energetic couples can put in a traveling-2-hand turn, or a traveling-swing.

VideoCameraMartha Edwards | Playing with Fire. VideoCameraRobert Cromartie | Footloose.

Fast Living by David Kirchner.
[4-FACING-4: In short-lines, your “buddy” is your same-sex partner-in-crime. Id DIR-PROG.]
Short-lines, Fwd&Back(8). “All four ladies, chain halfway.” The four ladies do a righthand-star, halfway round, courtesy turned by nbr(8). End facing across, facing the couple containing your buddy.
Ladies start a full-hey(16), across.
Nbr bal&swing(4+12), the person from the courtesy-turn.
Gents star-L halfway, to partner(4); swing partner(12); end facing Dir-Prog.

Sleepless at Pinewoods by Bob Isaacs.
[IMPROPER: Identify gent's home side]
[R-L-Grand] Nbr1 pull-by R, nbr2 pull-by L, nbr3 pull-by R (2+2+2). Nbr4 allemande-L, nbr3 pull-by R, nbr2 pull-by L(6+2+2).
[When you go out on the star, immediately face your partner (don't change places), give R-hand to partner, and pull-by in the R-L-Grand. When you return, then put the lady on the right].

Nbr1 bal&swing(4+12).
Circle-L 3-places(6). Partner swing(10) [on Gent's home side].
Ladies chain to Nbr1 (8). Star-L [all the way round](8).
VideoCameraGeorge Marshall | Wild Asparagus.
VideoCamera(private home) | Heather and Claire.

Not all Earthquakes are Andreas' Fault by Jonathan King. (July 2013)
[BECKET: The Earthquake! shakes you from the-one-you're-swinging to swinging-the-next. (Triple-Swing version, single-progression.)]
[Before becketizing: Id DIR-PROG. Pass through up-down, takes hands4 with the next; these are your current nbrs. Your Previous nbrs are behind you. Now BECKETIZE.]

Star-R 3-places(8). With new couple “your previous nbrs”, star-L all-the-way(8).

[Face orig. Nbr; ONEs down, TWOs up]  Square-Through [Nbr R-hand bal and pull-by(4+2); w.prtnr L-hand pull-by across(2); w.nbr R-hand bal and pull-by(4+2); w.prtnr pull-by across(2)], to face current nbr. In this Square-Through: Gents always turn right, ladies turn left.

Swing curr.nbr(8). “Earthquake! You swing the next!” Face away from the-one-you-swung, and swing the next(8) [in your Dir-Prog.].

Circle-left 3-places(8). Partner swing(8).

Written for my Cocoa Beach friend, Andreas. First called at his dance.

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