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[A 2-dimensional Prof. King on unicycle] Jonathan L.F. King
(The picture is a little old…I now have a beard.)

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We contra-danced on a moving float in the Melrose parade. .


You can contact me in several ways.
    There is a page with general MathDept information.
    Note that there is help available if you have difficulties browsing or printing my webpages.
Past conferences at UFMath that I have helped organize:

(Here is a partial list of (quite ancient) talks/seminars that I have given.)


My Teaching Page, has links my schedule and to my current courses, as well as a wealth of material (exams, pamphlets) from previous classes. For letters of recommendation LOR , there is required information.

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Below is a sampling of my articles; most are compressed and -unless mentioned otherwise- are in postscript. An almost complete list of my papers is available, along with several preprints.

Many of the articles have abstracts. In addition, if your site subscribes to Mathematical Reviews, then you can read MR reviews of some of my articles electronically.



The Mathematics Genealogy Project gives trees of Ph.D advisors.

May 1, 1994 was a happy day for me -the day I married my financée Erin. She then asked me to teach her how to ride unicycle.

By the way, I would like to give credit to the web sites which provided some of the images on my webpages.

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