See also /--------------------------------------------------------\ Math dept. tel.: 352-294-2350 Prof. Jonathan King (eddress) If you need to get an important message to me (e.g, you'll be missing an exam), then both email me and have the secretaries put a note in my mailbox, by telephoning 352-294-2350. My Office: 402 Little Hall (Top floor, NE corner) 352-294-2314 “Maximize x, y and z.” If I am not in the office then it is best to EMAIL me, as I don't remotely pick-up phone messages. In addition, you may telephone the secretaries at 352-294-2350 and they can contact me at home. \________________________________________________________/ OFFICE HOURS: These may change during the semester. Currently: Mon.: 7th period [13:55-14:45]. Wed.: 7th period [13:55-14:45] and 8th period [15:00-15:50]. /---- SYLLABUS--------------------------------------------\ Chapters 1-7, and the beginning of chapter 8 from textbook: “How to prove it”, by (2nd edition) by Daniel J. Velleman; Cambridge University Press, 2006. ISBN-13: 978-0521675994. \________________________________________________________/ /---- General DATES -------------------------------------\ Class photo day: Fri.16Jan. MLK day, no class: Mon.19Jan. SpringBreak, no class: Sat.28Feb.—Sat.7Mar. Grade estimate: Thu.9Apr. Withdraw date: Fri.10Apr. Last classday: Wed.22Apr. Games party at Pascal's Cafe
The Optional Individual final-project (OIFP) will be available for you to print on the evening: Thu.16Apr. OIFP due: Thu.23Apr. by 4PM. \_________________________________________________________/ Exam dates and format to be announced shortly. /---- Microquizzes -------------------------------------------------\ There will be some small number of “pop” (unannounced) microquizzes, each worth 30points. These will never occur on religious holidays; please EMAIL of such holidays THIS WEEK. Usually, a pop-quiz has a single, easy question. I use them primarily for attendance, or checking that an idea from the previous class caught on. Important:: I drop the lowest microquiz score. AND: There is No Makeup for the first missed quiz; that is what the dropped-score is for. Under rare circumstances, I /may/ give you a makeup for a later missed quiz, if you have a good reason for missing. I usually give a microquiz the classday after an exam day. Also, there will be microquizzes on: Fri.27Feb., Mon.9Mar. There will not be a microquiz on Fri.3Apr. (1st night Passover). \___________________________________________________________________/ /---- CP grades ------------------------------------------\ There is a subjective class-participation (CP) grade of 45points for each of Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., 45+45+45+30 = 165points. It is based on posting to our Archive, on class attendence, on lively participation in class. There is no final exam. Rather, there will be an Optional Individual Final-Project, that must be typed. It can lift or lower your grade by "one click"; a grade of "B" could become a "B+", or stay a "B" or, if the project is terrible, drop to a "B-". Shortly before the Withdraw date I will give you an estimate of your course-grade, from which you can decide if you want to do the optional final-project. \__________________________________________________________/ HOMEWORK: I do not collect written HW. Rather, a substantial part of your CP grade comes from your posting solutions to the Archive. These are not typically assigned; it depends on your own energy and motivation. I will email the URL of the Archive to each student.