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Thesis (J.L.F. King)

Alas, the backup tapes at Stanford did not have the article version of my thesis, A counterexample to a positive entropy skew product generalization of the Pinsker Conjecture , which appeared in Ergodic Theory & Dynamical Systems in 1985.

However, the thesis itself was on the tapes. Its writing style shows the -ahem- exuberance of youth. Still, if the writing makes me sometimes cringe a bit, the theorem is nonetheless good. In addition, most sections start and/or end with a quotes from a mathematician. These quotes are meant to complement (or contradict!) the section that they appear in.

The thesis has a few preliminary pages, numbered with roman numerals, and then has pages 1 through 49, numbered conventionally. Part 1, after the preliminaries, has pages 1-22. Pages 23-49 are in Part 2. The article also has 5 figures, in GIF format; I've also included a signed copy of the Acknowledgments Page.

Figures 0:3.1 and 0:4.1 go after page 1.
Figure 3:2.3.4 goes after page 16.
Figure 4:2 goes after page 23.
Figure 7 goes after page 31.
The Acknowledgment page appears before the table of contents.

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