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Boltin Center, 05Mar2017, Sunday

Dance Manager: Cyd Robbins. After-Party: Carol James.
Band:  Category 5: Sarah Mitchell (hammer dulcimer and everything), Kathie Aagaard (fiddle), David Massey (keyboard), John McEwen (percussion and other).

Announce: Free Barn Dance on Saturday, 11Mar2017 5-7 pm, Preparation for the Wild Aspargus tour. At Joe Rush’s new dance barn beside his house in Melrose on Dogwood Lane. Go to the end of Dogwood Lane and turn left. Joe has invited folk to come early to swim, boat, and grill food. Band is Possum Trot. Caller is JK.

Broken Sixpence by Don Armstrong.
[IMPROPER: 3 dosido's]
[New] Nbr dosido(8). Gents dosido(8).
Ladies dosido(8). ONEs swing, face down the hall(8), step between TWOs.
Line4-DTHall, turn alone(6+2). Line4-UTHall, bend the line(6+2).
Circle left(8) [or Right-hand Star]. [Reverse] Left-hand Star(8).
VideoCameraInisheer Irish Dance | Contra from 15:58 till 21:22, Jonathan King calling | Waltz.
Band: Flying Turtles. At 21:30, Joe tries to steal my waltz partner. Unsuccessfully.

*  NBR balance&swing(4+12) [on the side].
*  Long-lines, roll-away while backing up(8).
ONEs swing, face down the hall(8), step between TWOs.

Chain the Hey by Becky Hill.
Nbr dosido, then swing(8+8).
Gents allemand-L 1.5, partner swing(8+8). [short swing]
With partner, promenade across(8). Rights-and-lefts across(8).
Ladies start half-hey(8), to Ladies chain(8). [Turn to face new nbrs]
VideoCameraDavid Keller | Playing with Fire.

Seth: Good 4th dance.

You Can't Get There From Here by Carol Ormand.
[IMPROPER: Starts in short wavy-lines, Ladies in center]
Balance-the-wave(4), Allemand-R 3/4 to form long waves, ladies facing in(4). Balance-the-long-wave(4), Allemand-R 3/4 to form waves across, gents in the middle(4).
Balance-the-wave(4). Nbr swing(12).
Circle left 3-places(8). Partner swing(8).
Circle left 3-places(8). Dosido(8) current nbrs 1.5, to pass them, and form short waves with new nbrs.
VideoCamera? | ?.

Heartbeat Contra by Don Flaherty.
Bal-the-ring then petronella(8). Bal-the-ring, petronella(8).
Bal-the-ring(4). Nbr swing(12) on the side.
Ladies  1.5 in the middle(8), partner swing(8) on the side.
Circle-left 3-places(8). Ring-bal(4), California twirl(4).
VideoCameraHank Morris | Contraversial.

Happy as a Cold Pig in Warm Mud by Mike Boerschig.
[IMPROPER: Across from you is your partner; sweep eyes right to find your shadow. (If no-one there, then your current nbr is your shadow.) Teaching: Have ptnr-allemand end in short-waves, gents on the outside. Drop hands, walk forward to star-L with shadow and friends.Identify ONEs/TWOs]
Nbr bal&swing(4+12)
Gents allemand-L 1.5, partner allemand-R 1.5 (8+8).
Star-L(8) with shadow, shadow's nbr, and your nbr. Partner swing(8) [on the ladies' orig. rail].
Circle left 3-places(8). Ring-bal, Cal-twirl(4+4) to face new nbrs.
VideoCameraDale Wilson | Band ?.
Dance starts at 3:52.

24th of October by Don Lennartson.
[BECKET: Circulate]
Long-lines(8). Ladies chain [to nbr](8).
Left-hand star [4-places](8) [this is the progression]. New nbr allemand-R 1.5 into a wavy-oval around the set(8), Gents facing in.
Balance the wave(4). Circulate(4) into a new oval [Gents cross to Prtnr's place; Ladies arc right into Nbr's place].
Balance(4). Circulate(4) [Ladies cross, Gents arc].

Balance(4). Circulate(4) [Gents cross, Ladies arc]. Partner swing(8).
VideoCameraDiane Silver.

Hey on the fritz by Jonathan King.
[BECKET: [First, memorize DIR-PROG, to find new NBRs, for RH_star. Now Becketize, hands in long lines, join at ends to make a huge Oval. Partner in one hand, Shadow in the other.]

R-star all-the-way-around (8). Ladies look left to find Shadow. Shadow L-allemand(8).
Partner bal&swing(4+12).
Ladies chain(8). Ladies start half-hey(8). [As Gents finish crossing the set, melt into a...]
...Nbr swing(8). Gents “Left-shoulder Hey” [a half-hey](8). Gents pass L-shoulder, then R-shoulder with partner, then looks right, and sticks out R-arm, ready for the star-R with new nbrs. Each Lady passes R-shoulder w.partner, then does a with the other lady, till she sees her partner's back; hook on to him and make a R-hand star with New Nbrs.
A modification of: The Ritz by Gene Hubert.

A video of the dance being developed, to recorded music by Groovemongers:
VideoCamera2nd run (JK calling/dancing); taught as Becket dance, 24Aug2014.
VideoCamera1st run; taught as Improper dance, 27July2014.

Waltz and Break.
Holy Cow Moly by Brian DeMarcus. Coconut Cream Pie by Lynn Ackerson.
[4-FACING-4: (Any number of folk may join a star, even in a different line.)]
Lines-of-four, foward and back(8). Center 4 folk, star-R one time around, back to place(8).
Partner allemand-L 1.5 (8). Now: Other 4 folk, star-R back to place(8).
Partner bal&swing(4+12)
[Hands-8] Circle left halfway(8). Balance-the-ring, California twirl (4+4)
VideoCameraDana Parkinson | Syncopaths.

Polly-Wolly-Amorous by Joey Norton.
[BECKET, std-single-prog: Double-contra, 128 beats. If extra couple, they get on left diagonal. Gent, your Hey-buddy=shadow, is the lady in your L-hand, when you becketized.]

Circle left 3-places(8), Nbr swing(8).
On left-diagonal, Ladies chain(8). [Straight across] Ladies start half-hey(8).
Bal&swing your Hey-buddy(4+12).
Long-lines(8). (Turn to face) Partner swing(8). [Couple out, swing Ptr who is across from you, but THEN Couple get on left-diagonal.]

Circle left 3-places(8), Nbr swing(8).
On Left-Diagonal, Ladies chain(8). [Straight across] Ladies start half-hey(8).
[Face Ptnr] Partner swing(8). Long-lines(8).
On Left-Diagonal, Rights-&-lefts(8). [Straight across] Rights-&-lefts(8).

Hey the line by Tom Calwell.
[4-FACING-4: Step forward to the left for a wavy line of 8]
Balance the wave(2+2), Ladies allemand-L halfway(4), pass partner by right to start Hey-for-eight(8).
Continue hey until you meet your partner(8), Partner swing(8); end with center couples facing sides and outside couples facing center. [becket]
[Hands-4] Circle left three-places, nbr swing(8+8).
Balance the ring(4), partner roll away(4), Balance the ring(4), walk forward [i.e, pass through, passing R-shoulders](4) to form wavy line with new nbrs.
VideoCameraJack Mitchell | Party of Three.

Sweet Music by Amy Kahn.
[IMPROPER: Scoop the Lady]
Gents left allemand(8) once around, and keep going. Scoop your partner [to cross the set] and Butterfly Whirl(8).
Ladies start a full hey(16).
[As gents come back to their partner] Partner bal&swing(4+12).
Rights&Lefts across the set [courtesy turn](8), gent roll-away the Lady, R-hand star(8). [“Gents look left allemand.”]
VideoCameraJonathan King | Barnstorm.
VideoCameraCaveman by Jim Hemphill, is similar.

No-walk-through, mutating:
Small Potatoes by Jim Kitch.
With nbr, Bal&Swing(4+12).
R-hands-across--Star 1x (8). Ladies chain [to partner](8).
Ladies dosido(8). Partner swing(8).
Circle-left 3-places and pass thru(6+2), next nbr dosido(8).

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