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Boltin Center, 21Nov2015, Sunday

Band: Wind That Shakes the Barley:   John McEwen (banjo, ?percussion). Sarah Mitchell (everything?), Kathie Aagaard (fiddle), Bill Dudley (guitar).
Manager Rich Mathews. Sound: Reese Hight. Scheduler: Steve Chesson.

Sarah's Journey by Gene Hubert.
[IMPROPER: Contra-stretch; Fours far apart. No balance on box-the-gnat.]
Box-the-Gnat with Nbr(4); Gents pull-by L-hand to cross the set(4). Partner swing(8).
Circle left all-the-way(8); Dosido Partner(8).
Box-the-Gnat Partner(4); Ladies pull-by L-hand to cross the set(4). Nbr swing(8).
Rights-&-lefts across(8). Star-L all-the-way(8), to face new Nbrs.
VideoCameraJo Morland | Stringdancer. VideoCameraWilliam Watson | Joyride.

Snow Dance by Gene Hubert.
[IMPROPER: Shadows. Teaching: Pass-through one-couple so that folks have a couple to look for. (As usual, put lady on right.)]
[New nbrs, hand-4] Ring-balance(4), then ladies trade places passing R-shoulder(4). Ring-bal(4), with nbr California twirl [to face a new couple].
With new couple circle-left(8) [gents, your shadow is in your L-hand]. L-hand star(8). No one there?: Dance with ghost couple. OR, turn alone, wait with Gent on the RIGHT.
With partner bal&swing(4+12).
Rights-and-lefts across(8). Ladies chain(8).
VideoCameraRuth Pershing. VideoCameraDarlene Underwood | Hotpoint.

Pensacola Rollaway by Rick Mohr.
[Circle-mixer contra-music; waltz works too.]
Gents face CCW around the circle, Ladies CW. Partner is #1, look past to see #2, then #3.
Partner dosido(8). Allemand-R partner 1.5 (8).
Pass #2 by L-shoulder (2).  #3 [end between #2 and #3](6). [All] Circle-left(8).
Gents roll lady #2, from L-to-R; she continues, rolling into her partner's arms(4). Partner swing(12).
Partner-Promenade (15). Ladies loop-back (1) [to meet new partner; former #2].

California Twirlin by Janet Levatin.
[IMPROPER: Teach: Pass-though one couple; Couple-out have lady on right, as usual]
Ring-bal(4). W. partner Cal-twirl, then face back in(4) [same-four].
Ring-bal(4). W. nbr Cal-twirl, then face back in(4) [same-four].

Ring-bal(4). W. partner Cal-twirl to face new nbrs(4). Swing this new nbr(8).
Circle left 3-places(8). Partner swing(8).
Ladies chain(8). Long lines, and on the way back, Nbr roll away with half sashay: lady rolling left.(8).
VideoCameraRick-Mohr | Crowfoot.

Fiddleheads by Ted Sannella.
[IMPROPER into a DIAMOND] TEACHING NOTES: Hand-4, then #1-gent and #2-lady swing. I'm going to put you in the diamond formation. Hands-4, to the left, take one step; You've turned your ring 1/8-th. ONEs in the middle, G-facing-up L-facing-down, TWOs facing across. #1-Lady, look behind you, up the hall, to the #1-lady in the previous diamond. That's where you need to be; #1-Ladies, drop hands to walk to her position, and take hands with that diamond.

END EFFECT: The progression is Nbr-swing, in B2. TWOs, who progressed off the top, you are still Twos; when the Ones cross, a #1-Lady will join you to make a diamond, but with no #1-Gent.
Next time through the music, you have become ONES. This newly-minted #1-Gent needs to cross the set and arc left. He will be facing-up in a full diamond.

ONEs pass-across the set [R-shoulders], then arc-left around one person [G-around-G, L-around-L] into the middle of the set, #1-lady facing down, #1-gent facing up, and takes hands-4 (8). [As the ONEs arc, the TWOs can come together and then push back.]
  You form a diamond, #1-gent with his original twos, but #1-lady with the previous TWOs [who were above in the set]. Balance-the-ring, petronella (4+4).

Balance, petronella (4+4), with the ONEs doing an extra half-turn to face partner; swing!(8)

DTHall Line4, ONEs in the center, between the TWOs you started with. ONEs turn as a couple, TWOs turn alone (4+4).. UTHall Line4, ONEs hand-cast to below their TWOs (4+4).

[Hands-4]Circle left halfway [to original places], Nbr-swing on side (4+12). [Give yourself plenty of time to open out.]
VideoCameraTony Parkes | ?.
Intro:  [Pause](8). Bow to your partner, and bow to your corner too(8). Join hands in a great big ring, circle to the left is what-you-do(16).
Circle-to-the-left to-the-left to-the-left(8), and back to the right you go(8). When you get back home …
…Swing your own(16).
Promenade, you go two-by-two. Promenade promenade that's what you do.(16)
Break:  Four-ladies chain [R-Hands-Across Star] and the gentlemen change [with a] courtesy turn(4+4). (Done 4 times. 4×8=32; Gents pull-by with Right-hand.)
Corner L-allemand(4), Partner do-si-do(8), Corner L-allemand(4), Partner Pull-by!, Grand-R-and-L(16), [When you get home] Swing your own!
Break-that-Ring:  Circle-to-the-left to-the-left to-the-left(8), and you break that ring with a corner swing(8). [New corner]. (Done 4 times. 4×16=64.)
Kimmswick Express by Gene Hubert.
HEADs/SIDEs go forward and back(8). HEADs/SIDEs Right-and-Left through(8).
HEADs/SIDEs circle left 3-places and pass through(6+2).
Dosido the one you meet 1+¼ to wavy-lines [ladies in the center] at the SIDES/HEADS.

Bal-the-wave(2+2). [Swing through] All R-allemand(2), Gents only L-allemand(2), swing partner(8).
Promenade home(16).
VideoCameraTeach 1:04. Dance 3:07. Nils Fredland | Ethan Hazzard-Watkins, Owen Morrison.

Holy Cow Moly by Brian DeMarcus. Coconut Cream Pie by Lynn Ackerson.
[4-FACING-4: (Any number of folk may join a star, even in a different line.)]
Lines-of-four, foward and back(8). Center 4 folk, star-R one time around, back to place(8).
Partner allemand-L 1.5 (8). Now: Other 4 folk, star-R back to place(8).
Partner bal&swing(4+12)
[Hands-8] Circle left halfway(8). Balance-the-ring, California twirl (4+4)
VideoCameraDana Parkinson | Syncopaths.

Waltz and Break.
3-Medley: Potatoes, Ceremonies, Chainsaw Reel. Arranger: JK.
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Transition This time... Star-L. Circle-L, then Slide-Left to new NBRs(8).

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Simple Pleasures by Bob Isaacs.
[Grid-Square-Keeper: Go FWD to the center: You're a big dot. Grid-check.]

Fwd & Back(8) [“In to the center, and back”]. Four-Ladies chain [halfway](8) [“with a courtesy turn ”].
Ladies star-R 3-places(8) [pass your partner, swing the next]. Nbr swing(8).
Gents star-L 3-places(8) [“Gents star to your partner”]. Partner swing(8).
[Hands-8] Circle left halfway(8).     [FLIP: “This time” Fwd and Back(8).]
Cal-twirl(4) and pass through to new square(4). [If there is no couple to pass-through with, then Cal-twirl again.]

VideoCameraBrian Hamshar | Eel House.

Not all Earthquakes are Andreas' Fault by Jonathan King. (July 2013)
[BECKET: The Earthquake! shakes you from the-one-you're-swinging to swinging-the-next. (Triple-Swing version, single-progression.)]
[Before becketizing: Id DIR-PROG. Pass through up-down, takes hands4 with the next; these are your current nbrs. Your Previous nbrs are behind you. Now BECKETIZE.]

Star-R 3-places(8). With new couple “your previous nbrs”, star-L all-the-way(8).

[Face orig. Nbr; ONEs down, TWOs up]  Square-Through [Nbr R-hand bal and pull-by(4+2); w.prtnr L-hand pull-by across(2); w.nbr R-hand bal and pull-by(4+2); w.prtnr pull-by across(2)], to face current nbr. In this Square-Through: Gents always turn right, ladies turn left.

Swing curr.nbr(8). “Earthquake! You swing the next!” Face away from the-one-you-swung, and swing the next(8) [in your Dir-Prog.].

Circle-left 3-places(8). Partner swing(8).

Thanks to the Don by Ed Vincent.
[IMPROPER: Teaching: TWOs stay facing up, ONES step between TWOs, give near hand. Handy-hand allemand, and TWOs flip-around to face DTH in line4.]
Line4 DTHall, ONEs in the middle; turn alone(6+2) and come on back(8) [and stay in a line4, all facing up].
TWOs hand-cast off the ONEs(4) [ONEs fwd, TWOs bkwrd]. ONEs in the center ≈¾ (4). Nbr swing(8).
Circle left 3-places(8). Partner swing(8).
Ring-bal(4), petronella twirl(4) [no time to clap]. TWOs arch, ONEs dive through(2), with new NBRs handy-hand [mirror] allemand(6) to end in line4.
From Alice Milmoe; she says “Ichabad's Last Ride” works well.

Sleepless at Pinewoods by Bob Isaacs.
[IMPROPER: Identify gent's home side]
[R-L-Grand] Nbr1 pull-by R, nbr2 pull-by L, nbr3 pull-by R (2+2+2). Nbr4 allemande-L, nbr3 pull-by R, nbr2 pull-by L(6+2+2).
[When you go out on the star, immediately face your partner (don't change places), give R-hand to partner, and pull-by in the R-L-Grand. When you return, then put the lady on the right].

Nbr1 bal&swing(4+12).
Circle-L 3-places(6). Partner swing(10) [on Gent's home side].
Ladies chain to Nbr1 (8). Star-L [all the way round](8).
VideoCameraGeorge Marshall | Wild Asparagus.
VideoCamera(private home) | Heather and Claire.

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